Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Till the last Bubble, Water Boarding by SPIRIT, ALL FLESH AND NOW!

Edit to add:Anything is possible with the SPIRIT but not for you if you do not allow a little humiliation. So this is the end for those that cannot see what the moment is saying.

Everyone on the planet without ever hearing from the SPIRIT has assumed like Trump and LunaBitch and the looters and the Christians that their presumption and arrogance is righteous but it is all arrogance and lacking in humility brain 666 that needs to die immediately. I sent a message like a dove out to test the waters and sure enough.......

Let me tell you from my own presumption how my brain was baptized/waterboarded in order to reach me. So you who do read this blog can at least understand the slaughter about to happen on all humans as they WILL NOT BE REACHED!

In 1979 I began with my first synchronicity and though it led me to be alone and misunderstood by everyone I want to reveal why all flesh needs to die and right NOW!

After many years of learning to hear I knew I was still a presumptive idiot like all humans. In fact I knew it was impossible for me to fix it myself. I knew I had to be "I am that I am" and let YOU/MY LIFE do it through me. After learning to hear and having a daily experience which was not from an interpretation of the bible but from the SPIRIT. Even then I was and am still presumptive. But the humility to learn the language of the SPIRIT over those first twelve years allowed me to at least get to a place of understanding where I could be waterboarded (Baptism SPIRIT) and when my idiot brain was left dead and the last bubble floated to the top of the water I was ready to allow the SPIRIT and not presume I knew anything. The SPIRIT told me I could not reach them but I said "through YOU all things are possible" but you said they still would not allow it. And that was CORRECT!

Recently MY LIFE sent out a dove to test the waters and no olive leaf was found and in my anger I began to hurt my own body by the anger.

The same presumption of that LUMP (such as Trump and Lunabitch) brain that presumes revealed there is no time left to prepare you for what is coming to where you would have the humility necessary as no one will hear and begin and even if they did now there is no time, so I am to say that all flesh both the arrogance of "interpretation" on the right and on the left WILL NOW SEE THROUGH DEATH WHAT THEY HAVE OVERLOOKED.

When I sent out the message to test the waters I got back nothing except "please kill me now", from Trump, from Lunababy, from all humans.

So the way we are going to do this is to enrage the 666 ignorant presumptive LUMP brain  on the left and the right against the arrogant unrepentant looters and brain dead already on both sides. Both deserve this hell coming. There is no time to develop humility further though none have reached to the SPIRIT as REQUIRED. All presume their interpretations and brains will save them,,, like Trump.

My life used my own anger at the presumption of Lunabitch's (The Bitch is Back) reaction to my attempt to see where we are at this moment. I don't want to see that Orange Presumptive Trump or the left anymore and in my anger I gave to the SPIRIT, YOU revealed that that is exactly the way it is and all will be hiding from the anger of the SPIRIT soon. And when they call out in pain to find what they have overlooked there now will be no answer and this anger will proceed until all flesh is almost gone.

I know you arrogant pinheads believe your smarter than that but your timing of having your AR15 salvation in your hands at the moment you think it will save you like the coronavirus revealed as a HINT OF WHAT IS TO COME. For the abomination of interpretation that never led to SPIRIT ON BOTH SIDES WILL NOW PROCEED TO PRODUCE A HARVEST OF HUMILIATION AND DEATH.

THE MESSAGE IS  "GET OFF MY PLANET!!!" I want to go to a the sanctuary away from the slaughter as it begins and not look at it further.

Starting with the arrogant, presumptive, lacking in humility, 666 brain interpretations such as on the right and proceeding even to the last but leaving the whores and the broken hearted who have been misunderstood their whole lives even though they may not hear. I want those that these rich presumptive hate to be the only thing left.

MY LIFE please remove the stone as they cannot be reached and do as you needed to do when I asked could I first try to reach them beyond their presumption. 26yrs of Rejection


It is all right here over the years, the prediction and everything. You deserve what is coming every last one of you and you have no time to prepare to even hear now EVEN THE PRESUMPTION OF #metoo AND Women that love the snake over the SPIRIT.

Red Horse, turn all parties against each other until there is silence.

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