Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Outburst and Suffering, those "following after" the lawless one

 Synchs with 

Trump Base orchestraiting violent outburst during impeachment trial and or inaugeration to distract. The Trump lawless following and the value to them of such an occurance in such proceedings.

Beware those following after the lawless Orange Manipulator to use such technique

Any Trump following in this manner to effect democracy would need to be dealt with to keep further manipulation


Humans rejected the SPIRIT originaly believing they were protecting their children but they misunderstand. God allowed/suffered his only son to endure a cross that we should follow after him in order to be reached to the heart and open the heart channel to understanding the SPIRIT. Poetry of blood and water flowing from his side and the experience of such a cross.

The idea of the humiliation of the cross is what reaches to the heart

The poetry of Jesus trusting even unto death was why he then rose again

Not trusting interpretations as those that never knew the SPIRIT, but the humiliation of being rejected by those that presume to already know through self rightness

SPIRIT saying,,, allow the children to come unto me

Those seeking division through lies call it intel



These audio voices helped me to understand from their perspective #WhitePrivilege #blm #WhiteSupremacists SPIRIT speaking through Jesus What you do to the least of these you have done unto me



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