Saturday, July 31, 2021

Your Children are not your own

 Your children are not your own.

Have you released your children to the SPIRIT so when they need help the SPIRIT can reach them. If not your possession is going to be taken.

Story of Abraham and his son. Religion covers themselves in a veil about scripture but that is meaningless without getting each step from a word from the SPIRIT and growing like a tree. It has nothing to do with being good as it is the SPIRIT to be good through you. In fact it is a wildhearted passion to reach your children.

The presumptuous woman thinks they are her possession and secretly the husband is only there to provide. But what is coming is going to break a lot of hearts. The more presumptuous woman has the children as a meal ticket for herself, using the husband or the government to take care of her since she has a litter. But this presumption is actually killing them. 

I was just told by my daughter that her brother has a frontal lobe brain tumor, and I told her they are all part of my life since she is and therefore I would go to the SPIRIT like with her mother and get a word from the Lord as the Christians would say.

Here is the story of the "Sign of the Whale"

But when I went to ask, the SPIRIT said there was nothing that could be done, you see, I had given my daughter and her mother to the SPIRIT and therefore, something could be done but I was told she owns them and I have no part in that so I could not reach them therefore their hearts must be broken

I knew that this would not be recieved well so I told my daughter that it was between her mother and the SPIRIT now because there is nothing that can be done with all the lies and manipulation having her whole life about children.

The synch from over the years about "you lie, your children die"

The father also offers himself so that his family can go on as in the movie "The Fountain". Everyone dies, you need to have the right intention about it as a new life then awaits. This is also the poetry of being rejected by the woman and having to give up your children in this life. This is the poetry of the Church that really never knew him and American Women that hide behind a veil of interpretation but would hate the father as they hate men.

When it is written, I will come again and recieve you unto myself that where I am there you may be also is played out in the synchronicities of my life but when he returns will they presumptuously reject him? The Sign of the whale mentioned above is about this moment.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Dinner, Wine and the Wine Glass

 Series of breaking glass synchs occuring while in Florida

Two glasses broke while sitting in a drainer and then we went to Cedar Key Hotel and began to have great conversations with others who are into synchronicity. First we met Bird and Napu who was born in Guam and then we met Alex and Jeepi who was also born in the Marshal Islands. We began to have great synchs about our dog Byrd and about the Electronic broadband business with Alex and our conversation may have been too much as a woman sitting near by was getting emotional and dropped her wine glass and it broke, then when I began to try to limit her anxiety I found that it was probably our conversation that caused her to become emotional. There were other couples in the hotel that were also effected by the conversation between the three liberal couples as well. Then we got a camper shell and the glass back door window broke as I put in the lock, waiting on the synch about that.

Also as we drove back from Florida a huge blinding rainstorm began and their was one accident after another with glass everywhere. I felt when we first left Florida that a certain kind of black car was following us but it turned out to be a synch with the cars that were involved in accidents. At least four major ones from the Smokies to Cookeville. Driving with flashers on and 50MPH on the freeway most of the way from Georgia to our home in Tennessee where it cleared up the last few miles. Great trip and many people were effected by the experience.

Dinner, Wine and the Wine Glass

What is coming will shatter our presumptions of reality


As hearts begin to break it is because you would not be reached and let the blood and water that then flows begin to wash your presumptions. It is because of attention to the interpretation of one side or the other which did not come from the SPIRIT.

The separation that I experienced with those that demand their interpretation is right and what I got about all stories are used of the SPIRIT.

Israel meaning one man that struggles between god and man and overcomes, and then the twelve tribes were likened to all nations and beliefs when guided by the SPIRIT are sanctifies and become food. But those that divide are last. The twelve tribes are like the blind men investigating the elephant that one sees one aspect while another sees it differenct yet all are seeing the same one in the center. Like the holy place and the holy of holies separated by a thick veil, being led by the SPIRIT is like having the veil torn and seeing clearly that YOU are all things when one allows himself to be led by the SPIRIT through such as synchronicity.

The wife is like humans that teach their children but she never really knew him or what he cherishes.

A man may be guided by his father but then by the SPIRIT such as the poetry of the heavenly father.