Thursday, September 13, 2018

What If? Mollie

The Devil will come and plant tares among the wheat so that it would be impossible without the SPIRIT to distinguish what is truth from what was put there for evil purposes. Without the SPIRIT "you also" will believe a lie.

How the synchs reveal what is overlooked, but the brazen use of the law in a manner it was not intended is used to keep the sheep looking at the "leader" while the real killer is the leader who also is leading them to slaughter.

What if the truth is that Mollie Tibbetts did know a secret that got her killed?
What if those really responsible used the young man who was attracted to Mollie running to cover them while brazenly using him as a political tool? Hey the synchs indicate something is overlooked.
What if the guy's story is right but was used in a way that was used against him?
What if what he was saying was "yes, I did follow her" and they knew that so they used me, but those who know the truth want the public to believe their lie and have the POWER to make the story go how they want it to?"
Can you imagine how the smallest of points overlooked means that "they" set him up because of the secret Mollie knew about them?

What I am saying is if those in charge are blatantly lying as it seems everyone "with money" in charge seems to be doing then maybe this is what is meant by Jesus saying that the truth cannot get out because of how "these" USING THE LAW IN A MANNER IT WAS NOT INTENDED to beat those who have been taught to follow the law.

The only way the law could do anything against those who have learned this TRICK is if GOD was to have orchestrated all of this to catch those who are really the criminals among us in a net.

And there are many who hear from the SPIRIT and are not veiled by the interpretation that is being used against the masses so it can come out of any mouth even the mouth of a donkey.

This is what happened to me and then to my family and then was predicted to happen to the world. But of course though all the predictions have come true those who use manipulation and blatant lying to manipulate know how to make it all look as they want to in order to cover themselves. What if the truth is in plain site but the manipulators have set it up to use against whom they hate? That is what happened in religion, that is what the whole story is about though it is right here in plain sight.

I mean it is becoming more evident how the LAWLESS use the law to cover their "true intent" and it is ever becoming less UNBELIEVABLE that what would be impossible to have believed in a politician or a person of "power by money" could stoop to but what if that has been the weakness of the law since the beginning and that now that the light is here and all see what is happening the SPIRIT is going to reveal what would seem impossible but is not because of those who have been pulling the wool over everyone's eyes since humans let go of what was real and veiled because of a lie.

We need to start the "what if" and the SPIRIT will help reveal what is HIDDEN.

As it is written "the Devil after seeing what the SPIRIT does comes in and plants tares among the wheat so that "only the SPIRIT" can reveal what the truth really was. That is why you have to give "YOUR ALL" to SPIRIT in order to not believe a lie.


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