Thursday, October 25, 2018

Without SPIRIT, you too, will follow a lie

It is notable that when our family went through their experience with the grifter that barefaced lied to the whole town and made everyone believe that all of our family was stealing our sister's money. But it was not so, and the will indicated that but because mother had put our eldest in charge of the money she had inadvertently placed her on the account. And therefore, this grifter seeing that chose to marry her and then divorce her a year later. Now the town still believes him and it is as though unless you knew the true spirit of what was going on, you too would believe the lie.

Then just before the election I had posted that what I went through in 1993 and my family went through being used would also be those in this country also and if they do not know the SPIRIT every single person would come to believe the lie they were being told. And the party perpetrating this knows they are lying but because of such a number of people including the American religious right WANTING TO BELIEVE a lie, no one can stop them as they believe they are SMART. But they have been helped to do this in order to catch so many in a net and reveal that without the SPIRIT


Things you would think had to be as they seem  such as the bombs sent to CNN and the Clintons or the caravan of migrants and the midterm elections and how they are used to control the moment, such things as these were often the work of the sinister person that was perpetrating the crime against everyone with one goal in mind.... MONEY and HATE.  In each one of these three that have been revealed in the predictions it was money and hate that motivated them and all the bad blood and wars and rumors of wars that will come because of the TRUE INTENTIONS OF THE HEART will cause perhaps so much more COST to so many but these do not even look at that,, these things were not even looked at because what the scammer saw was only the profit for themselves no matter what the TRUE COST turned out to be. But what this is really about is revealing the hearts of everyone and revealing how "without the SPIRIT" you will follow a lie because who are using those in religion for their own purposes know how to get them to believe a lie especially in politics.


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