Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Jesus's True intent to bring war and wipe all who reject SPIRIT from this planet

His words would not have made it into the book if you had known the true intent. And the real reason so many were fed to the lions is the same reason the snake encourages the woman to misunderstand the true intentions of the heart of men. But Jesus said," I did not come to bring peace but war" for as Islam and Christianity were created to catch all those liars that love an interpretation and would not accept the SPIRIT in a net and cause them to war against each other. Because they desired a law and a king and they want to remove all who they misunderstand therefore since they would not accept the synergy of SPIRIT they will be motivated to destroy each other. You rage at the democrats and they rage at you, but the SPIRIT planted the seeds with "I will struggle with you for a season".  Everyone that believes their interpretation they did not get from SPIRIT should be worshiped by everyone else has been set up with a polarity that is also wanting them dead. You reject the SPIRIT therefore it will be put into your heart to be led to desolation. It no longer matters who is right for as the storm increases nobody wins because everyone is guilty. Get off this planet!
The time is short therefore I must break your heart! The original message was no shame or blame but you chose to reject the SPIRIT and live in shame for eternity, therefore the SPIRIT will wash away my sorrow.


Through loving Pam I have found that you cannot experience what I experienced without dying, therefore love is more important than faith, because it fulfills the intent of faith.

Orange Event Oct 21, 2006 Orange is ComingLeaders Lead astray,gop humiliation

Many of the predictions that have so far come true
The end of the Presumptuous woman that demands men worship her interpretation she did not get from SPIRIT.


Trump is as bad as the Christians at presumption without the SPIRIT but he is orange for a reason and that is it will reach you all to the heart and especially his base. But this week I think the GOP is closer to reality with their rejection of the manipulation of women as women would never want to understand the true intentions of the heart of men and only want blame therefore they set themselves up for shame when the smallest of points overlooked is revealed and then they can feel the same shame they want for men for eternity along with the snakes that encourage them as they refuse to understand the true intentions of the heart that lead to love and MUTUAL forgiveness.


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