Thursday, October 18, 2018

Huge storm forming out of Honduras, and entitlements, sanctuary

So at the same moment that hurricane Micheal was tearing through Mexico City I met a Guatemalan at Cane Creek and then I felt that this hurricane originated down near Honduras. So what I felt at the moment I met this guy became clear as I watched the news about the STORM of HONDURANS passing through Guatemala headed for Mexico and the image I received when I first saw the storm forming before it headed to the border of America through the panhandle of Florida.  What I am feeling is that all the true intentions of the heart of those hating and spewing this ideology or their counter part is going to play out with this storm of people decimating Mexico Beach. So what I feel is that the huge polarity of energy by those hating and wanting to build a wall are actually drawing this hurricane of people and also something is to happen in Mexico that is akin to horror. Also the Guatamalian girl that was shot is also in this mix in that the system being overrun may resort to many deaths at the border and the true intentions of the heart of the haters will be further revealed.

Each episode or action toward others by Americans is leading to how they will be treated in the end but they will feel that they are being treated badly only to be shown how they treated others. Such as the rich man Mitch McConnell who wanting to end entitlements when he himself is considered to be entitled by those he wants to take it away from defies the COMMANDMENT which these same have vowed to be judged by . But this will end in the prediction of 

People who think they are smart without the SPIRIT finding even what they thought they possessed is taken from them.

Synchs about "will be taken from them" 

Rapture, Leave the Struggle, 
Lastly, the rapture of focusing only on SPIRIT and leaving the STRUGGLE because we already know how the SPIRIT has planned for this to end where the right people all are revealed for their true intent and everyone finds they have overlooked the SPIRIT. For now the right believes they are winning but when all is said and done they find they have won nothing and like those following Hitler they are blamed and all those loving blame find themselves drowning in blame and shame because of the smallest of points they overlooked by judging others. Confess the SPIRIT is able and leave the struggle. Focus in the joy of the moment trusting SPIRIT to destroy those that are enemies of the SPIRIT on both sides. This is the coming fire, so hot, it will melt the veil separating YOU and I on this planet, for there has always only been YOU and I though now we are called US AND THEM.


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