Sunday, October 27, 2019

America blinded by money, manipulation, lies, VULNERABLE

Many especially on the right love the way this administration treats those they hate and think this is what is needed. But they have overlooked that the real manipulation is for money and power and what has been put out is not what they are being told. What is going on behind the scenes is not magic but manipulation and misuse of power. How this administration has treated other nations feels good to those that love self rightness but it will all come home to roost as has been predicted since 2001.
In this Orange is Coming prediction from 2007 you can see that what is being said is they will say the country is safer but it really is in a very dangerous place.

All the orange is coming synchs

America is Vulnerable

You may think that force, money, power and guns are the answer but I tell you that the SPIRIT will reveal that all worthless if you are following a lie as is happening now. 

Synch with Something Small that will take down the Orange Masquerade
Such as the story of the Swiss Army Knife

Ghost Busters Three the next day which also mentioned the Swiss Army Knife as the right tool to take down the giant Stay Puff Marsh-mellow man rather than a powerful weapon.

Also the swiss army is related to leaving the struggle and therefore it has taken away the power of following such a beast.


There has always only been YOU and I and this veil that is just separating us.

America is led by those that are blinded by money and power so it is the blind leading the blind

Fox News and Trump are keeping the right from seeing any truth, let the viewers become culpable and their hearts revealed because they want to believe a lie.

I know I dreamed all this to reach you but if I cannot reach you as the SPIRIT said you would just kill any angel that came down to reach you then just get this orange crap off this planet (prayer) and let's go on and let nature take it's course. I am just so done with this crap! 


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