Saturday, October 26, 2019

Because you reject SPIRIT, Trump is being used to lead to desolation

Because you reject SPIRIT, Trump is being used to lead to desolation. Everyone following the beast is being led like the Fox's Sheep to desolation. Even those on the left that fight the same way and do not allow the SPIRIT to break their hearts also are being led to desolation. SPIRIT leads you to true power which is the smallest of points overlooked. You have chosen desolation by following this leader and money. You do not know what the future brings and therefore you think money and power is the answer but I tell you everyone that follows this leader or that thinks money is their salvation is being led to desolation.

Red Horse (This seems to the the intention given by SPIRIT since you cannot be reached, )
Since those on the right are so HELL BENT on fighting and guns and money let them fight each other ever increasingly because of faction and fear because the left have been paralyzed because they rejected the SPIRIT and will not be able to overcome without the SPIRIT now as are being reached let infighting on the right commence. Let the Red Horse cause these that love their interpretations more than they love their brothers on the left turn and take each others life overflowing with hate but let the left see how the SPIRIT will fight for those that are being reached in order that they lay down one life for another and live. Likewise those hiding on the left who hate men and are militant let them also loose it and destroy themselves.



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You can blaspheme everything on earth but blaspheming and rejecting the SPIRIT will cause you to begin to lead yourself to desolation

Edited to add: Been having this ongoing synch related to how you judge and those on the right are drawing to themselves the same as they have done to others. They themselves will unbelievably have nowhere to place their heads, no country that will have them because of how they are now treating others. The tables will turn and it seems impossible but all on the right who give power to this beast will themselves experience what they are causing others to experience now. Like the movie "Get Out" after the humiliation things will seem to be one way while really they are rejected as they have also rejected so many.

The Truth is Nice, but a Rumor is Priceless

Hey Manipulator in Chief(s)
It is written that when the owner of the vineyard returns and he will 
how do you think the lying manipulating grifters that is treating my own with such contempt will be treated?
You have not seen anger until you see Yellowstone blow it's top
You need to study the synchs before you blaspheme the SPIRIT
The Bubblenet is closing and all under the hat will be trapped
No matter what direction you choose it ends in desolation now


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