Wednesday, November 06, 2019

The SPIRIT will use the Jaw of a Jackass to slay my enemies

Sunday, November 03, 2019  (REPOST)

The SPIRIT will use the Jaw of a Jackass to slay my enemies

Though every bit of this is going to happen it only gives the jackass also 
use lies and manipulation so I am archiving this in one week
It does not matter what these people are it is mutually assured destruction and that is the Story of Samson. Do you want self rightness, money, manipulation and power which leads to death. Or do you want to live together as neighbors?

Then Samson said, "With a donkey's jawbone I have made donkeys of them. With a donkey's jawbone I have killed a thousand men."
I was angry because I could not reach my family and I wanted to know why the SPIRIT had put me in this situation where my brother who loves AR15's and Violence and has offended my life since I was 17yrs old over and over and never seems to see what he does but has this "Joker Mentality" of hate that is often used by whatever woman he is with to manipulate me or our family. I was burning with anger over how he has treated me and how he still treats me. And I gave that anger to the SPIRIT and waited as I could not sleep because of the anger I had.  I actually wrote on my table what I could not hold in.


   All of a sudden it began to come to me what the SPIRIT was saying about how everything would be accomplished that was said by the SPIRIT about how my family would be reached to the heart.

I don't want to stop my brother from being an angry jackass, in fact, I..like the power of the SPIRIT through Sampson will use that Jackass's Jaw to make donkeys of them all especially those that agree with him. After all it was not the man but the SPIRIT through the man that it was said of him. What did you go out into this wilderness to see, a reed bent by the wind. The power of the SPIRIT will reveal to John "what he has overlooked in his brother".

I looked at the clock and it read 10:10  Go Boy! Dance like a filament!

D. "John" Trump is a Jackass
Edited to add:
I think he is proud of that though and he likes to call everyone names so 
be it unto him. When you find out the true intentions of the heart your will be 
heartbroken for following him.

The SPIRIT will give me the power to use this idiot as this SHIT does not respect anything else but POWER. Remember the 400 pound wrestler, YOU did it SPIRIT! 
Edited to add: The SPIRIT is the power, I am pissed off and wanted passionately to reach you about what you are drawing. So you can be an idiot if you want to be.

Refering to the husband of a woman that said he would put her at the bottom of Munson lake and he came after me. But the SPIRIT had told me that when he tried to break my right arm, he would break his left arm instead. The whole town knew what I had said from the SPIRIT and when he attacked while I was there watching out for her at the store where she worked he came and could get near me. Later that night he was drunk at a  truckstop and stumbled backwards over the cables and broke his left arm and the whole town heard this and I never saw him again.



Swiss Army Knife and Nov 8th synch tonight

The Donkey Speaks

I have no intention of hurting anyone
but watch what the SPIRIT is fixin to do

A Jackass thinks it is his power but when it goes awry he finds he was being used
Both sides are wrong and even the democrats can be jackass's
when they don't allow their hearts to be reached


Oh yea! without the SPIRIT everyone will overlook the smallest of points
This was about catching in a net all those hiding behind a veil of interpretation/ideology
they did not get from SPIRIT
You know, like Trump and those so called Christian right
and even those in the Media especially the Fox's News

Oh, I'm sorry, I failed to mention the ongoing "Synergistic Fix"


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