Saturday, November 02, 2019

You have chosen the road of death

You have chosen the road of death and the SPIRIT is giving power to those that will not be overcome until the world accepts that an interpretation is nothing without the SPIRIT. The salvation was promised through the SPIRIT not the interpretations of men about what was written, as what was written, when interpreted leads both sides to death. Even your interpretation about me (as without SPIRIT you will misunderstand) leads you now to death without the SPIRIT actually guiding the individual.

Hate always overlooks the smallest of points and sees only what they want others to see like the Fox's News that does the fox's bidding. This video is the half truth that hate justifies itself by  video. In this video both sides are wrong and one side intentionally LEAVES OUT pertinent information in order to fulfill their perversion of the truth. That is what this administration and the grifter also does.

The fox is given power over you (the right and the left) because you rejected the SPIRIT. He is being given power to lead the sheep to slaughter. It seems financially sound to follow this inclination, but it also will lead money to death after they get what seems right.

As Jesus knew because they love an interpretation that they can manipulate. (Do not presume)

Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.

The presumption of those that read a book is leading all to death.

Money and lies will will manipulate to SELL you a lie. In my experience the SPIRIT allows technology only to a point if not guided by SPIRIT. Money takes everything that was not given to them and sells it. Such as the flood occurs because you reject SPIRIT and continue to believe you know what you are doing but you fool yourself.  You could continue but without SPIRIT even what you believe you possess is to be taken from you. You could have done all things through the SPIRIT, but you chose to be separate and that leads to death on all levels. Leaders will now lead astray believing they can pull the wool over everyone's eyes. This leads to death.The power of technology and money is being used to manipulate and is given power to destroy yourselves. The tenacity of hope through the SPIRIT can use innovation in the future, but money is used to destroy those without true intention of heart. Money is a beast rising that seeks to lie and manipulate in order to control, but it will be used to destroy even itself.

In progress

Back to the Synergistic Fix. We are in a situation where we are STILL waiting to see what the true intentions are of someone that was close and whether their hearts are reached or they want to manipulate further.


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