Friday, November 01, 2019

More on the Synergistic Fix

I cried to the SPIRIT (1993) that something be found to alter what was coming. That the SCHEDULE of EVENTS related to how humans destroy themselves because they rejected SPIRIT and loved their interpretations to the point that they turn and kill their neighbors over them, and in so doing they kill themselves. I reached to YOU to let it not be so, for I saw through the synchs how the SPIRIT leads one out of death towards life and passion and perfect love. I saw how for many the interpretation did not matter because the SPIRIT did not reveal the true meaning but only a bunch of snakes that would say "this is what it means" using their brains to figure things out but rejected the SPIRIT. Well for them so it shall be, but for those in SPIRIT Desolation can be changed. I would love that the synch be as I had received and end their in that you are reached to the heart. That such things as 42 months and the animated Trump synch not come to fruition.

At this moment the synch related to "Synergistic Fix" is playing out among those in my circle for an unexpected event has occurred which seems to be related to  the "Synergistic Fix" synch.
Alternator, Battery, MS


Many things have happened and I await the fruition of the circumstances and hope that it is so that things work out. Right now things are happening that seem to be speaking to this synch related to emotions that turn out to be better than expected.
Watch for some EMERGENCY situation created in order to manipulate the American People by the manipulator and chief, perhaps related to the Brisk Masquerade synch on this date. Nov 8th
Also the https://dnatree.blogspot.com/2016/11/swiss-army-knife-synch.html on Nov 8th

Nov 12th 2008 synch 
I woke up last night with this dream that a person was being treated bad by someone in authority and when "my brother" went in to help, he too was treated badly and the person in authority used his authority in an unintended manner because of their hate
The hypocrisy of the right people is seen by all except themselves. 

The intention that led to Donald Trump was that a person that would be what the Christian Right and the GOP would think was perfect according to their view of smart would take office and then lead astray to reveal that they followed a lie in order that they come to realize that they overlooked the SPIRIT by following an interpretation which would change everything in human reality.
See Orange is Coming, Leaders Lead Astray, and Stuck
See All the synchs with Orange is Coming
and Earthquake, Leaders Lead Astray, Stuck

The predictions and energy that created Donald Trump as President

Paid Actors synch with in the news today and then on The Kominsky Method s2e8
To Be Continued:


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