Thursday, February 13, 2020

The SPIRIT, False Religion, and the Bubble Net

Because of how Americans see Jesus yet never knew him I needed someone that would be everything the religious right thought had to be right according to their own true intentions of heart. It would be easy for the SPIRIT to allow someone like Trump to get them to follow a lie with the end intention to reveal that because they never knew the SPIRIT they would take the bait. I saw what Revelations said and saw how many would perish though they thought they were Christians because they really never knew the SPIRIT and the scriptures when they are interpreted without the SPIRIT become a veil over the eyes leading to desolation. I wanted it to be another chance for them to see the smallest of points overlooked and I knew that YOU/MY LIFE knew my  True Intent. Yes like Trump said, "I can so anything I want to", but the person that has allowed the SPIRIT to reach them via the experience of what the poetry of the cross really meant would know that "I do not want anything except the SPIRIT lead me."  I mean, I put out intentions and then I get back through synchronicity how this loving SPIRIT I had sought to know my whole life intended to fulfill the intent or if there is something I overlooked.

It is time, if you do not know the SPIRIT you are being guided by your lusts to the cross, only those with true intent toward knowing the SPIRIT will survive. It does not matter how right your interpretation is such as the Christian Right.. for if you did not proceed to let the SPIRIT truly guide then you are nothing and even your love is a lie.

I do not vote for democrats in order to follow some leader, I vote for them because I don't have to follow a leader.

This Cross experience which the left are being subjected to such as the lying manipulating and being despitefully used by the right who think they are to judge them but it is really designed to get you to ask of the SPIRIT with true intent from a broken heart.

MY GOD! Why have I been forsaken!

 And if you proceed to hear from the SPIRIT and grow in that comfort then you have found the reason for it and how all the words in the world would not reach you. And then what about the political right whom believe an interpretation that is not from SPIRIT, will not "she" as in Jack and Jill come tumbling down the hill after? Are they destined to stumble over their ideology until such as have true intent toward the SPIRIT are reached and those who were hiding behind religion by their death as in two walking in a field and one is taken and the other left, will not what happens to them also reach the other. I am telling you, what I have heard from the SPIRIT that all is finished and all who interpreted without the SPIRIT are in bigger doo doo than those they judged as they are drawing their own punishment. All is to unfold before the human race and all will see it as it happens, that is why all of us have agreed to gather at this time through a medium that allows all to see what is happening. For you will be changed!

You cannot see what is in front of you without True Intention of Heart toward knowing the SPIRIT.

Therefore the whole world will be heart broken for everything that is of interpretation and not from SPIRIT is intended at this moment to become a stumbling block and lead to desolation as the letter has said so.

He learned as Christ learned from the SPIRIT and not from an interpretation

Jesus or rather, the SPIRIT that was speaking through him is the Smallest of Points Overlooked by all who would interpret which was the wide gate. I warned of Orange is Coming, Leaders lead Astray, and the great Humiliation in 2006 because such an experience first felt by the left is so that you mght know the True intentions of the Cross. But then it is the right who will look upon whom they have pierced in their self rightness and those with True Intent will be able to go on to know the SPIRIT. That was my original intent. But first the least of them whom the right have already rejected let their hearts be reached.

So we have been having many synchs with the Whale Breaching and the Bubble net and what all this means is related to those being reached and those whom are perishing are being caught up in this.

Like a Tree I gradually took on this form, like an empty canvas the painter waited for SPIRIT to move, dabbing where SPIRIT moved until the painting took form.... I had no idea!
When the fire comes through such a tree survives the fire and all the brush and bushes are consumed.


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