Monday, February 10, 2020

Up From the Ashes, Paradise will Return

Up From the Ashes, Paradise will Return

Yesterday Pam watched a show on PBS about Paradise Ca.

Yahoo Post today by Dnatree
Don't you know unless you worship Trump you will not be able to buy or sell pretty soon. He does not care about the law and WILL use his office in any manner because he is not a servant of the people but a criminal. That was the intention to implicate everyone that loves such a lie. The only thing that he responds to is power and what is coming is greater than his manipulations and lies and he overlooked this one small point in asking life to give such smarts that he can manipulate everyone that defies hime,  he overlooked the SPIRIT and love so you are all caught in a net but not of his doing. He is actually correct about he can do anything and so can you,(but only if the SPIRIT leads) but it is the SPIRIT allowing him right now so that all that love a lie will be caught in the bubble net. His intentions suck as you will see, so don't follow him, reach for the SPIRIT only. See dnatree predictions from 2006 orange is coming leaders lead astray and the great humiliation. Everyone's heart will be broken or what happens to them will reach those that remain.

So I had written "right disposition" and today on BobheartsAbishola she said "A brush with death changes one's perspective, it causes perspective and compassion" I might add Humility. Because if you really are the problem and you think "great I did not die" I am here to tell you that such an attitude is a slippery slope to to the same fate if you have not figured that out yet. 


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