Thursday, February 06, 2020

Trump Manipulating and Despitefully Using Democrats, Fragrance of The Heart

The thing about being manipulated is that not only was the law powerless in the face of such lying tactics but then they turn and make you to blame and vindictively begin to go after you. They begin to use the same manipulating tactics to set you up.

Here I want to give a rose to Pelosi for how she must be feeling after the law was powerless against the manipulations of a thief and also the manipulator will despitefully use this in a manner the law never intended to get back at those that dared to question his Power. All manner of manipulations to make you look like the problem will ensue and many will fall away from the party. When I went through this door I had to completely forget about the abuse and concentrate on the flowers on the side of the road. After being manipulated to take all I had and after spending three days in jail for what the other person did and having to go to many fraudulent court appearances where they had manipulated me over and over I was finally aquited but the story has since been used over and over and her base a large number of women did not care if any of it was false as they hated men anyway. And the same thing with Dutch and my family where the whole town hated outsiders and he played them with bald faced lies to take the family inheritance. Ok so I was able to keep him from enacting his whole plan which was to show me what he could do to destroy our family. And that is what she did after the business was over the number of manipulations and using what society believed about men to make my life hell with one setup after another. But what it did was solidify my attention on the SPIRIT as to think about the problem was overwhelming and to prepair for one of the manipulations was not possible as my heart was broken for I was rejected by all and could not have a relationship with any of my children because none knew me long enough anyway and my lifestyle with SPIRIT was rejected by most all as has been the case for 30yrs. I cannot tell you how bad all the manipulations were but if I had tried to fight or prepare for court I would have died from the pain and betrayal. I gave my whole attention to SPIRIT as in some of these stories

The Memory of this Life, I will bring you Roses


So that is what is happening as predicted

Let Your heart be reached that you may know the True intentions of the heart that is related to the experience of the cross and being despitefully used and manipulated as Trump is given the power to do in order to reach you. His intention is narcissistic for power and money and fame but the SPIRIT uses such LUSTS by such as him to reach you to the heart about the SPIRIT. Don't fight them as nobody will win and the only life is to pay attention to SPIRIT and leave the STRUGGLE. This does not mean you won't participate, you just let go of the burden and receive the word from the SPIRIT as to how you will overcome. The speed has just increased toward desolation in this country and it is almost time for me to go away.

Are you going to wait until they are blinded so much that they demand you worship this beast or kill you?  Without the SPIRIT many will not survive past the next three years

Trump was predicted to break your hearts and then his base will be caught in a net, but all who fight will lose. What the SPIRIT will do through all this that was predicted is beyond anything you can imagine.

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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Fit the space, the emptiness, Manna

When Trump Manipulates all Americans by using Terror


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