Friday, February 07, 2020

Dems Sorrow, Swiss Army Knife, SPIRIT to Remove Trump

So not only was he acquitted which the right will take as a miracle, but it was really manipulation and lies but it was intended so that all that are looking for this kind of miracle will take the bait and hide behind Trump's veil of interpretation as the synchs have indicted

Nigerian synch, You will be changed, Heart, Deep Sorrow Jan 29th 2020

Found injured bird this morning which I found directly after Pam and I talked about the dead birds
Linkwounded or injured bird in a dream symbolizes an awaiting phase of deep sorrow, sadness and a saddening situationhttp://dnatree.blogspot.com/2018/01/crying-land.htmlhttp://www.stephentree.com/SEPTUPLOADS/cryingland/
If you made a mistake and your heart is broken please let it be SPIRIT reaching you to the heart.If you Lie, Children Die

This is meant to reach the left to the heart about the True Intention of the Heart that I have toward them and because they rejected the SPIRIT.

I was thinking this morning that the second beast could very well follow after Trump in the use of manipulation and lies but it be a democrat and let him lift up the first beasts method which rejects SPIRIT but puts the right in the same hell that the right is putting the left through now in order to reach all to the heart.

And this might be the way to go as the SWISS ARMY KNIFE synch is getting bigger which of course is the smallest of points overlooked by Trump and Company which no matter what they try to manipulate away it POPS their veil of interpretation around Trump. We also have this EPIC synch going on right now that is related.

Swiss Army Knife synch - DNATREE

This Morning Pam and I were watching some of our favorite YOUTUBE and JustinScarred posted this video and I took a pic of the huge swiss army knife this morning.

The Swiss Army Knife is my synch with how the smallest of points overlooked will take down the manipulating liar, and I invite Trump to try to manipulate what is coming as it will end the MASQUERADE
It is not a threat but a prediction, and it is not a knife but a funny image of the only thing that could take down the Sta Puff Man in Ghost Busters
But not until Trump Reaches My own to the heart!
Go Manipulating Liars in the GOP your doing great at placing yourselves and even those you hate in a net that will reach everyone to the heart!  Yay, LOL Sticking my tongue out at the beast! Let
all who know the SPIRIT laugh out loud at the follies of men.

Synchs with this date Jan 07


So you can see that the spitefully using those he hates and manipulation that Jesus spoke of related to the lying beast and those following him.


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