Monday, February 10, 2020

Go Trump, the Lying Manipulator, and Redemption, Vineyard

So if you have grown to understand me, then you know that a person that is a manipulating liar and lawless fake that never knew the SPIRIT is my pet peeve. But I am her to tell you that the type of SNAKE that I dislike is also someone that I love. You may not like a snake but if you let go of them and allow them to live and DRAW TO YOURSELF such as you love then that is the way you can love your enemies because Trump is being used by the SPIRIT to do what words alone obviously could not do. The thing about the manipulating liar is that they have this unique way of making he law's weakness very clear in like Trump when those that want to believe a lie back him it is like my sister and the town here that loved a lying manipulator because he was more like them and he knew how to make us outsiders look like what they hated and like we were the criminals for stealing our eldest sisters money though it was the other way around. But as things go on they now have to hide because of the truth. Oh yes, for those that want to believe a lie they will still love them and hate those he took but those with True Intent and those that were taken will only remember how they made them feel and how without a MIRACLE they would have lost everything. So it is with Trump who wants to remove everything that democrats have done for their base and this of course makes those that feel like they have been walked all over by those liberals very happy, finally they have someone with balls in the white house. But the problem is, that the reason he was put there was so that the world can see that smart and manipulating and lying works well to catch all those that love an interpretation that did not come from the SPIRIT more than they love each other and then the SMALLEST OF POINTS YOU HAVE OVERLOOKED SHOWS UP in the same manner as the predictions reveal. They will do everything to erase what happens with lies and closing forums after the EVENT such as they got caught manipulating the vote with Ukraine and now we just play like that was not the case you did not see what you saw and those that love a lie will back us so we win. Right? Feels like shit to those that have been swindled but it is the power of the SPIRIT to make those with TRUE INTENTION OF HEART turn in a different direction and seek the SPIRIT which is the only thing that will remove that stone in their path. Yes he is Anti-Christ because the true intention of the heart is not to divide, and not to worship an interpretation or a person but to come to know the SPIRIT that is able to reach the world to the heart.

Forgiving the lying manipulators and everyone, but can they forgive themselves.

Trump using his brain hates anything that gets in his way and using the formula he has figured out by alternative facts he can use the office of the president in any manner he wants to so as to destroy what gets in his way and those that back him are alright with that because they believe that he will make them right, or that he is on their side. But with a manipulating liar how do you know you can trust that and that he will not just turn on you after he has used you like Dutch divorced my sister one year after using her. She knows she was used and he showed her that she has to go on believing it was for her good but the separation in the family has gotten to the point that no one can reach her now and she is alone with a manipulating liar and they have to live with that lie that they have to repeat also in order to keep him in power. So this cannot go well and it will not. I mean when things don't work out what will you get but someone using the law to make everyone that does not agree with the lie punishable as Trump is indicating by this acquittal. How he want to go after those that know he is a lying manipulator. 

How do we forgive the lying manipulators and who want to use their lust for money and power and their base whether it is a town or a group of women that believe a woman and hate men, or it is a president that does not care if you know he lies and manipulates, he just wants to be the smartest man and be worshiped by his base for being so cunning. And money of course is seared into his brain as the only thing that matters because of the power and influence that is so important to him. That is what is on his brain and in his hand and that is his and his base's savior. 

So back to how to forgive I will start with the person that manipulated and then my life had to go in a different direction that it was before. Blessed is She who Nailed me to this Tree! Well when I looked ONLY at YOU/MY LIFE and I saw that it was YOU using that person's greed to reach me to the heart using her base of women that would make it easy for her to make me look like what she wanted me to look like in order to fulfill her intent when really  SHE KNOWS I HAVE HAD FAR GREATER TRUE INTENTION OF HEART  towards her than she is capable of. But that is the answer, the SPIRIT did it to me using her intent and that is what is happening now with Trump and the left and then also the right. But first the least of them is reached and his base when the tables turn will be stumbling over their interpretation because their hate and then they will find out that "as you have done to the least of them having rejected the SPIRIT, you have don't it to ME." Those that love shame and blame will live with it as the scarlet letter ever after. So even the snake is needed for a period and is useful in reaching you to the heart. 

Thank You SPIRIT is what we can say while we say to those in that last day "Depart from me, you worker of iniquity" And by putting our attention only on the SPIRIT we are shown how life is meant to be by drawing to ourselves ONLY as the SPIRIT leads.

It is only by seeking the SPIRIT with ALL OUR BEING each day and keeping our attention on YOU that I find I am able to fulfill what is needed to judge as YOU judge which is not to judge them at all but rather to allow them to draw to themselves their own punishment as they believed a lie they draw to themselves as they judge others.

Turn from your ways and humble yourself and even the lying manipulator can be forgiven

And so I tell you, every kind of sin and slander can be forgiven, but blasphemy against the SPIRIT will not be forgiven.

What the SPIRIT is saying about the Father that is in synch with "The Father" and  those of his children that love him does he not love them? And what has the person that caused the child to stumble? Why like anyone, he loves whom is "with him" and the rest he says as they know "You never knew me so likewise I never knew You."

They were told to seek first the SPIRIT and then all these things they are manipulating for would be added unto them but they chose to take first therefore even what they believe they possess will be taken from them. You know the snake lost his legs/tools because of such intent. How do you think the owner of the Vineyard will treat these that bypassed the SPIRIT and treated others badly for money?

So do not fight them, but let them draw to themselves as they have judged others.


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