Sunday, July 19, 2020

Coronavirus makes fools of our tools, Trump exploits your True Intent of heart

Coronavirus makes fools of our tools, Trump exploits your True Intent of heart, Yes, it's Heartbreaking!

These are my synchs and the flow of my evening

So how Trump thinks is that you are going from point A to Point B and you get there "whatever it takes" and he has developed many crafty techniques but they lack trust in the SPIRIT because he trusts his system and brain and method which seems to be based on manipulation and lies and the methods of a con man.

But Trump needs to know where it is headed is not where he pictures it to be. But so long as he is remembered as some great power he probably will keep going. But if he knew where he is headed he would not go there. He would learn from the virus because the virus is like him "UNFAIR".

And if you notice those that mostly love him want to be that ruthless and manipulative themselves and they are reflecting his intentions as in that they seem selfish about the masks. And dismiss any law he steps on to get there.

Coronavirus makes fools of our most worshipped tools and medicine.

We are being asked to change with the virus, to let go of what worked before but seems powerless now in the path of the Coronavirus

Such as our belief in the model of society and of medicine

UNFAIR the virus like Trump exploits our weakness. Like Trump the virus does not care but will manipulate and find a way to destroy whatever stands in it's way.

But now Republicans saying we must cooperate but yet even in a pandemic the other side knows Trump will take the advantage of our weakness to cooperate....

So I say,, do not fight him and do not cooperate with him, but rather cooperate with the SPIRIT completely as though your life depended on it. Not on me, but what you have seen is a benevelent power that when Trump said "I am the Ultimate Authority" something happened when the synch said

Give them the Unexpected

And then what all the fighting through the courts and the weakness of the law was revealed because of Trump then the SPIRIT began to do what none could have done to reveal the True Intentions and reveal the masquerade where Trump was manipulating to pull the wool over everone's eyes.

They believe that USING the ideology/interpretation they could USE the beliefs of those they were USING. They could USE other's taught beliefs about the flag and about the bible and about those they hate like brown skinned people. But we all see they do not have true intent about any of those they are just USING THEM. Like the synch where the Con Man USED my eldest sister and then divorced her.


Trumpism is Unfair in that the left because they believed the law would protect them so they looked to the law but then it did not. Trump can exploit you because in the office you keep you cannot misuse the law like he is doing. So what do you do?

Since the synchs with the SPIRIT came true we need to not "fight them" even as they are trying to manipulate to make you fight so they can misuse their power again.  You must trust what the SPIRIT is doing and let go of Trump and let the SPIRIT deal with these lawless. For if you believe the way will be opened up to you and you will find your way.

So we must not fight them as they are going to manipulate and cheat and say all manner of lie about the left when they are actually stoking the violence. But the SPIRIT anticipated this.

So we cannot become as Trump and follow after him as so many on the Planet have begun to do. For is that not what is believed that the whole world would follow after the beast? And in doing so condemn themselves. But rather,,, look and see what the SPIRIT has already done for the least of them on this planet and see that YOU ARE ABLE!

What does it matter? What does anything really matter, except that you find your way.

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If you do not respond to the SPIRIT to the SPIRIT then you will be led astray too!

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