Thursday, July 16, 2020

Notes, bitcoin, bounty

We got home from after a day of helping an old man get to the doctor today and looked at Hulu and the movie Bounty (see bounty synch)was there so I decided to watch in the background while I worked on the bathroom door.  See ongoing Bounty synchs

I feel very Ernest about my synchs tonight as today on Twitter I was drawn for different reasons to two people that were from England and in passing noticed they were both about Bitcoin which I noticed only later. I thought a little about it and then began to hear the news explaining what I had heard from different sources today about the Bitcoin thing.

And "I FEEL" they already know the hacker is under Trump's hat or that many energies including the Russians are actively trying to subvert this country as those hurt the most and those who stood to benefit the most seemed rather telling.

But everything is playing out so that money, leaders, lying public servants will no longer be and love will be synchronicity with others as the tree will be planted in their midst.  Not the messenger but the SPIRIT that speaks through him.

Quotethe biblical Tree of Life, being in the center of the garden and all things new being created around it, or the tree can be symbolic of God Himself in the form of a tree, bringing strange new life to the land around Him

Then after we finished the bounty a program came on that Pam was watching which likened the exit of the Campaign Manager to a ship where someone else now steers the ship and that Campaign manager now man's the guns.

QuoteHe said of the internal campaign move, “the only thing that shifted was, Donald Trump simply asked Bill to steer the ship and Brad to man the guns.”

I began to see that perhaps what the SPIRIT is saying about Trump's Mutiny on the Bounty and "out of your own words"and by you "own hand" will be you fate umm...synch.

"Be it unto You"

For Trump meant for the left to "succeed" so that he could manipulate umm as everyone knows he does.

To ALLOW such a person with such intentions to become president and use the ignorance of fellow Americans against whom he whipped them up against.

I do wish I could have reached you before this point, but no one seems to care


7/17/20 6:26am  Added  Like on God Like Productions so many under trump's hat are possessed to lie even when it is obvious it will kill Americans and this tells me that a large number of participants are part of a organized group to take down America and use the ignorance of those that hate to keep Trump able to spew but that should end now. What they are attempting to do if they cannot do it all these would surely be implicated.

Who will be the last to remain Where there's only God and pain? genius.com/Rita-wilson-ev twitter.com/dnatree/status dnatree.blogspot.com/search?q=%22th



The latest "All Was Predicted" including Epidemic, Tennessee, Trump, The Orange Event

Just had a synch/prediction about Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany because of lies her skin begins deteriate fast. It popped in my mind and immediately a commercial said it. Of course this is only if she is REALLY LYING.

Responce to https://twitter.com/dnatree/status/1284126779007959040


Trigger Trap in my youtube feed but feels like a synch feels related to those in
Trump's base/Russian and perhaps even democrats/subverting America


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