Tuesday, July 21, 2020

I felt Poor, but YOU showed me how rich I really was

When I went through this door/this opportunity. A very good business was going away and homelife also went away. So I knew that it was time to seek "only YOU/MY LIFE" but I cried to the SPIRIT because I felt poor. But YOU showed me how rich I really was. When I went through that door such as the world is now experiencing this OPPORTUNITY to get in step with SPIRIT and then to go on synergizing all things to the use of the SPIRIT.

Since 1979 I had given my moments to the SPIRIT to experience what I needed to know in order to understand the True Intentions of the Heart of the SPIRIT that spoke through "such as" Jesus.

When my table was overturned and then those that were called by my name who were there for what they could get abandoned me when I said that I was going to become a writer,,, it was then that what I experienced was what you now experience. So loosing my business and learning how rich I was anyway and learning to create in a different way using the same tools but growing the dream in accordance to what was mutual with the SPIRIT led to a wonderful life as reflected in my experience in California traveling and working on the tv's. By paying attention to SPIRIT and not the money the flow was consistant and the regulation of work seems to be in accordance to my needs and in order to take me to wonderful places. I found that the more time I spent with the SPIRIT in wonder the more things worked like magic and I spent little time doing things and more time dreaming of doing them with the SPIRIT. Creating systems through dreaming off in wonder in a fresh place made me work much less, such as two or three hours of work, two or three days a week because YOU became more important than things. Things still came and grew but like a turtle I found my reality grew around me.

So I don't think this world is over, just evolving.  I think it is at the next level. However, those that WILL NOT BE REACHED will draw to themselves according to their beliefs, while those moving on with the SPIRIT will learn to cooperate in order to synergize with SPIRIT and in order to no longer be led astray by leaders but rather synergize in love. So the intention in my life was not to throw away the tools that have evolved but rather to submit to the SPIRIT using them through me in a much more effective way so as to create a system that does what I was running to accomplish before. Turning over every thought and every system in my life to YOU/SPIRIT. So that even my enemy became perfect for me when I did not look at them but at the SPIRIT. So it is that if Trump seems wrong and hateful to the left, take your eyes off of him and put them on the SPIRIT and you will see how this works.

My story is losing business and then going off to find the true intentions of the heart through empassioned synchs,, so as to allow it to be written on my heart. I then was given what I needed to cooperate and get what little I really needed. But those not led by SPIRIT will find it harder as they will stumble because of expenses and by not allowing the SPIRIT to guide to what they really need.

The SPIRIT knows how to use the intentions of the rebelious to catch them and to reach the hearts of those such as Trump hates, so that it is shown the least of them is greater thant those believing themselves great.

Don't get mad at them because you cannot judge them as they are judging you or you are the same. Rather let their words and beliefs and PRESUMPTIONS of those who never knew the SPIRIT as they offend others lead to what they draw to themselves that you might see how the SPIRIT has everything under control.

Forget about what appears to be coming and get what the SPIRIT gives you to pay attention to in THIS MOMENT and you will not draw as the presumptions of those who interpret are drawing to themselves. Allow life to reach you to the heart that you are not crushed by what is coming but rather you find your true calling.

Divided like this, is when enemies from without take advantage. Come together in the SPIRIT in love.

I felt Poor, but YOU showed me how rich I really was. Don't try to hold onto what is going away, but rather learn to live with what SPIRIT gives you so that you spend more time in wonder. "Oil in the lamp" Oil in your lamp comes from momentS with SPIRIT, and as time gets shorter you have less time as a tree to grow. So seeing where we are at, I would drop all dreams and watch them shatter,,, to find true love and that is not with a person but with the SPIRIT that IS YOUR LIFE.


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