Monday, July 20, 2020

Post about FREEDOM to not worship the Interpretation of the "self right"

My post defending those that do not believe in worshipping the Abomination of Interpretation that is not of the SPIRIT.

I believe what he is saying is the FREEDOM to not worship the country or president but rather to cooperate in love through the SPIRIT. As because of all the Trump lies those that do not believe the abomination of interpretation that he pushes have the right to worship God in Spirit and in Truth. So take your fake love of this country which is not seen at all as love for this country and allow these people to seek the SPIRIT in the manner they intend "with all their heart and strength" while having the freedom to trust the SPIRIT to handle a lying manipulating leader.

For many believe the SPIRIT spoke by the CoronaVirus right after Trump opened his presumptuos mouth and said he was the ultimate authority therefore the Unexpected happened and it is leading where Trump cannot stop.

For many now "follow after the lying beast" and lie and manipulate to get from point A to point B therefore they are implicated with him if the SPIRIT is right and the "ideology" fails.



The SPIRIT will not be soothed until all the enemies...

Best wishes to all of you


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