Monday, November 11, 2019

Smart People Fail, The Pickle, Will you be Implicated?

Let those wise in their own estimation reveal they are fools

Nov 12th 2018 synchs
This synch is about people that believe they are smart especially those in my circle right now being humbled by making mistakes. Sorry your hearts are going to get broken, but I could not reach you. This is also intended for those manipulators sitting in the seats of our fathers.
Nov 13th 2018
2017 Nov 11-15

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Making Stupid Mistakes

People such as leaders and those that love their interpretation more than they love each other on the left and the right will begin to make "Stupid Mistakes" as a gift to make help them realize (ha ha my grammer mistake) they need SPIRIT and not an interpretation which cannot save you from yourself. If those that have this information and the predictions can help share them it will help folks to understand and speed them to what is needed. Nothing else needs to change yet as SPIRIT will make all the changes through you and much of what you already are doing the SPIRIT wants to assist you with.

Those believing they are so smart in their own power and not giving this to the SPIRIT will be shown they are nothing without the SPIRIT and without the synergy, synchronicity, love and help of the SPIRIT. What is called victims do not really exist as everyone draws to themselves what they need to reach them to the heart and snakes have helped them to believe a lie and so victims will begin revealing through their experience that they are actually the ones to "blame" for everything they get. And those that reject SPIRIT in order to keep the power of being victimized will have happen to them what will reach others to the heart and reveal they are the ones making STUPID MISTAKES and blaming everyone else but themselves. In reality their is no blame and shame and to have such blocks your ability to hear SPIRIT as you have filled your own cup.


Whom is given much, a lot is required so those with money and influence such as the princes of this world who have much begin to have much problems since according to the meaning of those who are given much, much is required of them.

Pres, Mistakes, Division, whores

Last night after writing "Making Stupid Mistakes" one of my own who had no idea of the post said to me "I made a stupid mistake and can't get rid of it. So I went to the thing they made by answering a question on facebook and found a way to get rid of it. I also explained that without the SPIRIT who watches your back the mind will overlook many things and cause you to make stupid mistakes. But when you believe the SPIRIT and nurture and grow that relationship ABOVE all things then SPIRIT will MAKE YOU RIGHT. And the leader or person that lifts up their own self saying they are wise such as a president that does not know that the SPIRIT is using his intent and giving him the power to reach those such as the fire that caused such division in the time of Jesus. His true intentions will fail horribly as the synchs since 2001 have SPELLED OUT. And the intention was that all those following their interpretations they did not get from SPIRIT would get what they believed they wanted only to have their hearts reached deeply.

Those that believe in shame and blame and use it especially for profit will find they cannot reach the SPIRIT as with the dream of passion  you must learn to be unveiled without Shame and though many of those using shame seem to be blameless they are hiding the greatest shame as to why they cannot reach SPIRIT. That was the true story of Jesus. So in this way they will be overcome, all those who fain love for God yet believe in shame and unforgiveness. For the least among men are greater than these who use shame and blame because with true intention of heart they are not SEPARATED from SPIRIT and they are much closer to know the secret though those who INTENTIONALLY MISUNDERSTAND would as in the times of Jesus vote to feed these to the lions because they do not worship the snake and the woman who use shame and blame to control others yet their own hearts are as whores who have done without true intention of heart far worse than those they shame.

This is related to synchs today

The Pickle

Democrats, if you benefit by my post then help Pam and I to make better posts through travel as fresh and new places are used by MY LIFE in such a way that is needed for my synchs


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