Wednesday, October 31, 2007

So many hearts are breaking!!

So many hearts are breaking!!

Knowing You

Knowing You1

Friday, October 26, 2007

She is not wanting to be left out.

Synchs meeting Sarah's
and the song about her
I will remember You
Will You remember Me?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Allow the Children to come to ME!

At 14 Pam's son did not want to get up in the morning. He did not do homework and he played on the computer all day. When Pam and his father wondered what to do I had the word "The Passion is Coming" and a vision of my own life come to me. I said a new love (girlfriend) is coming and he would find the passion. Since then the girlfriend came and he got to where he took a computer job and worked six days a week even after the girlfriend went away. Now he thought that college would be a break from all this work and does a radio program and many other things along with homework. He is doing well.

At age twelve something happens related to human development. And if parents were to see what their moments speak to them they would know to direct their loved ones to know the Spirit through the poetry of their moments and experience.

Allow the Children to come to me.

Which means

Let their circumstances communicate through their moments and let it not be Your Circumstances (punishment) they feel. That they might know their moments and turn and understand who it is that speaks.
I will reach their hearts, as the Spirit knows all the ways of the heart.
Allow Your children to learn from me.

Those that love punishment will learn the greatest lessons from the circunstances they set for others.

Drought in Alabama and Song Rain by Madonna

Drought in Alabama and Song Rain by Madonna

Feel it on my finger tips, hear it on my window pain, YOUR love is coming down like rain.

My daughters live in the center of the drought (Raine and Sarah) but I feel until the heart changes for the "religious right" in that area, the rain will be slow in coming.

Wash away my sorrow, take away my pain, YOUR love is coming down like rain.

For they love their interpretations more than they love each other and work to make their interpretations seen and worshipped above the obvious that stares them in the face.

Turn to the Spirit and leave the Interpretations that are just separating You. For they do not consider the True Intentions of the heart. They blame everyone and everything before they consider that they are the ones creating it.

True worship is not "trying to be right" but through love we find the Mutual Intentions with nature and our loved ones.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

This is regarding a post on oroborus

Post on Oroborus

Sometimes I got things coming at me that were at first glance scary or looked very bad like the verse that it seems no other way to interpret it but almost all flesh will die upon the earth in the end times. But as I have eluded before, even when there seemed not to be another interpretation I suspended judgement about the verse or situation or apparent end of the earth due to the foolishness and reactiveness of l e a ders but after having synchs and seeing how the Spirit approached such things it became obvious that in that "knowing YOU" was the power of belief, not in the knowing about YOU and interpretations of religion or even science. Like the greatest sourcerers of Egypt that could not figure out how to overcome the plaques so it is with scientists that cannot see outside the box of their own mind creations. For science will not be able to budge the boulder that is to be put in the way of humans in order to expand our feeling and believing. (Notice I left out the word thinking intentionally)

Today we had a wonderful mountain top experience and it was about You here on this board. Because as I got in the Spirit with my life and You got in the Spirit with Your life we have often of late synchronized like fish swimming upward in a spiral synchroncity.

And in our coming to "Know YOU" we have reached across and back and forth. My experience today was with a song as I looked out at the Ocean and turned and also saw the San Francisco Bay from a certain mountaintop on hwy 35 a song came on the radio which is a reminder of the intention from years ago, that I see that the Spirit working through You and I will make it possible. For how it is between the Spirit and myself and between the Spirit and You was reflected for me today in this song.

Mud Lyrics

Mud Lyrics
All my love
All my kissin'
You don't know what you've been a-missin'
Oh boy, when you're with me
Oh boy, the world will see

Kisses from the Spirit are to me as synchs with a certain subject. And what they have to "know YOU" for is to understand the treasure that is My Moments With YOU.

Now this is the love in the Spirit even towards Your enemies which reach beyond the veil. What I am saying is words are not necessary and even cause misinterpretation whereas the Spirit that is coming will "HIT THE MARK" as to the WHOLE intention of the heart that was always misunderstood by the letter. But is excellent in seeing those hiding behind an interpretation from those that know and communicate through Spirit.

When we love in such a manner (reach to the heart through experiencing the Spirit in our lives and in unison with others we see the depths to which the Spirit reaches. Are we willing to experience what the Spirit has to offer in order to learn true love?

The more it is the Spirit that speaks through You, the further within the heart of the beloved You reach.
For if Religion was led to believe it was the man and not the Spirit that is within all things loving through him.

Two I love are against each other

Two loved ones of mine are against each other. A mother and her daughter. One believes "she is right" and the other has done all manner of things against what the other believes is right, but the mother in her own rightness and per her own intentions has judged the daughter. "If You do it to her You have done it to me" because I too have done everything but the "intention of the heart" was not as was judged, and the pressure of that self rightness was a factor driving the daughter to experience these things for herself. Let go of that veil of "what is right" and see her fresh giving passion only to that which You love in Your daughter that You might both start new.

Rightness that is not from the Spirit but rather from interpretation is a veil.
Being right appears to those that have experience at life as being blindand therefore they do not respect them. For the Spirit is not about "who is right" but about joining those separated by misunderstanding. When we have a misunderstanding both that stay and fight are equally mistaken and must look within themselves to see why they have drawn this misunderstanding into their lives.

Veil Poem

Like the Indians that could not see Columbus's ships because such as "ships" were not yet in their belief system, so it is with those that believe they are right. Their cup appears full and complete and there is not room for the truth.