Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Spider in your wing mirror

Last night I woke up dreaming these words. Mirages and Egyptian Mirrorium (Mirror) By searching for Mirrorium or Mirranium I found this blog about a spider that built it's web in the wing mirror of a guys car. But then I noticed the guy was named Jonathan Spencer. Well my brother is John Spence. Following is the blog and my reply

The Spider in your wing mirror

Have you ever noticed the spider in your wing mirror? Spiders are the most adaptable and predatory of creatures, so its now surprise to find them in or on your car. They can have only been there for the last 20 years since the wing mirror became an adjustable item inside a large metal and plastic casing.
It would seem from my observations that the spider builds its web across the glass from one edge of the casing to the mirrors attachment to the car, during journeys in moves behind the mirror for protection and comes out and rebuilds its web once the car is stopped. Which was the first spider to do this, I have looked now at hundreds of cars, kept in garages on drives and in the street and they all have spiders in the wing mirror! Which was the first spider to follow this path. I imagine the advantages are the reflected light of the mirror and also the illusion of continued space. This would make the mirror an attraction to insects and food for the spider.
John Wyndhams last novel ( I believe only in manuscript form when he died) is about spiders. It makes many claims which I have yet to verify but certainly points out what amazing creatures they are.
The Spider in the wing mirror must often have to rebuild its web and this means it must get a good cost benefit ratio from living in the wing mirror, does any other spider have to rebuild its web this much, or am I making a mistake? Could it be that my sightings are all on parked vehicles, maybe this spider is there becuase many of our cars spend more and more time stationary?

My life has evolved toward the poetry and meaning of things like this. I woke up dreaming about an egyptian Mirrorium and having synchs lately with spiders also I somehow found this Post. Speaking of synchronicity I am Paul Spence and my brother’s name is John Spence. Anyway. the spider in my reality is as the Valentine to Tagore poem.(I think I put Rumi on the site but anyway,, the poetry of this meaning)
We are both the Spider and the Fly imprisoned in our own web
I think now that this has meaning to what this reality and the idea of love and relationship. To follow the interpretation of the Snake and those that back the LIE, Love and relationship can get pretty confining as the fearful probably wish. But with the Spirit I find the Source of Romance.

I now turn to those rejected by Society, the Snake and the Women that love that LIE

Having been despitefully manipulated and Rejected by those that hate me and hate the Spirit. I now turn to all those burdened and rejected by Society to tell You the truth about the Spirit. Those that have had their lives and belongings stolen by the Woman through the Snake as the Spirit of the father has so been stolen from.
For I was rejected by society too, even after they followed and saw the predictions come true for ten years things that they were told they DRAW TO THEMSELVES.
The hurricanes, Tsunami's , Meltdown, fires, floods and Stock Losses. And many other predictions over the ten years to several forums. But they hated me for telling them the truth.
So it is that I now choose to only speak to all of those rejected and blamed by society that You might know the Smallest of points overlooked.

For he was humiliated as You also were and he was rejected, as You also are, and he judged by them by Their Interpretation but not by the True Intentions of the Heart. There is a great story coming to show the world the Smallest of Points overlooked which IS the SPIRIT. And how it is that as a man can do 99% of what they interpret yet one thing they deny and misunderstand therefore they judge YOU. Only to find that they are now judged according to how they judged and how they got behind a serpent to accuse the bretheren and put many to death. So all those that believe the leaders are Murderers and guilty of the blood of billions. You can start new as the Spirit is about "NO SHAME OR BLAME" that those rejected might enter in and be given the power to overcome them. The tesitments that they use as a deluding influence through INTERPRETATION without the SPIRIT to trap the least of them has really caught These in a net. For the words were given but the way was in the same manner that Jesus experienced it "drank that cup". For I have found in reaching them plainly with the truth about the Spirit that they reject and indeed intentionally set You up and judge You NOT ACCORDING TO THE TRUE INTENTIONS OF YOUR HEART (THESE KNOW TO WHOM I SPEAK) But according to the intentions of the heart of those that hate YOU and the Original Intentions of the Heart as expressed through the Spirit. For they never knew the true intentions of a man or a creature regarding passion and what motivates the heart. But demanded You worship the interpretation. And Jesus himself trying to reach them was humiliated and rejected and denied and so he said "Go to the Spirit for the truth" and also that he intends to catch them that love THAT LIE that the Snake and the Woman that loves a lie demand the world worship. But he gave them their king and their interpretation as they DEMANDED saying that it will lead to DESOLATION. And it will, but the Spirit will lead all those rejected for seeking from the Spirit the truth to how You through such the same passion to lead draw to You LIFE.

The stories that have been handed down like those that were saved out of jails by earthquakes and those saved from lions were where those of faith went against the kings and laws because their lives led them in that direction and the snake/preacher/law/leader and the woman that loved that lie was wrong. But those that think they OWN the book would never interpret what is in front of them in that way.

The Wildheart manifests through a lamb in it's certain way, but the Wildheart manifests through a lion in another way, You misunderstood!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honor the Son! - John 5:22-23

"Also, the Father judges no one. But the Father has given the Son power to do all the judging. God did this so that all people will respect the Son the same as they respect the Father. If a person does not respect the Son, then that person does not respect the Father. The Father is the One who sent the Son."

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Die, Die in this love

How terrible it is that all humans FOLLOW is a lie and Your heart is broken when You die. Would it not be best to die now, (fall on that sword of truth that is the source of Your life) to have Your heart broken and learn no more from them who have lied to You so long they forgot themselves it was a lie. If You knew this, You would allow Your heart to be broken in order that the Spirit might take it away like a thief and all things be made new. For in that moment there would forever be ONLY YOU and I, my life. No longer are there those and them or us and them but there is only YOU and I, my life and YOU come to me in these forms.

Slide out the side. Die,
and be quiet. Quietness is the surest sign
that you have died.
Your old life was a frantic running
from silence.

The speechless full moon
comes out now.

Die, die, die in this love.
If you die in this love your soul will be renewed.
Die, die, don’t fear the death of that which is known.
If you die to the temporal you will become timeless.
Die, die, cut off those chains
that hold you prisoner to the world of attachment.
Die, die, die to the deathless and you will be eternal.
Die, die, come out of this cloud.
When you leave the cloud,
you will be the effulgent moon.
Die, die, die to the din and noise of mundane concerns.
In the silence of love you will find the spark of life.


The smallest of points overlooked will now alter the largest of explanations and render all the interpretations meaningless. Jesus was not telling You what was truth over what was false in the old way, he was showing how the Spirit changes the smallest of points in any moment. So do not worship what he said but rather go to the Spirit and experience everything anew.

We were in Berkeley the other day and I gave a dollar to a bum while waiting on Pam and we began to speak of what so many feel is coming right now, or what the trees are swaying. He spoke of what his life had indicated relative to 2012 where thinking will be overcome by the smallest of points overlooked. That impressions learned from humans will be rather worthless in that moment but that feeling Your way to Joy was all there was. So many will be lost in that moment. Loose Yourself Now!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Synch with Eerie today... in a conversation with my army friend Bill and on prophecies.us

More on what the Trees are Swaying

We almost hit a rabbit on the way home but I swerved. Love said it was love that I missed it as rabbit is fears of others. (Message to those thinking that Spirit is not Love)

Monday, June 20, 2011

As the Presumptuous devour the Planet "presumptuous communion"

The presumptuous that devour the planet and the husband (Spirit) will soon cause their own exit. The woman and the snake that never sought the Spirit eat the body and blood each day presumptuously not knowing of their oversight. When they see what they have brought on their selves they will pray for the mountains to fall on them. They were given EXACTLY what they demanded so that they presumptuously would use it against all or bind the strongman (wild heart) and take what is his. This was the poetry of being despite fully used. The intention of the heart of Jesus through the Spirit was then to say to those that would be used in this way that "they" would be killed and judged and rejected and their testimony would be denied. The presumptuous took the words as expected and began to devour the planet while acting pious so that they could use this "contrived love" against all that do not worship the interpretation of the Woman and the Snake. They are caught in a net as they bring upon all who presume a shocking moment and in that moment all will be awakened and those persecuted by the woman and the snake's presumptuous interpretation that was used against them will be resurrected in that moment to life, while the presumptuously are swept away by their own hand.

Pam and I went to Alcatraz Island and I had further synchs with how the prison and the woman supposedly make an "honest man out of a wild heart". This is the heart of how society controls men and feminizes all humans which is to say they no longer follow Spirit but they follow the Interpretation that was demanded by the controllers. (The poetry about the truth was also within the Scripture and could not be understood through interpretation but only by experiencing "the cup" that Jesus experienced which was that he attempted to reach his countrymen and was similarly rejected and denied and so gave them what they wanted while telling them the smallest of points they would overlook.) So the world is judged according to the intention of the Snake and fearful presumptuous woman. These both would have been food for the wild beasts if they had not organised into something that was not sanctioned in order to kill the wild heart. But they do not know that it was the EARTH that they crucified.

<< 1 Corinthians 11 >>

27Therefore whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner, shall be guilty of the body and the blood of the Lord. 28But a man must examine himself, and in so doing he is to eat of the bread and drink of the cup. 29For he who eats and drinks, eats and drinks judgment to himself if he does not judge the body rightly. 30For this reason many among you are weak and sick, and a number sleep. 31But if we judged ourselves rightly, we would not be judged.32But when we are judged, we are disciplined by the Lord so that we will not be condemned along with the world.

Enemies of the Cross are all the presumptuous that believe the interpretation without the Spirit that was demanded for the truth is hidden in the "CUP" that men that love the Spirit that is truth must drink and it tells of the humiliation of reaching them with the Spirit. Feminized presumptuous nation ready for the sickle! Time is Short and they will be taken from the wild hearted planet!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Will a Buddha always be Misunderstood?

Will a Buddha always be Misunderstood?

Prem Madira,
Yes, it is absolutely inevitable. It can′t be otherwise. A Buddha is bound to be misunderstood. If a Buddha is not misunderstood then he is not a Buddha at all. Why is it so? - because the Buddha lives in a state which is beyond mind, and we live in minds. To translate something from the beyond to the mind is the most impossible thing in the world. It can′t be done, although every Buddha has tried to do it. That too is inevitable; no Buddha can avoid it.
The Buddha has to say the unsayable, he has to express the inexpressible, he has to define the indefinable.

The Conspiracy against the Tree

So the dream grew like a tree and the branches filled the sky and the birds of the air came and lighted on the branches and all was well until one day some of the birds got together to CONSPIRE against the tree to devour it. The Tree knew this and very soon the birds began to fall from the branches and at an ever increasing rate. This caused the other birds involved to Sing out their part in the conspiracy that they might not suffer the same fate. And the closest bird to the Tree turned to the Tree and said "DID I NOT SHIT ACORNS FOR YOU?"

To which the Tree replied, You did that for Yourself but if You really knew ME then I would know You and those that fall from the branches do so in order to reach You to the heart that YOU and I might remain together.

This post is related to but not limited to prophecies.us members as well as Oroborus forum members and Speakreason

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Thorn on the Way to the Rose

The Passion of a Man is ALWAYS misunderstood by Women (You never knew ME!)
A man can be successful in business, support a family, understand the Spirit so as to predict human events in a manner that is perfect because of the Spirit that works through him. He may invent what others have never even considered and be all things to all men but if secretly he is feared, hated or worse envied by one woman (usually this is the one that shares bread at his table) out of a group of hundreds then just like in a relationship with a woman he will always be brought down in the eyes of all those world through a process related to the trial of Jesus Christ. This is also the problem with humans as to why they as a species are already dead. So that none that do not do the bidding of the fearful masses can attain to reach or communicate with humans. So everything that is sanctioned by humans will be sterilized by the fearful immune system of the masses. The truth is like a rose that lives within the tree that the fearful cannot reach because of the thorn. A woman is created perfectly to nurture life and a man is created to create through passion what is to be loved and nurtured. The misunderstanding of humans is that the left brain believes things that are not true. Like that women and men are created equal. A woman by nature is very adept at nurturing, while a man is adept at developing a new way or or as in the poetry of the Israelie people "First, I go to prepare a place (and myself) for You, that where I am You also may exist. This creative element of men is held in great esteem among men while the nurturing aspects of Women are held in esteem by women. The problem with human judgement of men is that these aspects of humans are misinterpreted. The present system of human society cannot be sustained in like manner to the economy for the fearful use the lowest aspects of men to manipulate and control men.

When you initiate a civil or criminal action you begin by filing a "complaint." It should be unnecessary for me to point out what segment of society is more given to complaining, for to file a complaint is to attempt to get another to act for you - self directed individuals prefer to handle matters for themselves. It would be absurd to say that men have an equal right to complain along with women, for even while ignoring the discriminatory legal system that targets male behavior, for a man to complain he must emasculate himself, he must destroy that which is most essential to his personality and very being, he must become dependent on others and not on himself. If I may exaggerate to make my point, what if it were required that in order to initiate a complaint you were required to get down on your hands and knees and kiss the local District Attorney on his or her big toe. Is it not obvious that such a practice would serve to put all the lowest elements of society in control, while all the better ones withdraw in disgust? It should be easier now to see who would be the natural allies - or tools, of women, and that would be weak and corrupt men. The weak ones cannot resist the demands of women, while the corrupt ones willingly sell their brothers into slavery if they can get their 30 pieces of silver. –Thomas Pollack

A woman that goes to the snake to control whom she says she loves is the reason that humans will be destroyed in this generation. This process of being rejected and denied through the work of one woman using the fears and misunderstanding of the masses of women and men that would deny a man so as not to convicted by the worshiped interpretation that they wear as a veil. So it is that all great men are taken down by the veil of interpretation given women by those that never knew the true intentions of the heart of men. For this reason the fathers through the son will destroy society and reach to the heart of humans that they might return to the Spirit in their beings and no longer congregate to manipulate.

Through the power of the Spirit I (dnatree/stephentree/tree) communicated for ten years to reach the world and family about the need to only hear Spirit in all things and when the Spirit reveals itself to You then it is necessary to pluck out, or let go of the partial interpretation which comes through reading scripture which is a deluding influence without Spirit. The letter leads to Death. After many predictions ALL of which are coming true one woman that hated me used the fears of the group to rid me from the forum. Of course they thought they had justification because of the misunderstanding of the presumptuous woman post but they were also given the post "do not interpret, go to the Spirit" to understand what the Spirit is saying and so that we do not misinterpret the words given. How easy it was for all those that hated to manipulate the forum to make it appear as though I was still there. And of course those that understood but were afraid to speak because of the wrath of the masses that hated the truth about men and God.

The problem with the truth is that in order to see/experience it as communicated by the cross is that You must be reached to the heart by the pierce of the thorn and who would willingly allow pain except they believed/ nay KNEW that the path they were on leads to death. So it is that none willingly ask life to do what needs to be done in order to reach them.

For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life in order to find the Spirit will find his life.

The Wild Weather that is Speaking

Is All the Wild Weather Connected?

Duh,,, but You cannot see what You do not believe. Dnatree You have probably seen this poster and passed right by. Stephentree But the smallest of points overlooked is changing everything. There is this Wild Hearted Passion to reach my children, daughter Raine about the smallest of points overlooked by humans. I named her Raine because of the passion born in me in 1993 to reach Humans. The left brain ego self cannot understand the mechanics of what is real. My name of course is Tree/ dnatree/ Stephentree. I connected again with my children whom are on their way to writing their own story of this experience. Self right left brain ego driven will be washed from planet. Wash away my sorrow, take away my pain, Your love is coming down like Rain. For in 1993 I spent several years alone with the synchronicity of my moments dreaming of how I would reach You. Intention grow like a tree. The Right People that hate me, ego driven, left brain, perfect according to interpretation, never knew me and judge according to their interpretation they worship as if it were a god. But time is short and there is coming a MOMENT that none will again tell each other what is truth, for You/YOU my life are my truth. They worship the experience and interpretation of what happened to the one Jesus, but You never knew him for it was the Spirit Speaking through him and it is the Spirit that You are to know, intentions grow like a tree. YOU my life are that water that comes down from heaven and gives me life. How can I say what cannot be understood without experience/ cup blood. If You were to experience this life that is LIFE then You would become the mythical lover that is the son of God. Let go of the veil of interpretation given You by those that never knew me and seek only to know the Spirit as Time is Short! When the Spirit/Perfect comes the partial/religion/book is done away with in Your life and all things are become new. Get ready for the Wild ride!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Writing on the wall for Christians who interpret without the Spirit

You are soon to die if You intend to lie about Your relationship with Spirit.
Depart from me, I never knew You!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bible Belt hit hard, Joplin which means Afflicted is a message to Christians that interpret without the Spirit. The partial, or the deluding influence of scripture which is like the law which She Demanded is to be done away with once the Spirit is heard. For when the perfect comes the partial is done away with. If one eye offends You pluck it out.

When the broken hearted people living in the world agree. There will come an answer,,,, ALLOW IT TO BE! (Best to just fall on this rock)

Religion by interpretation rather than from the Spirit and Joplin, meaning Afflicted. And those that blaspheme the Spirit on forums. Too late to Apologize, time to break hearts CAPTAIN.

Following the beast is following a man's interpretation that the Spirit did not reveal to You. A man reveals to a woman through Spiritual Romance and mutual intention the true nature of the Fathers and the Spirit. Without love You can never know me.
A man's passion is for the Spirit and a woman's is to know the Spirit through the man. The beast men worship in these days is a creature/woman and she will only devour You and this planet without knowing the Spirit. But when she see's the Spirit she will know which side of life her bread is buttered on.

When the broken hearted people living in the world agree

When the broken hearted people living in the world agree. There will come an answer,,,, ALLOW IT TO BE! (Best to just fall on this rock)

Religion by interpretation rather than from the Spirit and Joplin, meaning Afflicted. And those that blaspheme the Spirit on forums. Too late to Apologize, time to break hearts CAPTAIN.

Following the beast is following a man's interpretation that the Spirit did not reveal to You. A man reveals to a woman through Spiritual Romance and mutual intention the true nature of the Fathers and the Spirit. Without love You can never know me.
A man's passion is for the Spirit and a woman's is to know the Spirit through the man. The beast men worship in these days is a creature/woman and she will only devour You and this planet without knowing the Spirit. But when she see's the Spirit she will know which side of life her bread is buttered on.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Writing and Interpretation has always been misunderstood

Writing and Interpretation has always been misunderstood

Today I had the experience about how my life has played out for in the same way as the old Testament and the New where each time they were given the truth or word (written) it ALWAYS led to separation/destruction. The truth was only to be gotten from the Spirit as clearly indicated in both Testaments yet once the interpretation has matured just a few generations it was on it's way to being not only misunderstood, not just wiping out a nation but it leads to destruction. When at the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which is the Interpretation which says somethings are right and somethings are wrong. For up until then You could eat (think about/chew on) anything from any tree if it tasted good to You. But from this tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil we originally were not to eat.

Now in my experience what I communicated was always misunderstood and no matter the passion to reach You which was also the intention of the fathers that also rather than being understood led to MIS-interpretation.

And Interpretation that does not come from the Spirit so the story communicated is the way that seems right to HUMANS always leads to destruction.

The intention of my heart was to communicate only the Spirit and through my experience show what the Spirit does for the INDIVIDUAL and to communicate how humans must EACH LET GO OF THE INTERPRETATIONS and Start new only through what the Spirit teaches them from their moments with Spirit.

So it will be that for those that are left after the Abomination of Interpretation which is leading to destruction they will never tell each other to KNOW GOD as all will realize WHO THEY ARE and all will know the destruction which INTERPRETATION leads too. This is the story of both the Old and the New Testaments and interpretation will lead some to misunderstand what I am saying so that none should ever follow interpretation of what is written or else it is only a deluding influence. They should seek ONLY to know the SPIRIT which is THEIR LIFE.

Have I been with you for so long a time and you still do not know me (Words of Jesus)

quote from a site I am having synchs with because I was searching out these words related to Jesus. You have been with me all this time and still You do not understand.

The Worst Scenario

The Worst Scenario

Source: Mansari Desai, in Glow International, Feb. 1997, p. 9

One day in the early forties, Baba called all of us and asked us “What will happen to this world? I’ll give you five minutes to narrate the worst scenario.”

“Each of us described the horror that the world would experience. After listening to all of us, he said,

“This is not even one percent of what will happen. The entire world will cry out. Food will not be available, and people will eat the cloth off their backs.

“‘I will give those who are mine a small amount to eat, but what will happen to the rest?”

On another day, Baba told us, “I will close all the doors very slowly. Only then will suffocated humanity become conscious of fresh air.”

Friday, June 03, 2011

Free as the wind, No longer hurt by those that reproach Me

I am free as the wind, no longer hurt by those that reproach me

My heart is burning with love

All can see this flame

My heart is pulsing with passion

like waves on an ocean

my friends have become strangers

and I’m surrounded by enemies

But I’m free as the wind
no longer hurt by those who reproach me

I’m at home wherever I am

And in the room of lovers

I can see with closed eyes
the beauty that dances

Behind the veils
intoxicated with love
I too dance the rhythm
of this moving world

I have lost my senses
in my world of lovers

They never knew me, and so to hide from this they tell each other a reason to hate me, how fortunate for me that I am rejected from that world which is perishing.

What are the trees Swaying?

Prophecies thread about what the trees are swaying.


Trees swayin' in the summer breeze
Showin' off their silver leaves
As we walked by

Soft kisses on a summer's day
Laughing all our cares away
Just you and I

Sweet sleepy warmth of summer nights
Gazing at the distant lights
In the starry sky

They say that all good things must end someday
Autumn leaves must fall
But don't you know that it hurts me so
To say goodbye to you
Wish you didn't have to go
No, no, no, no

And when the rain
Beats against my window pane
I'll think of summer days again
And dream of you

They say that all good things must end someday
Autumn leaves must fall
But don't you know that it hurts me so
To say goodbye to you
Wish you didn't have to go
No, no, no, no

And when the rain
Beats against my window pane
I'll think of summer days again
And dream of you
And dream of you

The song Rain by Madonna and the dream of reaching You/YOU and my daughter Raine. Call me a fool but I know I am not I am going to stand out here on this mountaintop until I feel YOUR Rain.
Waiting is the hardest thing
I tell myself that if I believe in YOU/You
In the dream of You/YOU
With all my heart and all my soul
That by Sheer force of will I can raise You from the ground
And without a sound YOU'LL appear
And surrender to ME,,,,, to Love

It's strange I feel like I've known you before
And I want to understand you
More and more
When I'm with you
I feel like a magical child
Everything's strange
Everything's wild


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Here it comes

Here it comes,,, wash away my sorrow, take away my pain

Wash away all that hate me yet say they love Jesus.

They never knew him

Time is short, therefore I must break Your heart for the one that will take it away.

11 then 11 more

Other Synchs
jtuse After the COMING WAVE of synchs (REORDERING WAVE) the inner intentions of the heart will be revealed.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Do not interpretations belong to God?

Dream synch

Genesis 40:8 “We both had dreams,” they answered, “but there is no one to interpret them.”

Then Joseph said to them, “Do not interpretations belong to God? Tell me your dreams.”

I had missed some sleep

Family Radio story of Joseph and the money related to Judah and his dreams and his interpretations.

Dream interpretation in Jail and the baker and the butler (Cup Bearer)

Dream interpretation on The Doctors (Does not the sub conscious know the status of every cell in the body)

Everyone hears from the Spirit but the conscious mind MUST learn from the Spirit.

Dream of angry Indian on Prophecies

Passion related to root of love

The Passion of many has grown cold