This was in response to a thread on Proph about Elenin and I feel it is one of the most important changes that these forums are undergoing.

Eli who? (click links)
If it is a sign in the sky I would imagine we all would have been able to SEE it and we would have had synchs that were connected within the vine. Now after the fact like the presumptuous thread that caused so much ummmmm presumption (Sorry to have gotten your dander up, well not so sorry *We have to laugh at ourselves * as we learn to recognize even to the fragrance) I feel that the actual Hammer of God is related to exactly this hype and presumption. But like Katia (she was pure hype) I don't feel that on a greater level that that thing was given much energy by the body of the Spirit on the earth. The Shepard leads the flock to GREEN pastures and the sheep KNOW HIM (the SPIRIT, not a person) even to the fragrance.

Swarm Theory, by Peter Miller, talks about how some animals, as individuals, aren't smart, but as a group or a swarm, they can do amazing things. The above is a flock of starlings that can change shapes even though no single bird is the leader.
I would really like some feedback and participation in this.