Friday, June 29, 2012

Romance with Spirit at Edison Plant 4 in Bishop

Life is a passion play to REACH YOU!
Pam and I found a new place in Bishop to dream and enjoy the beauty and synchs
and in this place all the synchs of late coalised to say what I am experiencing
We found this wonderland to dream and rest

Here is a video about life itself being SHE
She is life, she nurtures, she came out from me
as the synchs came to humans so the dream grew like a tree










Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mount Tom, Rainbow Bridge and Lake Flaco

Saturday, June 23, 2012

each time I think about how YOU/SPIRIT conquered death

Perfect Luna, 

Purging the mind of all beliefs such as karma and sin and death and turning the attention to SPIRIT "LOVE" and the GRACE in "this moment" eliminated the need for karma/sin, for no longer is it me living this life but YOU living/LOVING through me and YOU do not punish and this LOVE has no room for condemnation as why would I ever condemn myself and therefore You also for when the veil of this flesh is lifted YOU and I are really one. The only reason for creating the illusion (Oh, no the sky is falling)is to reach You to the heart. Once the arrow reaches the target we are dead to all karma and sin and alive to YOU/SPIRIT only. Starting fresh each moment until there is only YOU and I. 

 In the Spring Time of romance the two lovers cannot see anything wrong with the other so it is eternally with SPIRIT.  

My Burning Heart 
Me sitting next to my brother best Man at his wedding (I love seeing You happy, congrats on your daughter Luna) 
My Toast that came to me in seven seconds before I learned I was to toast them. To my brother John and his Lovely Bride Maria 
Whose LOVE and PASSION for Family, WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!! 

Deepak Chopra: My Burning Heart Poem By Rumi 

Tears still come to my eyes each time I think about how YOU/SPIRIT conquered death and separation sin and karma in my life. Through my broken heart YOU came!

Sunday, June 17, 2012


I am posting from the PeachTree Center in Atlanta looking up through a glass ceiling I can see tall buildings. I took a pic but will have to post that later..LOL

I was writing on the plane this morning. 

Water to Wine
Words of SPIRIT changed to Experience
In Relationship
Included in this story is also the experience of two loved ones namely my mother and myself gaining mutual respect through a powerful storm that passed between us. Like the storm that caused so many on the forums to COLLIDE with SPIRIT, a similar experience occurred that revealed mutual respect between us and changed our relationship in a fundamental way. I will not go into it here but suffice it to say truth is a two edged sword that reveals in both parties how the other requires respect. Like my experiences that seem so strange and foreign to many (especially those that require simple instructions and are looking for someone to lead them ) Such experiences that act as layers that can be referred to later in life are not readily accepted. Such an experience occurred that reached my mother deeply and is causing her to deal with her views about my “synchs” and I also am being asked to work on delivery so that what I am saying is not so offending. I imagine a lot of folks on the forums also having the same issues with the synchs. Let me just say this, the experience of late has revealed that if the two parties do not have love for each other then no progress will probably be made. It also needs to be remembered that I am not doing this to reveal I am right and others are wrong but to show why when that moment comes that all find they are presumptuous, and it WILL COME, that each will see that my intentions were to help you see what was meant by the fact that there is nothing that can be learned that will help SAVE you from what You misunderstand for learning is not going to help in the moment the Smallest of points overlooked is revealed. Only experience with SPIRIT will help You recognize what is needed in THAT MOMENT. Because You cannot learn what is not available in “knowledge” for when things change. You can only be ready by being used to getting your truth for this moment from the SPIRIT and doing it in each moment. If you were to go out on a limb to experience the kind of thing that is necessary to develop “trust” that all the LEARNING can never create in You.

So marriage brings two very different realities together and love through the SPIRIT is meant to integrate them. But who can marry whom never first married the SPIRIT and integrated first through love with the SPIRIT.

Even when those that collide with the SPIRIT and even come to know that they have overlooked so much and been presumptuous, even these would deny the SPIRIT again and again and again and again………………………….. For You have no idea what I is being said here even yet. For the path to integrating with the SPIRIT is beyond anything You can interpret and it not even able to be taught by words but only by experience with SPIRIT through love. To think You will even begin by saying OK, I accept that this was really what Jesus meant by “all will deny me” is presumption still! Consider how EVERY SINGLE PERSON would have denied me too when I spoke of the presumption of humans and especially those that believe they know the heart of man that this was what was meant at the time Jesus was arrested and misunderstood and all like in this case would want to distance themselves from the one they really never knew anyway and they would all believe they know yet whom would trust SPIRIT as through Jesus. So it is that such a great grace is present in our total and complete misunderstanding. If I were to begin to say what is really the truth even to those believing they see humans are presumptuous because of how the SPIRIT spoke through Hurricane Irene I tell You even the most accepting of these would deny me again and again and again even to the point that they would kill me also IF I WAS TO SAY THE TRUTH ABOUT WHAT HUMANS ARE REALLY PRESUMPTUOUS ABOUT. So, You will not learn from even me, but only through first learning trust of SPIRIT and then the broken heart of an experience that a man would have should he follow his heart completely.

Furthermore, consider also that the fact that Jesus did not say a person such as he would appear to be would not come first but a person rather that seemed lawless and a person that all would say was as a beast. A person Jesus KNEW all would deny him also because what YOU/JESUS appeared to be as he spoke only what the SPIRIT spoke through him would make him appear the way “THEY” expected the son of GOD to appear. (seeing they will not see, hearing they will not hear, otherwise they would destroy the message) But what Jesus was really saying was a person would come that would be really as I am and really You NEVER KNEW ME.

So even though one might see the synchs and hear these words what it really is that reveals why all would deny Me/Them also if they were to experience the truth as through SPIRIT and say what it really is, yes “THEY” would once again Kill HIM. So it is that the synch reveals ALL DENIED ME and then the storm proved them all wrong. ALL interpretations are a lie as they did not come from the SPIRIT and the truth is the opposite direction from all who interpret. This was the reason why truth cannot be taught through interpretation and words, but only through SPIRIT and only to the INDIVIDUAL and not to the group as through a teacher. Therefore Jesus said “The SPIRIT will lead you into all truth.” Or else we all would say, no the truth is what Jesus said and the church interprets.

Yes, my family has changed so much and the love and passion are so great among all of us. But if one of us were to learn the truth and put it into words and tell the others STILL THE OTHERS WOULD DENY THEM. This is how far from understanding all humans are and why the ones that have been blamed and killed on this planet are considered sacrifice enough and that when You also find the truth through the SPIRIT it WILL BREAK YOUR HEART, and You will not be able to get them to UNDERSTAND VIA INTERPRETATION OR ANY OTHER MANNER THAT TO REFER THEM TO THE SPIRIT. And You too will see that ALL INTERPRETATION is anti-CHRIST/the opposite direction from the real meaning. Or the beast and the lie are at their height already even among the greatest according to interpretation.


Friday, June 15, 2012

The Tree and it's Branches

Hidden in Plain View is the the tree in the stories of the SPIRIT/God of Israel
Like the fact of the TREE that is gradually taking on "this" form.
"A Branch shall come out of Judah"

Like a tree I gradually took on this form
Like an empty canvas the painter waited for the SPIRIT to move
Dabbing where the SPIRIT moved
Until the painting takes form
I do not know where this is heading

Here is a PM to a friend on another forum that was asking about plants thinking

Hello again my friend

I am having a wonderful synch with branches of a tree and how each day is like a branch growing. How if You see this life as a single line and each day is a line off of that line/vine. Again in the starting new each day that it is like a child being born new. And if we start this child in a way/synch that is true he will/the day will not depart from it. A branch will come out of Judah. Love is like my own/family and attention to "Her" keeps her in my pie. (this is not attention to the woman directly, but love for "my own" and that love directed first through YOU/SPIRIT) I do not look at the person but to the SPIRIT who is able to keep "Her" in my pie. (attention to the woman/spouse directly led to separation) Attention/worship keeps her/YOU/them/loved ones ever near to me. YOU/SPIRIT as the Cream BOX where my treasure lies, learned from the poetry of loving her/woman. (See dreambox) It is ok, for tomorrow I am again born new, a new branch will grow from the tree. Hidden is the tree as to why a branch will come out of Judah/family/tree. Each day a new child, bring him up in a way that is right and he will not depart from it. I saw each day of the one life as the branches. The poetry of the vine and the branches being the SPIRIT as who spoke through Jesus/not Jesus as religion interprets and that YOU/SPIRIT are MY LIFE. To be born again is not once but every moment as also I die daily.

So it is with the growing tree of synchs, (and the miracle of the leaves that are made from YOUR light) for many years each branch began to grow and then branched itself from each bough. Like a tree I gradually took on this form. 

Just wanted to share
Love, Your friend P. Steven Spence

PSS Romantic Love is not very detailed in the Old Scriptures because the first Love was SPIRIT and true love is loving them by loving the SPIRIT as YOU direct that love. Contrived love only leads to separation. True love is of the heart and SPIRIT as true worship is to worship in SPIRIT and truth. The beast/creature/woman/man demands you worship them but 
Love them by loving the SPIRIT!

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Those Who Went Before Us and the Message to My Grandson

  1. Those Who Went Before Us and the Message to My Grandson

    As my experience grows with the SPIRIT and those who went before us I have many experiences that I will post here related to them. When I first came to California in 2001 to begin the project with the coming storms and how I would reach You I went to Sedona with Pam and we had a synch about Those who went before us. This is also reflected in the lighthouse synch with my Grandson. I will be posting audio from the adventure where Pam and I had synchs with the pillars placed along the path leading to understand those who went before us. All interpretation without the SPIRIT is the lie that the whole world has followed after. I will try to turn the audio tapes to mp3's so that I can post them here. I also have audio tapes from as far back as 1989 radio programs I did related to everything that has happened in the last ten years that I will try to make available.

    The Grandfather’s experience joins him in the SPIRIT to his Grandson

    The Lighthouse Click link for Lighthouse synch

    Immediately I knew that It was related to the SPIRIT’s intention for the poetry in the meaning of the lighthouse. As we had been tossed on rough seas and had sought safe harbor in this place. Another picture was in the case with the lighthouse which was the ELK and Spirit of the father as inmy pic.
    The true intention of the heart of the fathers who went before us as communicated through the synchronicity
    With my grandson reflecting what the fathers before us experienced with the SPIRIT and desired to tell
    Their loved ones.
    I went back to tell Pam the synch I was having and she spoke up before I could tell her saying:

    “My teeth, they ARE as the dream said”

    You taught me that,
    Remember the growing dream and what the SPIRIT said
    It is the SPIRIT the fathers wanted to impress to the Children

    The SPIRIT through Your dream not the interpretation

    As the SPIRIT SHARES with the grandson, the true intention of the heart through the poetry of the lighthouse that he and his grandfather share. The Father to the Son through the SPIRIT. This is the true intentions of the heart that were interpreted out of the simple meaning. For the SPIRIT takes the mutual intentions of the father that harmonize with creation and gives them power to REACH You.

    The Fathers want You to know “it is ALL about the SPIRIT through Your Dream that Unites the father to the son through the SPIRIT and not about the lie derived from the wisdom of man through interpretation and learning.


    I had such a time getting the first letters to my grandsons completed as it always seemed to much for their age. So I write my stories on my blog and just sent these simple letters letting them know how proud I am of their personal accomplishments and my love for our connection. The Stories will always be there for them later.
    YOU and I have been in love so long, to worry about tomorrow

    “If you want to be happy for a year, plant a garden; If you want to be happy for life, plant a tree.”~♥~
    ~English Proverb Through Faith the core intentions of the heart grow like a tree, giving forth fruit in the proper season. Dnatree
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    The Message that “the True intention of the Heart is greater than the Law”.

    The world is so ready to catch each other crossing the line of the letter of the law and to place blame/shame but has no intention to understand the true intention of the heart of the SPIRIT that gave the authority of law. Presumption of Authority without the SPIRIT is a lie. True intention of heart toward SPIRIT will aid in fulfilling the intentions of the law without attention to the letter of the law.

    Not because he who is led by the SPIRIT does not cross the lines set by the interpretations of men (man's law is a manipulation for profit now by those in charge. It is designed to get the most out of workers and create a business atmosphere. It has not nothing to do with the Authority of the Law as given by the SPIRIT)
    But because he believes the SPIRIT and that true intention of heart is greater than those with their attention to the letter of man’s/woman’s interpretations.

    In YOUR LAW SPIRIT do I meditate day and night (The LAW YOU showed me of attraction, reaping and sowing)

    For there is no condemnation “from the SPIRIT” for those led by the SPIRIT

    The enemy teaches that the interpretation about Jesus is the power to keep the law which is opposite from WHAT the SPIRIT is really about, so they teach shame and blame and attention to sin and the law while he in the SPIRIT is only concerned with “something fresh and new from YOU SPIRIT which keeps Your heart focused away from such that leads to lawlessness.

    Like priests that continually have attention to the interpretation/of the law yet this leads to hidden lawlessness/child abuse, so it will be shown that also those hiding behind a badge and a judges robe also with their attention to the law also have this same greater lawlessness that is only overcome through attention to the SPIRIT.

    More and more public servants and cops as well as judges are using the law in a manner that they themselves are crossing the line.
    This is not an excuse to break the law though as "true intention of heart" warrants the love and attention to the SPIRIT that keeps You in a place where there is no law or offense.

    As I spoke with Pam this morning she poured soy milk in tea and it curdled so I looked up that dream symbol and it had to do with this post.
    Milk — (Instinct; Nature; Profits) In a dream, milk represents nature, instinct, or easy and lawful money. (such as a land flowing with milk and honey) However, curdled milk in a dream represents unlawful money
    YOU and I have been in love so long, to worry about tomorrow

    “If you want to be happy for a year, plant a garden; If you want to be happy for life, plant a tree.”~♥~
    ~English Proverb Through Faith the core intentions of the heart grow like a tree, giving forth fruit in the proper season. Dnatree
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    Cherokee Tree wrote
    More and more public servants and cops as well as judges are using the law in a manner that they themselves are crossing the line.
    Timeline of Scandal that started the evening I posted this

    The Secret Service Prostitution Scandal: A Timeline

    Watch as the domino's fall relative to what the SPIRIT is saying in the post.
    YOU and I have been in love so long, to worry about tomorrow

    “If you want to be happy for a year, plant a garden; If you want to be happy for life, plant a tree.”~♥~
    ~English Proverb Through Faith the core intentions of the heart grow like a tree, giving forth fruit in the proper season. Dnatree
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    As I posted yesterday I had read a little of the bio of Lewis Spence and found that he was really writing all about his Grandfather John Dunlap. I went to connect with Bret at the Coffee Shop and began speaking to a Mexican American Lawyer (Daniel) that was there writing his biography. He began talking about how he read Diane Keeten's biography which was not about Diane but about her grandmother which sparked the memory about Lewis the day before. I knew it was a synch and was walking around thinking about it when I came upon a sign and then knew what the SPIRIT was saying to me.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name: gotconf.jpg 
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    Immediately I thought about one of my grandsons that loves Karate and realized what the synch was saying.
    YOU and I have been in love so long, to worry about tomorrow

    “If you want to be happy for a year, plant a garden; If you want to be happy for life, plant a tree.”~♥~
    ~English Proverb Through Faith the core intentions of the heart grow like a tree, giving forth fruit in the proper season. Dnatree
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    Went into a restaurant yesterday and there was a pic of a ship tossed on the sea which I photographed as it reminded me of the pics my mother and father painted in Turkey when I was young. I called Mom and she said "Yes, his was the ship, and mine was the lighthouse on the stormy sea." So the poetry fits here for their Great Grandsons. The picture also contains the spooky lights and the pillars looking like they are holding up the sky from the reflection in the restaurant as posted above about the pillars left behind by those who went before us I was in and a reflection of myself. A lot of poetry for the grandsons in this picture.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I had a dream last night where I found a phone hand set piece with the wires pulled out but You could hear and speak to the SPIRIT through it. Some other highlights of the dream were that world war II was to start next week and that when I was not getting service on my car and others were getting helped ahead of me I handed the phone piece to the lady and got service. 

    Mom then told me her dream about Barack Obama where she was sitting with him at a desk in the White-house and the desk had a big drawer that he had open and he was working on his shoe because it was like a James Bond shoe and she told him she would not tell anyone about the shoe as then he would have to put the secret microfilm in his hair or somewhere else. LOL

    San Sebastian is on TV right now.