Saturday, November 30, 2013

Secretary synch

Secretary synch

Yesterday on Monk was about Monk's assistant being called a secretary and that she did not like that.he called her as Secretary. Today watching Battle For Britain the Secretary of State was spoken of much. Also looked at China's news agency to see their reaction to the US and their air space. Their Air Force is on High Alert. Is the movie Battle for Britain related to the Air Force synchs.

Be sure to give credit to SPIRIT if You repost this.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Everything is changing and so is my reality reflecting that.

Written Wedn. Night 27 Nov.
Everything is changing and so is my reality reflecting that.

Drove to Pismo today Tuesday Nov 26th 2013. Old work going away having to dream up new systems, so I am very happy for this opportunity. Wanted to appreciate my life as the car passed smog (Miracle) and jobs came in also on Monday after not having much for a while.

A day where two experiences proved to be related to what the SPIRIT had for me that day.

Just go and do it
That’s all there is to it
You”ll know what to do when you get there.
I wrote this thinking about to how to fix a problem that I could see no answer for and then I realized that what had happened earlier in the day when I went to smog the car while it appeared it would not pass and then how it did when I got there made me realize that all I need to do is walk closer to where I expect the answer while not knowing the answer and as in so many experiences before it will appear at the moment I need it.

Joan Rivers

Just lighten the fuck up

Sacrificial Turkey

The Jews have their sacrificial lamb but in America we have the sacrificial turkey

The experience on the forums reveals a process that is  used by many people to dance a person into a position where they are what the manipulator wants to paint the person to be. This makes use of the known intention of the person to be good while the person manipulating is leading them on in order to paint a picture and expose the person to appear as they desire. There is no law that can isolate and reveal this without knowing both intentions. But the experience of someone acting as though they love someone and then in a sudden and unexpected change of events the person leading the other on changes direction to where now it LOOKS like the victim is what they intended. But now, with the internet a precise record of intent and what went on reveals what was hidden by the manipulator in previous experiences. He would say that she acted as though she was going down this road only to change it and say it really was another way while now a record showing what really happened. And as she was about to lower the blade and take out her victim, he, with nowhere to turn would be caught in her trap if something did not happen to reverse the effect. Something she could never believe was possible. This only causes her to work even harder to get him off the net all together. The number of threats and manipulations increasing exponentially while also changing names or using others but they leave an important thread that reveals who they are. A complaint about privacy which reveals that they really are the moderator that seems to be uninterested. The fact that everyone believes her account is reflective of why so many men are manipulated by women using this key. The trick uses the inherent trust of women over men or of the government over the individual. The snake and this particular group of women are in bed together using the law against people in a way that none are to even speak off although it is a constant occurrence. Making the number of manipulating criminals using the law as great as the number of those breaking the law. See "The Chaos and Weakness of the law".


Those manipulating to win against the SPIRIT have actually proven the point through this process and the data in the number of times being manipulated after each prediction such as Katrina to Irene to the stock market crash reveal the true intentions of those hiding which doing criminal things to those they use appearances to show as a perpetrator. Money is very high on the list for why and how this method is used to manipulate.

This thread will be updated as the many attacks and manipulations are fitted together to reveal what is hidden.

Monday, November 25, 2013

John the Baptist's head

So the synch today three times with John the Baptist's head came with the fact that the woman that wanted the head because of what he said was also guilty of exactly what he said.


Horse Derby Synch

Horse Derby Synch

The Horse Derby synch began sunday about noon when Pam and I went to the fairgrounds about the smog event that a friend told us about but it turned out to be Dec 1st. We turned around in the WINNERS parking lot. On the way home we stopped at Raley's Grocery for milk and I walked into McDonalds and this guy was there kind of scruffy looking with a horse race book. Later that night we were introduced to the Cal Derby ticket while walking and then this morning we watched Roy Rogers 

The movie on Youtube,,, ends in a horse race that reveals what was hidden

Saturday, November 23, 2013

They would not listen, their not listening still, perhaps they never will... Starry starry night..

This synch started with Huel Howser and the accordion festival the day before
Pam and I went to Lodi Wine Cellars to listen to our friend Jim playing in Mom's Chilli boys

Before we went in we bought chocolates and walked making up a song

When the chili starts to bubble be sure and have a spoon

Then we arrived and Carol Ann set us up with some wine and we  settled in

I began to have this feeling about Carol who is part Chinese and plays cello. I began to feel my own deep haunting sorrow in her manifesting through cello though I have never heard her play. I told her this along with poetry I had written and she loved the idea.

Then Alan came in and sat behind me and told me he was a widower. I felt his loneliness and we had a wonderful time talking about the synchs of that night. Then the Chilli boys began to play Starry Starry night and I could tell it meant a lot to all of us gathered. They also played the accordion which was part of the synch.

This morning while thinking about writing this on tv came these tennis shoes someone painted as Starry Starry night.

I feel this is related to my own 12 year passion to reach You and the rejection

They would not listen, their not listening still, perhaps they never will... Starry starry night..

Here is a related synch from the other day

Thursday, November 21, 2013


My granddaughter Faith just turned one year old this month and my other grandchild Grace is about three?. Together with my other grandchildren Sebastian and Antony that makes four.:)

Bear synchs on propheciesonline

This is a record of the PM that Daniel wanted posted between us but I have left the forum and want to give those effected by all the events of the predictions space.

Our PM's were related to this forum thread but I am not posting. And are related to these posts


Bear synchs related to those coming to the site right now

Any Bear Related News? Any Forum Members in Bear Country?

My apologies, that's very important, and a bit spooky!
My Grandfather died on August 22nd 2011 from Cancer at the same time as Jack Layton NDP Leader of the Canadian Government died from Cancer, and during the months while I was psychically within Dream Visions aware of his impending death before he even knew of it, I would Astral Travel frequently to The City of the Bears, a combination of 2 Areas: 1 was an abandoned post-apocalyptic modern downtown city, where thousands of bears would hibernate during the winter within the larger buildings of the city. 2 was the Rural Farming Area where Bears would go to graze on crops and grasses during summer. When I would travel to the Rural Farming Area before I would go play with the Bears and just hang out with them, a "something" was driving me there inside of a 1969 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser like the one seen in the TV Show "That 70's Show". In the dream there were other people like me in other cars being driven around by other "something's", and I always suspected they were other people like us (Forum Posters, other Prophets and Psychics and Dream Vision Seers) who were along the same track of events, just being guided to different parts of it that were relevant to each as individuals. To me, Bears represent the Earth Element, and I always assumed that they were an Earthquake warning to see so many be so active and around like they were in my dreams, like as if saying "they were disturbed from their hibernations when the loud rumbling from below awoke them".

I know you said that you don't post anymore, but should you wish to post our complete conversation anywhere in the forum I would like for you to do so, because if it does have meaning for the future than I think the both of us should have this be on public record, and it seems like this starts more so with you so the rights are yours to continue on it if you so wish to do so.

I don't know if you've seen my postings in Daniel of Windsor yet, but I'm watching out for North American Earthquakes right now. You had Hurricane Irene, a Tropical Storm. Currently in the Canadian Government there's a Political Storm over scandals in the Conservative Government and in the Senate. Bears in Native American Culture are a leadership animal, in Astrology the Harvest Moon (August 23rd - September 22nd) Brown Bear is ruled by Mudjekeewis, Spirit Keeper of the West as one of the four Powers (Power Animals) who help the Spirit Keepers. It's a very North American spiritual matter that we may have had such moments in our lives that are connected to the land and spirit in such a way, now we just need to better hear and understand what it is that may be being spoken to us?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I told the starry sky to wait for You,

So much been going on
So much is needed now
Listened to Music and let my heart unfold
Emotions from all those broken hearts I have encountered over the past years
I spent the afternoon alone with bird crying, but it was right

I am SPIRIT, I am the Blood

So last night I was using the altar and loosing myself to find freshness and it began with

I am the blood (poetry of the flowing blood of Jesus)
There is no healing/remission without the shedding of blood

at the same time a parallel group of thoughts related to the congestion caused by blocked understanding due to words and misunderstanding.

He said, She said
Fires of Hell
The tongue is ignited by hell

Flow of blood in the body and how the priest washed the implements in the temple with blood

The Priest that washes the implements in the body temple
is like the  CHI that makes the body/Spirit work

Then came heart communication/intention through humility and true intent toward SPIRIT, You cannot enter in with shame or blame in Your heart which is the product of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, right and wrong. But we must reach SPIRIT in order to activate Chi.

The heart works in feeling and directing feeling
Words however are a manipulation of thought that is separate
and characteristic of the mind and the squirrel cage that always overlooks 
the smallest of points
Don't think girl, feel, that is where the power is
Words are like points in the equation
While feeling the layers of heart in sanctuary
is reaching to the height and depth and width
an argument is evidence that the perpetrator has little faith in SPIRIT

So then came the synch this morning in Tai Chi class as to why I added the word Chi to the above

Doral was instructing the Tai Chi class
He said that blocks in the chi leads to block in blood flow
So I wrote on my pad "blood follows the dream or Chi intent
Chronic Chi block leads to blood block

Getting the synch with energy flow leads to directing Chi, which leads to body freshness/healing

Also written last night was
Better understanding through Silence

The candle made an arc on the wall which led my heart to wonder
I was in sanctuary with YOU/SPIRIT, but those that reject and hate SPIRIT would think nothing of interrupting such love making with SPIRIT. Believing their dribble more important. This is the true intent of Delilah, who was Jealous of his (Samson) connection with SPIRIT.
The message of Jesus was that unless She is willing to lay down her life for SPIRIT through Him then there is no marriage.
Attention to SPIRIT is worship, but the world demands You worship their interpretation.  They are to be washed away in Your life and only those brought "in the moment" through SPIRIT are synchronous with the moment. Those that hate SPIRIT want to separate You also from Your life to devour You. These are those that believe that some men are trash, revealing their own self as nothing without LOVE/SPIRIT.

Related posts


The collision of YOU and I on the forums led to many that are really clogged in SPIRIT yet loud in voice to be traumatized, but SPIRIT willing those with true intent will learn from what happens to those hiding without true intent.
It was time to leave the forums though they had wanted me banned for years and tried over and over. Being hated above all men is needed to reach them to the heart, but now for those that are to go on with SPIRIT, "the comforter" would not come except I leave them. They  don't know what the trauma written of in the book really was like as even those that really were close to him also would deny him. Understand what the interpretation could never communicate without SPIRIT.
Pam and I noticed for the first time one of these alarm things sunday and then I ran into this one Tuesday as the rain began. This morning I went out to the creek to see how high it had gotten and it is getting there already. I told Teresa at PCMS about this synch and she said, "I hope it does go off cause we need the rain."

Sunday, November 17, 2013

it is best to step aside and let the SPIRIT say what words cannot communicate.

In response to

Caesar’s Messiah – Jesus A Roman Invention

Reply to many messages left since I last posted. 
When the fires of hell begin to rise through intentionally misunderstanding, (contention) it is best to step aside and let the SPIRIT say what words cannot communicate.
After all, if the SPIRIT is not the one who speaks (through us) then nothing is said anyway.
The right people in religion and the right people on the left will fight with each other over who was right only to find out nobody was right except those that love each other more than they love their point of view. 
It is not who IS RIGHT, but who the SPIRIT makes RIGHT!! The smallest of points overlooked by those that love their interpretation more than they love their neighbor is like a point in an equation overlooked that changes everything and renders all interpretations meaningless. Let us see what the SPIRIT is saying through each other and we will see that we are not enemies.  Often when the SPIRIT speaks through the least of us we deny him all over again and again believing our minds are anything. Allow me to step aside as I sense the fires of hell being kindled through the eternal argument of mental gymnastics which of course always overlooks that smallest of points.  Yall enjoy!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Response to Caesar’s Messiah – Jesus A Roman Invention

Response to Caesar’s Messiah – Jesus A Roman Invention

If an angel was to come down and tell You the real truth about what really happened as to why we ended up with the interpretation then most of You would either kill him or just reject him altogether. The real truth would not make it past most all of You. But if I wanted to reach You with the truth then I believe that I would find out exactly what You want to believe and tell You exactly that and make You believe that You must attain to that. Then I would also through the SPIRIT tell You what the consequences of that would be. This would be the only story that would make it past those that demand You worship their interpretation. Now once You try with Your whole heart to keep that You will then be treated as Jesus described and in creating that CROSS You would then turn only to the SPIRIT for all Your truth and understand the true intentions of the heart of Jesus. Because if You were to say the truth,,,,,, You would be hated above all men for the SPIRIT's sake. Because Jesus said "I do not speak but "THE SPIRIT" speaks through me." Therefore people, it was the SPIRIT saying unless GOD through his SPIRIT builds the house You labor in vain and this is how all who hide behind a veil and never actually "drank this cup" and claim to be good are headed for the greatest humiliation the human race has ever experienced. Is it not obvious that there would be a plan to reveal those hearts of those that would kill Jesus all over again because they never really knew him but cry Jesus, Jesus and condemn everyone for not agreeing with their interpretation that they never got from SPIRIT. They truth is all who say Jesus, Jesus and deny the SPIRIT are those in danger in the coming days. They are liars hiding behind a veil they clothed themselves with. Get ready for the Wild Ride!!   As the SPIRIT lives this is the truth!

Surounded by enemies, I am free as a Bird

These are my notes from last night on the table

Don't You wish it could go on forever! This life
Life is wanting me to dream it
Everything is coming up Roses, (My day seemed to flow and work out the answers to business and life that I had sought lately)
Oh, what a beautiful day YOU and I had,, also Pam and I in synch with life.

I walked and met many people as I walked. I also found two things about a mile apart from each other where it seemed that YOU/SPIRIT had given me something. The Medallion was found on the sidewalk and then a mile further I found the black thing that I strung it on. What a cool experience! Perhaps the synch yesterday did help the Pres.

To remember YOU,,,,NEW! In this day is to create it new again.

This is what I needed.

Been meeting the right people just as I met the right SPIRIT each day after seeing what I had drawn in trying to love and reach humans. To meet in the moment and leave the groups or those that love the veil for a life in the moment and helping people and synergising as the SPIRIT had turned water (understanding) to WINE/EXPERIENCE. I found that freedom of speech is not at all true and that there are those planted with intent to lead you down the garden path. Forsake the dance with snakes and live as the SPIRIT intended.

My Burning Heart (Rumi)

My heart is burning with love

All can see this flame
My heart is pulsing with passion
like waves on an ocean
My friends have become strangers
and I’m surrounded by enemies
But I am free as the wind
no longer hurt by those who reproach me
I’m at home wherever I am
And in the room of lovers
I can see with closed eyes
the beauty that dances
Behind the veils
intoxicated with love
I too dance the rhythm
of this moving world
I have lost my senses
in my world of lovers

Other pics of late

Friday, November 15, 2013

"Men of God are wild, not domesticated.

Posted: Fri Nov 15, 2013 8:40 am 

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A 30-second quiz, "Are You Dateable?" on Christian motivational speaker Justin Lookadoo's website, which is geared toward teens, provided me with some harsh results: "U R not dateable," it concluded. Luckily for me, I'm a grown woman and married, but some kids and parents at Richardson High School, outside Dallas, Texas, are outraged by by this and what they call an anti-girl message that Lookadoo gave to students on Wednesday.
More on Yahoo: 5 Reasons Teenagers Are Fleeing Facebook
Lookadoo, who gives talks at schools and to church youth groups nationally, was invited to speak by the Parent Teacher Association. His website includes separate lists for girls and boys on being dateable. The girls' list offers advice such as "Be mysterious. Dateable girls know how to shut up." Also on the list: "You're a girl. Be proud of all that means. You are soft, you are gentle, you are a woman. Don't try to be a guy." The boys' list says, "Men of God are wild, not domesticated. Dateable guys aren't tamed. They don't live by the rules of the opposite sex."

OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH Shiver me timbers! Sound familiar?

According to the snake and the women that love a lie, men are to be blamed and nothing can be said about women.. But the smallest of points overlooked is they did not get this interpretation from SPIRIT. The presumption that has been used against men from the beginning is played out in "The End of the Presumptuous Woman" and this is NOT about women for Men of SPIRIT know they are the bride that cannot be reached beyond the veil of interpretation given by society. Only the SPIRIT can lift that veil.

Every person was banning me on several forums because of the prediction of "The presumptuous wife/woman/religion" at the moment I was given by the SPIRIT in May of 2011 the prediction of hurricane Irene to begin on my father's death Aug 26th and how it would effect those trying to humiliate a man over speaking for the SPIRIT.
See dnatree blogspot YOU and I collide presumption

Then came the prediction of "Time is Short, therefore I must break Your hearts" but it is love in order to reach You because You will never see the smallest of points overlooked (SPIRIT) that renders all the interpretations we use to condemn men......meaningless!

What I learned from SPIRIT was not how to keep the law (You will take care of that through me as my attention is only on YOU) but how to love Pam and how to find the magic that is mutual intent. I don't care what society believes is right but what the SPIRIT has for Pam and I is all there is now. The trees are swaying goodbye to the rest of this world.

You will be hated above all men for "MY NAMES SAKE" 
Because all that follow the interpretation that did not come from SPIRIT will love that interpretation more than they love their neighbor. The hearts of these will be humiliated when they see the smallest of points they have overlooked and are ashamed. For they have sought (in secret) to shame men their whole life.

The squeeky door that just would not shut the hell up for 12 years.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Prediction for the 14th exact related to Presidential Security

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Trees Swaying wrote:
Hope nothing happens!

Is it the 14th he will be there?

assassination synchs started nov 17 2008

Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2012 7:10 pm Post subject: Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post
If there is anyone reading this related to the Government then You are exhorted to Keep the Pres low this Saturday 17th and even away from his own security people as that was the synch that started this.

Last night JFK was on and I have the nov synch


Oh, and if anyone reads this, watch out for the security people.

Check out what the SPIRIT through this is really saying here and how exact this synch was.

Did they listen?

#NOV. 14 Obama Assassination “Event” Now Trending
2 Secret Service supervisors axed from Obama detail

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

To You all, You know who You are

Listen Up!

And then I told You as MY LIFE had told me
Because You loved me enough to let me break Your heart in order to reach You
That the SPIRIT will pour his love out on You
You will find the purpose and passion to get back on that BULL that is LIFE
And with the LIFE and PASSION of those that went before us, You will learn to stay on that BULL
As the SPIRIT will catch You if You fall
And it will be me (SPIRIT) working through You
Such is the SPIRIT's great love for You, My Daughter

Yea, sure Desolation is Inevitable,, that is the point,, Door to SPIRIT


Far from seeing his work as something to be proudly publicised, Deep Shield sees the existing secrecy as necessary to maintain public calm for as long as possible: "The Earth is dying. Humanity is on the road to extinction.

The smallest of points overlooked. YOU ARE ABLE, MY LIFE!!

This is the point! This is the message that it is the earth that cry's out "father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing".

This is the message which is my life.
In the beginning "I" was called Adam "Which means Earth"
I was alone, and like a dream You came out from me "Eve which means, MY LIFE"

In my loneliness, in my bewilderness, through...... my broken heart You/YOU came. Dnatree

Spirit through Jesus spoke saying "I am the DOOR" so are You after You pass through. Male and female are both Adam, there is no separation.


Don't weep though, the original intention for this life is even at the door
"desolation is assured" dnatree

See all the predictions in the passion to reach You over the past 20 years. Everything was predicted. 

Saturday, November 02, 2013

They meant it for evil, but GOD meant it for GOOD

So only those that know SPIRIT and have sought YOU with their whole heart can know this. The rest should remain veiled until they are called or killed. The wailing of broken hearts is the doorway to GOD.

So after his passion play (after his ordeal, blessed is she who nailed me to this tree) he dreamed her new from what he had learned from what he had created for himself. (His Cross) So that he was able to dream HER (YOU SPIRIT ARE MY LIFE) perfect as was intended. Like Joseph who dreamed his life, that his brothers would recognise the SPIRITthey meant it for evil but GOD meant it for good.
And he saw his dream, I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed (by the SPIRIT) for her husband.

What You suffer means nothing except You suffer to KNOW YOU SPIRIT/MY LIFE.
If we suffer, we shall also reign with him: if we deny him, he also will deny us:

The book promised after the storms has almost written itself.

Right on Schedule, Pierce the Veil, excitement
don't be afraid of a broken heart least of all your own dnatree

If You (we) cannot forgive EACH OTHER 
Then who is going to forgive You when You realise the smallest of points that has been overlooked and You have betrayed Yourself through not forgiving?

That was the story of Jesus and the cross that life would break your heart in order to reach you
SPIRIT says "You knew it from the start I would break your heart" of course we break each other's hearts but the truth is that it is GOD using it perfectly.
The Problem Child 

Hey, You believed it from the start that I would break your heart 
In order to REACH You, 
So why are you so mad about it 

This is the story of both our hearts 
For you see, You and I are one. 

(The Dove on the branch crying) 

The rock that got stuck in my tire 
I think the same thing when I think of You. 
How ironic that both experience the cross from each other 
There is only YOU and I. 

On our wonderful journey this weekend (She and I) had the most 
wonderful experience in Bridgeport related to the Victorian Inn there. 
For you see many years ago I had put the same victorian pictures of the 
"woman" in my home and had watched the movie "Somewhere in time" and I 
had related it to the poem "it's love across time, Get ready for the 
The similarities to this moment and what She and I experienced in that 
room are amazing. All of the passion was "To Reach You". 
Here are my notes from the experience. 

Victory, Victorian Inn Room #7 

Written in picture of Victorian woman "Olympic Event" 
The Inner chamber seemed to be a memorial to the movie "Somewhere in 
Time" Where he finds his love by traveling back in time. 

I had put much energy in the synchronicity of the movie back in 1994. 
in order to Reach You at the perfect moment. 


Story of experience in Bridgeport on Aug 2nd about the EMOTIONAL RIDE. 

I was in the restraunt having wonderful experiences with the owners as 
they too knew of the movie "Somewhere in Time" and I had related my 
passion to reach You. As we spoke and they wrote down the website a 
song came on that I wrote these words down from. 

Tell me "How" to reach your heart, because I have not got a clue, but 
let me start by saying "I love You". 

I left the restraunt next to the Victorian Inn while my roommate slept 
in and I went for a walk. On the fence was the "Fat Tire" bicycle add 
that read "Give it a ride" 
I read "Give it (your heart) a ride" 
Get ready for the wild ride! 

I then wrote down "Emotion Travels" 

I walked about a block and this lady rode by on a bike and this other 
lady was turning left and peeked around the corner. Because the girl on 
the bike was carrying an anger with her she got very angry as she 
misinterpretted the lady trying to turn left and she made a big deal 
out of going around the lady. I followed her down a short distance 
where I asked her how her day was going. She indicated that she was 
angry because she had to leave (exodus) her place she was leaving on 
short notice. She then also went on to tell me all the evils of others 
that she had encountered lately. I then remembered where I had told my 
roommate that a spirit like that was like a rock caught in my bike tire 
that went round and round. So when I speak of the wild ride I was 
talking about the very emotional experiences that all of us CARRY with 
us. (Cross we bear) 
Later I met Judy (on the bike) again because she was the maid cleaning the 
room in the Victorian Inn. 

So the misunderstandings that come from interacting with each other can be for good and reveal what we don't want to look at in order to get us to surrender to SPIRIT. Then neither is to blame because we see we drew each other to reach the other. Even this is LOVE, because the SPIRIT is using it to reach You.

Last night I woke up thinking about high blood pressure, that it is not good to lower it until you find the reason it is necessary.
I thought in some cases the body may be compensating. Odd thoughts, well everyone I know has high blood pressure or too low.