Sunday, January 13, 2019

Synchronicity grows like a tree, Bullet Bounce Synch

Today I was reviewing the synch with Threat Level Orange  from yesterday
and was reading the second link The Coming Orange Event and Pam was watching Sunday Morning S2019 E2  and I got to the link in my post about every arrow that they try to set people up and on the tv at that moment Bruce Willis was standing in front of a gun
 Quote from my post
So do not fight them, but rather JUMP FOR JOY AND TELL EVERYONE to do the same as every arrow that they try to set people up on using their authority in a manner not intended will come to no avail.

and Bruce Willis said at (2min 52 sec) 


If you pull that trigger, the bullet is just going to bounce off of me and I am not going to be hurt

And I felt the whole of many synchs by SPIRIT that grew into this tree growing in the midst of my being that said as Jesus spoke from what had grown in the SPIRIT for him "I will never leave you, nor forsake you". So I wanted to illustrate how one experience related to how this tree of life grew within me. And such as this cannot be gained by reading scripture but by actual experience which those that want to use the law/scripture in a manner it was not intended tell others their interpretation which is meaningless without You Yourself Getting something fresh from SPIRIT and that is the totality of what I am saying. Not that you follow this man or myself but that you REACH TO THE SPIRIT with the same passion of love for life and God that such as experienced these things had. The imitation of Christ was not imitating Jesus but learning from SPIRIT and imitating that. This is the misconception that Jesus himself intended that the self right misunderstand and would lead to apostasy. Everyone that says that the SPIRIT is not what they have read actually never knew the SPIRIT that spoke through Jesus and Jesus knew they would. Such as these would never have received the real message so Jesus knew go give those what they demanded and to speak in parables what such as these would do. This is the truth that everyone is blind and cannot see what is real without SPIRIT, so it is that the blind man spoke when he was healed saying: "I see men walking around as trees"

The poetry of my experience will not be accepted by those that love their interpretation they did not get from SPIRIT for they know what they hide. But because if the world does not change now all will be destroyed so it was planned to do it this way.

Related poetry

Like a Tree I gradually took on this form
Like an empty canvas the painter waited for SPIRIT to move
Dabbing where SPIRIT moved
Until the painting took form
I had no idea


Another matter of what I am saying here is that this person in the seat of our fathers is decrying terrorists coming over the border and how we need a wall, but it seems to many that the way he uses the power of the office is bringing more distress and is a form of terrorism in itself and is not as much him being smart but actually spitefully using his office against those that he hates. If this country was really worried about protecting Americans they would be more serious about removing this thorn of separation that is only backed by such as himself to which the predictions of Orange is Coming, Leaders Lead Astray, and The great GOP Humiliation were to predict, and the Bubble Net was to catch all those within his constituents and partners that also do the same. What how the SPIRIT reaches the world to the heart. And rids the world of those that do not have true intention of heart.

Other synchs

Synch with precise fitting together of large stones and another world that Passed Away before this world which is also going away.

Jan 19th and Wait Wait Wait

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Pickle

The Scandal ooooooohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Could a Scandal be coming?


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