Sunday, February 10, 2019

Fit the space, the emptiness, Manna

Today felt like being ministered to by Angels
Things will now proceed quickly 
Over the Edge, because words will not reach you

I did not know what I should ask for, but my heart knew the empty space that was the womb of what was to be created and she my life points to the place, the vacuum in space that drew all things to me. What would that thing be that would fill that space I am dreaming of? I cannot put it into words, therefore it came in the form of Manna which means "What is it?" YOU SPIRIT, know my heart
Tears flooded my eyes and I began to cry out Girl, Girl why have you forsaken me. I came up on a cave that was open on the top and went back in the cave. Again thoughts of Moses in the wilderness flooded my mind as I cried out Girl, Girl where are you girl. The sides of the cavern were layered and I began to feel the heart of girl. She was a blue layered pearl and her loneliness was a gift to me. Images of the proton and the electron and a love affair between them. This is my gift to you. Emptiness. Poetry I had never heard before flooded my mind ‹‚ You thought you were alone when you let your tears fall but you were in my heart the Vacuum which ‹‚drew you to me.

Red Tape and the Cupcake Camper, Red Tape on Motor Week and the Red RS.
Don't patch it, wait on the SPIRIT

Ok came back at 5pm to add don't want this kind of thing just following the synchs of what is being drawn.  Tried to reach you,,, Breakup synchs going off the charts!

father's against son's, mother will be divided against daughter jesus

The Plague spreads

This fire is kindled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, no has it been 42 months already, oh boy, stuff is going down!!!!!!

Love is fertility that another dimension fits so perfectly like the hand and the glove Shaking her tree 
i can't put it in words therefore I will call it Manna that comes and fills that emptiness

Fit search from today's synch and the one glove that fits

Dreaming in synch with SPIRITBut until it is right it is only a dream, there is no reason for anyone to fear or disallow what another desires as the SPIRIT will make everything perfect with only the one glove that fits the hand. Dreams are to be without shame, given to SPIRIT that YOU might join the two together. What the SPIRIT joins is not the snake or the woman's job to disallow. If there is something wrong with the dream, then SPIRIT will only lead into temptation in order to deliver you from evil/separation.

SPIRIT said to me concerning this "You will be my only"
Even if the sky is falling down




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