Friday, November 08, 2019

Actor in the Whitehouse, It is already finished

Post from Nov 8th last year
Actor in the White House (I am laughing as how the SPIRIT will make Donkeys of all of them)
Post from last year today and I wonder what play the actor in the White House is going to put on to play like he is pulling the wool over anybody's eyes anymore. The thing is that those that still back him don't deserve people to believe them either.  The SPIRIT has been manipulating all these manipulators and they are going to reveal their own humiliation and a seal be put on them such as the scarlet letter. Whores for money! Reveal their hearts MY LIFE! Orange Event

They Love a LIE
Than they love Each Other

Best way to win is not to fight because it is already finished
2020 should be the Laughing at Trump and his base
because they know it is a lie and a masquerade
but they hate their neighbor but love a lie and need to get caught in this net

Therefore, when the owner of the vineyard comes, what will he do to those tenants held up
in the White House?

From Nov 8th 2017
Trump likes to think he makes people dance, but really it is the SPIRIT making him dance
as everyone will see when the smallest of points he overlooked is revealed

Nov 8th Last Year
Nothing left to do but pick up the dead bodies when it all plays out

And So I go Away Again 

Struggle ended by Wonder 
Nov 9th Last Year

Well Paradise is no more,,, the town in California was wiped out. But come what may I have found that the SPIRIT is able and makes it right and so as the song on the radio just said by Eva Cassidy It's a wonderful world come what may watch how the SPIRIT confounds them all. Now many may think it is terrible what leaders are doing but I know how it will be used to reach you as the SPIRIT has said. All those leaders and manipulators with money and power which is used in a manner it is not intended cannot undo what the SPIRIT has said will happen which will reveal the true intentions of the heart. So it was when I lost my life, only the SPIRIT could do what needed to get done and no amount of manipulation or spiteful use of the law can keep these liars from ending in desolation. I don't send it, but they draw it themselves even now.


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