Friday, November 08, 2019

Trump is being manipulated by the SPIRIT to utterly destroy the GOP

Study the Synchs and Live
or keep following the Orange Jackass to your end

No, NO you don't understand you don't have to even have a democratic candidate because Trump is being manipulated by the SPIRIT to utterly destroy the GOP and those that manipulate for money. This was all planted in the seed in 1993.


Everyone that overlooks what has been predicted like Orange Trump and his Base because as the SPIRIT has said "I will use the jaw of a jackass to slay the hearts of all my enemies"
 and there will be nothing left. There will be no more leaders only servants of the people through the SPIRIT.

The right people have always loved their interpretations more than they love each other and the very one they believe they know has caught them all in a net. And there will be nothing less than utter desolation.  Hearts have to broken or the bodies eliminated! Too late now, 27yrs they won't let you hear this so it will be on them now. That is the problem with choosing leaders like this, the Fox's news was instructed to keep the truth from the SHEEP and now those programmed to hate are being led to slaughter. Trump thinks it was his idea to say, don't listen to anyone but him but it was actually the SPIRIT because of a seed to place a jackass in there that such as he is would be drawn to.

This is not anything new, but exactly what has happened over and over but the snakes like preachers and lawyers take what is in plain sight and like Trump tells people with a bunch of hate in their hearts a lie and they take the bait. The evangelist and Trump think they are doing one thing but they are being manipulated to reveal utterly their own humiliation.


Back when there was a possibility of you being reached to the  heart before desolation was inevitable the message was very different but everyone believed a woman who was manipulating for money and they hated men anyway. So now there is a prediction that when the bear is at the door and the fear of American women goes skyrocketing they will be left behind because they hated men as the synchs will show. The whore of Babylon is the lust for money and manipulation which will cause most in the west to be sealed with the Scarlet Letter because they never had true intent toward the SPIRIT or men. They demanded men worship their interpretation which leads to death exactly as we are on track for. The SPIRIT will bring forth a sign that will cause men to shun a woman because they only cause them to stumble while seeking the SPIRIT with all their hearts. It was all in the seed and every move ORANGE  makes and every move you will make is already known as the synchs would show but you cannot see because you are spiritually dead.


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