Thursday, November 07, 2019

The Scarlet Letter revealed


If a man follows the SPIRIT such as Samson and the SPIRIT teaches him the secret to strength then what he is led to do in order to learn from SPIRIT is right. But if someone is a Philistine and does the exact same thing while not being led by SPIRIT then it is to them evil and Samson is given power over them.

There once was a woman that thought to herself that she could do the same thing as Samson but was not being led to do exactly the same thing as he, then to which of them should be given the SCARLET LETTER?  Exactly

And if that woman is motivated against him by a snake or her own intent to use the law in a manner it was not intended then let the SPIRIT manipulate the manipulator to expose their humiliation so as to wear that seal (scarlet letter) for all time. While Samson is absolved because he took her shame in this lifetime. Confess to using the law against him while he held his baby daughter in his arms that it was You that  needed to be jailed and why. About each incident that you used the law in a manner it was not intended. It was for this reason that the world is being manipulated by using the law in a manner it was not intended.  The SPIRIT will cause all your brood to be led to their own shame! A man who has led in truth by the SPIRIT/CHRIST is MADE RIGHT BY THE SPIRIT because he was led by TRUE INTENTION OF HEART to reveal the hearts of men and women. I tell you the least of the priests who were actually led by SPIRIT will be absolved while those hiding claiming to know the Lord will likewise be manipulated by the SPIRIT because they are manipulators to reveal their humiliation and a SCARLET SEAL be placed on them because they allowed their brother to take the shame while they hid behind a veil of interpretation called religion.
32Therefore everyone who confesses Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father in heaven. 33But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father in heaven.…

Let the whore using marriage to shame a man for money wear forever that SCARLET LETTER because she made filthy what the SPIRIT uses to teach a man many things including to not be possessed by fear. This would turn the tables on many in #metoo as the SPIRIT will reveal.

For who knows the true intentions of the heart of a man but the Lord. And if a woman knows he had true intent yet uses the law and the hoards of whores who also side with one woman against men, then all of them will not escape the judgement THEY ARE DRAWING EVEN  NOW because they hated men so as to judge them without truth that comes from SPIRIT. The true intentions of the heart of a man are for the Lord to judge and not a woman. 

Let the Tables Turn my life

For it was right there in plain sight and revealed by those who went before us that Samson used the power of a woman which is her hair to hide the secret that is being led by the SPIRIT to fulfill the law with true intent of heart.

So let it be upon this nation and upon the whore that was predicted to play the bride but really asked him if she could be married in order to use the law against him.

For what a man led by the SPIRIT to do is made perfect by his obedience and love of the SPIRIT, while even eating food is a sin to for a manipulator that is not led by the SPIRIT yet seeks to trap a man and use humiliation to seek profit. I tell you if she did anything without true intention she is guilty of everything she put on him.  So let it be MY/LIFE!

Scarlet brought to her knees (brood that rejected the father brought to death except she confess)
Original post
INSTANT KARMA if they choose to compound this further
Thanksgiving and the sign of the whale

Let everyone of these share in this


Because she won my love let her be totally healed

While those that hated me, let all the blood of billions that screams from under the altar be upon them.

The SPIRIT says the Owner of the Vineyard has returned, how do you think he will treat those that mistreated his messenger?

Love blinded me and led me bound and naked between the two pillars (Samson)

Let the SPIRIT reveal the True intentions of the Heart

The Three manipulators 1993, Dutch, Trump

If a man is obedient to the SPIRIT it will reveal the smallest of points overlooked by all who judge and all who did not know the SPIRIT


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