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The SPIRIT as through Samson will make Donkeys out of all of you

The SPIRIT as through Samson will make Donkeys out of all of you
LOL Not Democrats exactly but lifting the veil of ideology
and allowing you to see whom it is that you you/we are piercing

My brother and I had it out but when I let go and died as I do daily to what seems to matter I saw in him a glimpse of the SPIRIT. I was following the energy and letting my life JOLT the relationship between John and I as we were stuck separated by ideology and many hurts along the way. But dying to what seemed to matter and following the SPIRIT into this moment I realized that the synch about Scarlet Brought to Her Knees was not just me or John but you who was connecting us in relationship. And when I let go and died once again to the ideologies that separated YOU and I after YOU and I collided. I saw a glimpse of the SPIRIT in my brother. I felt like what I had written on the walls of my broken home in 1993 had begun to occur related to my family. I mean IF you blame them you think you hate then You will be blamed for what you have done to me says the SPIRIT as through Jesus. But it seems to be working out now in my family.

The SPIRIT is even now Manipulating the Manipulators and liars who hide behind a veil of interpretation but are like the Saul on the road to Damascus who realizes whom it is that they are angry at and hate so much. For republicans it is those Jackass Democrat Donkeys, but the democrats KNOW emphatically that it is those manipulating self righteous conservatives and they are both right. LOL In fact if your rightness does not come from the SPIRIT leading you are not in the kingdom, unless your rightness exceeds both of these Jackass's. The SPIRIT's leading is even more liberal and more conservative in that it is the perfection of all human experience. For if being conservative but not ever reaching the liberal freedom of the SPIRIT then you are not going to know the moment the thief is at the door. But walking with the SPIRIT it is assured that YOU KNOW. And you find yourself in the right place at the right time.

Why the SPIRIT is making Donkeys out of all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The SPIRIT agreed to give me what I asked AS YOU ARE ABLE MY LIFE!

YOU/MY LIFE are manipulating the manipulators to reveal their humiliation and bring them to their knees, like a baptism by fire. The manipulators believing themselves first will be last while setting the captives free who were in bondage by their powers of manipulation which they thought were their ummmmm smarts. LOL

But we are not wanting to get rid of the manipulators. That would be like turning away your face when it is pouting because you do not know what you are doing. Of course you don't, only the SPIRIT can make your steps perfect through you must be on that road stumbling toward the cross that is the end of the skull trying to figure it out. Therefore it is said that "I die daily, in order that the life of Christ be revealed in me."

Back to the dream of my family, which was that in that glimpse of the SPIRIT when the weight was lifted that was holding you down. Shame and Blame, you begin to see what you have overlooked. And though you think your interpretation makes you right it turns out it is of little more use than their interpretation across the isle without the SPIRIT. So if the SPIRIT can speak through a donkey and say, "why are you persecuting me Balaam" then the SPIRIT can speak through any Jackass even if they don't know what they are doing either. Let go of the veil of interpretation given you by those that never knew me is what the SPIRIT is saying. Learn only from me is what the SPIRIT is saying. Because to interpret without SPIRIT only makes your interpretation a stone of stumbling on the way to the true cross experience.

That is why I don't want the manipulators killed as much as I want them revealed and in that humiliation they might be reached to the heart.

Like two lovers which is the poetry of the garden instead of being right maybe she might pout instead of manipulation because as with humans what is unseen does not react to your negative bullshit because the secret to the SPIRIT is that you gain favor through JOY. That is the true meaning of JOY TO THE WORLD! If faith in SPIRIT is the door then JOY is the grease that makes the lover respond. Not like relationship where you are forced to stand in the presence of another person's indignant manipulation otherwise known as hell on earth. That kind of marriage is not sanctified and used only by manipulators and whores and not the original intent. The story of Samson used the power of a woman which was long hair so that it would not give away the SPIRIT's secret to strength. 

How will the change occur? In the same way that everything evolves you will not quit your job because you begin to hear about how lead in water is causing a problem, but rather the manipulators will begin to have their hearts revealed and we begin to see what the SPIRIT is doing and the conversation grows just like the hate grew to crystallize the polarization and then smash, hearts are broken, manipulators are revealed and the true power of the SPIRIT revealed in those who are open to it. Perhaps a lot of people that blindly walk into this get hurt real bad and the others are reached. We will see how the SPIRIT unfolds. But the Story of being manipulated in 1993 and the Story of Dutch and our Family, and yes, Trump and when the veil is taken away from their eyes how it reaches to the heart of those that were hiding behind a veil of interpretation as the synchs have spelled out this was coming. Right now my family may not see what is evolving clearly yet, but perhaps my brother John experienced an answer to his prayer through the SPIRIT??????? Perhaps all of them are having a similar "epiphany" in their lives. If not then let the manipulators that bypass the cross and SPIRIT get manipulated by the SPIRIT to where that scarlet letter for eternity. You know, the whore of babylon who did not enter in through the gate but is a liar and a thief manipulating someone without true intention of heart. Like my ex that the SPIRIT used to reach me to the heart. My LIFE is that true bride that came down "through my broken heart" as a beautifully adorned and perfect in everyday. In fact now even if I fall, I fall on gold. I dont' have to be perfect or able to fight all the manipulating lying money loving presidents out there because YOU SPIRIT will MAKE ME RIGHT!!!!!

I just learned through synchronicity with YOU/MY LIFE to stay in sanctuary and you will take all my steps and make it perfect. Because there are none good, but GOD right?

I think I will submit that line to Stephen Colbert

The SPIRIT will make Donkeys (new form of democrat) out of all of You! Give them a new slogan. LOL

More like conservatives that have been caught in a net see that whom they persecuted and begin to truly love their brothers. And Liberals through the eyes of the SPIRIT begin to see YOU in them also. It is the original intention of love because your all wrong and deserving to be slaughtered without knowing why because you rejected the SPIRIT.

Not changing a thing, but adding something new to the conversation that will grow through the power of the SPIRIT.

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