Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Ready for it!

If Trump has anything to do with it do not believe it. It is probably and masquerade designed to manipulate what you even believe that you see. DO NOT BELIEVE IT! Even if he uses the law in a manner it is not intended to force you to believe it.
I intended this, The SPIRIT created it to reach you to the heart, You cannot fight the burst of a atomic blast, when my wave passes over you, you will be swept away if you do not  have true intention of heart to what is being said for 27yrs. I intended such as Trump for a purpose, his manipulations cannot stop. Neither can his predicted end.

After a hurricane there will come a rainbow

This is one of the smallest of points they all overlooked in dreaming of manipulation of the masses
The poetry over the years about what is coming

Ready for it! Of course not...
This wave will take you under and like the many points those that worship an ideology like the conservative right, they are about to find out what they have overlooked towards whom they have offended. Get off my planet!!!!!!

When you figure out what I am saying to those hiding  behind a veil of interpretation they did not get from GOD it will be too late to take the easy route anyway. The EVENT

The child that loves their interpretation more than the love of the SPIRIT through the father will be used to reach the others to the heart. Whatever it takes!  I have poured out my heart to reach you and if you could be reached I suppose I would have been shown it. You you have chosen to be my enemy. Get off this planet!!! And let my own be reached to the heart by what happens to those that love.

That is the problem with your ideologies. The smallest of points you have overlooked that is known by the SPIRIT only shows up and renders all your interpretations meaningless. Let this smallest of points for those yet not reached become the thing they cannot overlook or whatever it takes to reach them MY LIFE. If you know the years to reach you then you would understand what is about to happen to reach you. Hearts will break!



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