Monday, February 24, 2020

Fragrance, The Tree, Nature Rebels, Epic

Those that manipulate and lie for money are already dead
and cannot Escape the Bubblenet
They Followed a lie
So Be It!

It is an inside job, the fragrance of the heart gives away all liars and manipulators within them as all are connected to the dna "TREE" "dnatree" yet most are veiled. Last night I was taken in the SPIRIT and saw how everything is connected to this "TREE" and nothing is hidden that cannot be uncovered. You have heard of SWARM THEORY and know the SPIRIT is fully capable to get FROM WITHIN those without TRUE INTENTION OF HEART. For I see men walking around as trees and they do not know their roots are connected to everything. You are seen by a hundred eyes and how even when you are in your closet you are seen. This is the light of the world that is actually within.


I’ve been searching through the past

Down the DNATREE
I’ve been re-membering
What life has to offer us for free
I came upon the advent of poetry

It taught me, it rocked me down to my knees

Called upon this councilor inside of me
To ask about the things that
Grew upon the tree
She said the blood of billions Had purchased this for me
It’s the DNA DNA DNA Tree
Well, blessed is SHE who nailed me to this tree

Do not cover yourselves with an interpretation or veil
but let the SPIRIT clothe you by attention to SPIRIT

As I turned on the light over the sink the tv playing in the background "Night on Earth" said "He needs light to see his prey"  I saw how simply from within I could REACH YOU. And I can turn their right hand against them that profit from shame.
Epic synchs off the charts last few days. I am the leaf/SPIRIT
It is an easy thing for nature to turn against those that seek to devour the tree. The Conspiracy against the Tree.  They have conspired to ravage the earth and make profit from what is left, so they will begin to fall.

Tarzan now calls for the animals to help the "TREE"
Scorpion dispatched

Nature Rebels
This Morning I had the next synch with nature and what is coming to reach you to the heart.

Yesterday I had a synch with these words

"Nature around you is suffering, so a decision was made"

Related Coronavirus

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Epidemic, Dance, Morning Routine Predicted one year ago exactly

What will it take for cnn and the others to start paying attention? Let me ask nature/SPIRIT.
Your asking for problems if you do not have true intent toward what SPIRIT news agencies
Oh Well, so be it!

Here is a synch with that right on time


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Synchs with this date

Desolation is assured

Big Deal, it is going to hit the mark! "Little did he know"
Presumption will be the death of those hiding what the SPIRIT has shown from the world. Because the want to believe a lie and hate the truth.

Party in the SPIRIT 

Oh, Trump's record as to why you all want to follow after the beast. Let's take care of that shall we?

I would like it that when the media actually start taking the synchs seriously that then the SPIRIT pulls the rug (flying carpet) which has been given Trump out from under him and he is revealed to be what he really is, revealing who all followed a lie and that it is the SPIRIT that is in control.


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