Thursday, April 09, 2020

444 and Comrade Trump

I knew that he was a lie and that the right would follow the lie and I needed to wait in order to reach Americans about what was going on and I think it is about time.

I predict things through the SPIRIT that the World and especially my people Americans are drawing to themselves that is relevant to what is really happening on this planet. That said I am getting a lot of 444 synchs and they seem to be coalescing around Comrade Trump and I don't think it is not related that Stalin is part of the synch

I don't know what this means

Spiritual Death or death or end/big change or death of his air of invincibility and the struggle for power after the fact.

just who is running the government?
From the Movie Stalin is Dead
What if we blame this on someone...

In my synchs 444 means done, dead, death of old way, new life
The 444 synchs are everywhere when I pull up anything having to do with Trump. Pam and I started watching Stalin is Dead and it was very humorous in a dark way.
Monday, September 18, 2017

Friday, December 22, 2017
More on synch with 444

Also 444 from the prediction of the meltdown one year before it happened

444 comments on each of the following

The worst intentions on the planet are related to the fragrance/smell of what is going on here and it
draws to it the very worst that you can imagine and it is not going to go down well.

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