Tuesday, July 21, 2020

More "Unfair" synchs

The ongoing synch with being treated "Unfair" and being put in a situation that feels like your being betrayed, manipulated, nothing you can do but learn to get "something" from SPIRIT in this moment that will lead to your salvation from the Crafty Manipulations of what seems like the devil. This was the intention of the "Orange Event" predicted from 2006 in order that the mind quits trying to save itself and let the SPIRIT begin to grow.

Two synchs with "Unfair" again one where our CBS channel was changed to Knoxville and https://www.nbc12.com/2020/06/29/allison-breast-center-patients-having-trouble-getting-records-heres-what-you-can-do/ and the statute of limitations ran out and it seemed like the system was working against this woman.

And then the movie "Cloud Atlas" and the energy of the synchs related to what the earth is doing and the "war in heaven" related to Trump's demon of lies that will not look at the truth but rather only sees an intent related to

Quote Cloud Atlas and Unfair in Portland

They want the explosion the chaos and carnage. The more deaths the better
It feels like Trump is oblivious to the pain he causes to so many on the left and they feel like I did the moment I lost my life and lived alone for years waiting only for YOU/MY LIFE to speak as there was no way I could save myself.

How it is the right stoking the violence and Trump intentionally using it to persuade his base that the left is terrible when he really appears to be the devil to the left. This is not America anymore, and I don't see why all the energy does not go into just getting rid of Trump when it is so obvious the desolation he is bringing.

I "feel" the "filth" of the intent of the con man and manipulation by devious entities on the right which feels like demons fighting for souls before being banished to hell forever.

How I cannot reach the left so the red and blue will take this all the way to the Purple Rain. If you are amazed at how each side sees it completely differently then you see it is obvious YOU and I are set against each (You and I collide) other to end #44 this reality/world and begin a new one. Save what you love!


Quote "Cloud Atlas"

I believe, death is only a door.
When it closes, another opens.
If I care to imagine a heaven,
I would imagine a door open
and behind it
I would find him there, waiting for me.


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