Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Everybody believes a lie and Plan B, Drones, Horror

 So those on the right that love the lie of Trump are not the only ones believing a lie. The left has not taken notice that all their efforts to stop the Liar and Chief have failed but only the SPIRIT has brought it to the place where it can be stopped but nobody has chosen that route so now it appears by the synchs that a great horror must occur and those that are in charge of the watch tower don't want to believe the synchs though everything has come true so many will probably die now because the lies on both sides are killing the earth and it's inhabitants. Here are the notes with the synchs for today

Drone Time for plan b Well DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU BUT EVERYONE WANTS TO IGNORE THE SPIRIT This was related to one of my synchs


Plan b synch may be happening  

Trump will blame everyone except who are responsible which is he and his base for giving their power to a leader to speak for them.



You who are in charge of keeping our country safe had better see what the synchs have been saying soon as many who love a lie on both sides will be leaving soon.

The synchs show that it was when Trump lifted himself up above the SPIRIT that the pandemic which was predicted one year earlier started with the unexpected.



Science also will fail because of the mind and what it overlooks without the guidance of the SPIRIT


Lying to win at any cost is going to pay a huge cost

Related synchs



Trump's lies and division have the whole world turned against us,, do not let him continue after this or the horror will increase though he like the grifter will tell you lies that will only lead to more.


Let the birds begin to fall from the tree in ever increasing amounts


Make no mistake about it, Trump's tough talk has put many countries to begin moving toward war with the US and the synchronicity of events with the Monster Ballistic Missile in North Korea and China's reaction in the south China Sea are related to preparations against America.


Will Trump get a war to USE FOR HIS political manipulations?







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