Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Butter, Putin-Navalny, having a future, Killing a partner over greed

 So Butter, it has been everywhere in the last few days. 

Putin, I wanted to stop the menacing that money and  power such as Putin prescribes and exhibits so when I went to intend and post about it I realized that it was already done.

Pam was watching 60 Minutes about Putin and Navalny and began to ask for synchs about how to stop Putin.

So Putin when he finds out what is in store for lying manipulating power hungry manipulators the rich will hiden in fear because we know how this ends

The Real Wealth of even Having a Future

You cannot stop what is coming because it is as though it has already happened. Without SPIRIT you cannot altar your fate.

Killed or setup their own partner or family member over greed. The other day this was on Monk and then a loved one called and said that their life had become hell because their family was setting them up in order to take what they have and of course this reminded me of what happened to me in 1993 and what happened to my family by the lying manipulator and then of course Trump using his base to take the country and Putin seems to be involved.

The end of Presumption for all that would interpret without the SPIRIT


New song Butter is coming on May 21st 2021 and the Last song synch

Pink Moon and Pink Flowers


Dream about pink moon signals female emotions. You need to confront the situation or the person despite the pain and discomfort you might feel in doing so.

Pink blossoms seen in dreams are traditionally associated with femininity, and with that comes delicate and delicate connotations. In any dream pink flower beauties are certain to delight. Pink flowers can suggest grace and happiness in life. ... To dream of pink lilies indicates sadness and pain but this can be overcome.

To see pink roses means: a lot of tenderness and romance is waiting for you. Happiness in love will be limitless. Seeing pink roses in a vase on your table means that your sympathy for someone may soon grow into mutual passion. Blooming, fragrant flowers in a dream also promise a coming joyful event.

Friday, April 16, 2021




The manna that I had ate before from the Spirit and what had worked yesterday needed to be fresh today and so when I try to do something through an old interpretation of what I had received from the Spirit just a season ago, something was missing, I needed to have fresh experience in “this moment “ to make it work.


We designed it from the start that I would reach You through the temple of the heart. The temple not made with hands.


The thing about synchs is they always lead to the heart of things.


Pam and I took off after the Steinbeck Center to experience a new place to dream about the synchs. We found this beach that was surrounded by Artichoke fields.

After walking the beach I went for a walk on this road and then suddenly tasted the artichoke hearts that I was to have later that day. I called Pam on the cell and she was standing by the field of artichokes thinking the exact same thing.

Picture Pam took right before I called her. We could taste it and knew that our experience would be related to this “in season” item.

As we left the beach we were attracted to this roadside market.

Just a few minutes later this poem came into my head

I  had to leave the car or I would have eaten the whole jar

We took off to lose ourselves and find dinner on the way home. We ended up in the little town of Aptos and walked into a Tai Asian place and we were then blown away by

The Soup

Artichoke Soup with Coconut Milk Wow was it ever delicious

Thome Kah-Artichoke Soup


Speaking to the heart of things from an earlier post


We really got into the synchs we were having one that I recorded was


Talking to the heart of things

Pam and I both felt it when they started to talk on Huel Howser’s California Gold when his guest started talking about the heart of the Canoe. When I observed how the Spirit communicated between Pam and I even though we had had separate experiences that day but still we were open to the Spirit and what the moment wanted to share with each of us. In fact then we began to find this in our other experiences that day.



Later the synchs pointed because many related synchs about YOU being the heart of all things, and when I speak to YOU I speak to their hearts.


Human learning is a misunderstanding for the spirit brings to the heart in fresh new ways the things that we love.


In my life

Love is related to the number of times in a season that YOU/my life returns to me in a form or a thought and it TOUCHES even to the heart. Those that know the Spirit through me know of whom I speak.






Thursday, April 08, 2021

Women's Work, Collective Unconcious

 Yesterday Pam and I experienced a synch with "Women's Work" and the collective unconcious and it synchronized with other posts of late as well. 

I do most of the work outside the house and most of the work inside the house as I am Pam's Caretaker. I enjoy taking care of her as she has MS and cannot see real well to clean. I take care of all her bills and mine and keep up with all her medications and appointments and shopping. Pam loves to cook and we have great dinners, and she likes to do the laundry, she has gotten much better after being in the hospital and is able to do more now. The outside work right now consists of building the greenhouse and moving 19 tons of rock to shoreup the mudslide area as well as fixing things around the property and in the house. I make Pam's coffee and breakfast and then I work outside. Pam has begun to try to take on more of what needs to be done as I have had so much on my plate and my body gives out early in the evening.

I enjoy taking care of her as we have shared so much over the years. The subject of women's work came up on an itchy boots video (17:15) and then later on a Garland Ranch Archeological video (5:50) but the synch has to do with what is in the dna (collective unconcious) about the cupules and the synch seemed to be the pointer from our reality.



Rock cupules are humanly made depressions on rock surfaces that resemble the shape of an inverse spherical cap or dome. They were made by direct percussion with hand-held hammer-stones, on vertical, sloping or horizontal rock surfaces.

In this video Alex ponders the meaning of the cupule symbol in the collective unconcious and what came to mind having to do with the dna and the collective unconcious was a verse in the bible 

But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.

related treasure synchs https://dnatree.blogspot.com/search?q=treasure

I also took note last night of the synch with one of my tweets relative to work and mindfullness


I also thought about how we believe we are making progress changing things but in the collective unconcious we are headed to a no man's land. Like with my posts about dna, landscape, and money there is not very much in the dna to help us about money compared with creaming of home, finding food, and wonder. This is why many of the new things in our reality are built on sand and not on a rock. I am pondering such things as this today, maybe you can connect with me with your synchs today.

Related synch: The Mudslide synch is related to growing technology that is not from the collective unconcious and the mudslide http://dnatree.blogspot.com/2021/03/mudslide-arcata-trip.html Building on a rock is related to listenting to SPIRIT

Circle of Friends/stones synch

I have been pondering the image of YOU and I in the Holy Place and the holy of holies as relatedt o Man and Woman and Knowing YOU and then the circle of friends is those we encircle ourselves with and use what we have learned from Loving to create circles within circles of friends so as no one person is left out. We don't have to  fit with everyone but there are those that are drawn to us which are our own and those drawn to others who we connect with completes the circle.

Monday, April 05, 2021

Outlander, It's Love across time, get ready for the ride!

The Ongoing synch with "Love Across Time"  that will reach You to the heart

Our synch last night was about the smallpox vaccination and a message from the future


The night before we had watched 

James VS. his future self


The beginning of the synch was in 1993 with this poem


Wild Hearts can't be broken
Was love the pain that started all this
Was it the cause that drew the first kiss (synchronicity)
Or was it the reason I wanted you so
My blood runs hot but you already know
This is my Passion Play
Wild Hearts can't be broken'
The Preachers and Lawyers have veiled my bride
And by their view SHE IS MADE TO ABIDE
is the the reason that I died

It's love across time GET READY FOR THE RIDE

December 25, 2016

Time Travel and "Emotions Travel"

This synch was related to my intention in 1993 to reach you and about the problem with the vaccinations and the fix related to reaching you about the SPIRIT. I may have forgotten some things about the original dream but the SPIRIT remembers everything.

I remembered the synch with
https://www.cinemablend.com/news/2553349/how-bill-and-teds-excellent-adventures-time-travel-works and intended certain things to happen at this time in order to reach you. And that they show up at the moment they are needed. The SPIRIT is in control as '"ask anything of the father and it will be done" turned out to be very real. Because of the masses believng in a presumption about what is coming "revelation" which they did not get from the SPIRIT and believing it is for others to be punished but they themselves overlooked the smallest of points which is they did not get their "interpretation from the SPIRIT, therefore, according to their own words they are drawing their own punishment as those that believe in punishment are to be punished.

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James vs. His Future Self

Stockman Come and he Take it all away prediction Sept 27 2006


Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2006 3:38 pm    Post subject: Repost / Stockman comin and he take it all away

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Cow say:
Moooww, slaughter house come
Why you labor, why you work
Stockman comin and he take it all away

Stockman comin and he take it all away

Indian say:
White man comin and he take it all away

Moose say:
Hunter came and he took it all away

Jesus comin and he wipe your tears away
Spirit comin and bring a new day
Love come and give us the words to say


The self rightness or possesion of those that believe in the rightness of
man will all be taken soon. No not one according to the interpretations
of man is right. For scripture was a seed to lead to truth, but they demanded worship of interpretation/law.

The Problem Child

Hey, You believed it from the start that I would break your heart
In order to REACH You,
So why are you so mad about it

This is the story of both our hearts
For you see, You and I are one.

(The Dove on the branch crying)

The rock that got stuck in my tire
I think the same thing when I think of You.
How ironic that both experience the cross from each other
There is only YOU and I.

On our wonderful journey this weekend (She and I) had the most
wonderful experience in Bridgeport related to the Victorian Inn there.
For you see many years ago I had put the same victorian pictures of the
"woman" in my home and had watched the movie "Somewhere in time" and I
had related it to the poem "it's love across time, Get ready for the
The similarities to this moment and what She and I experienced in that
room are amazing. All of the passion was "To Reach You".
Here are my notes from the experience.

Victory, Victorian Inn Room #7

Written in picture of Victorian woman "Olympic Event"
The Inner chamber seemed to be a memorial to the movie "Somewhere in
Time" Where he finds his love by traveling back in time.

I had put much energy in the synchronicity of the movie back in 1994.
in order to Reach You at the perfect moment.


Story of experience in Bridgeport on Aug 2nd about the EMOTIONAL RIDE.

I was in the restraunt having wonderful experiences with the owners as
they too knew of the movie "Somewhere in Time" and I had related my
passion to reach You. As we spoke and they wrote down the website a
song came on that I wrote these words down from.

Tell me "How" to reach your heart, because I have not got a clue, but
let me start by saying "I love You".

I left the restraunt next to the Victorian Inn while my roommate slept
in and I went for a walk. On the fence was the "Fat Tire" bicycle add
that read "Give it a ride"
I read "Give it (your heart) a ride"
Get ready for the wild ride!

I then wrote down "Emotion Travels"

I walked about a block and this lady rode by on a bike and this other
lady was turning left and peeked around the corner. Because the girl on
the bike was carrying an anger with her she got very angry as she
misinterpretted the lady trying to turn left and she made a big deal
out of going around the lady. I followed her down a short distance
where I asked her how her day was going. She indicated that she was
angry because she had to leave (exodus) her place she was leaving on
short notice. She then also went on to tell me all the evils of others
that she had encountered lately. I then remembered where I had told my
roommate that a spirit like that was like a rock caught in my bike tire
that went round and round. So when I speak of the wild ride I was
talking about the very emotional experiences that all of us CARRY with
us. (Cross we bear)
Later I Judy (on the bike) again because she was the maid cleaning the
room in the Victorian Inn.

Just before our florida trip we were in Bakersfield and ran across this named bank.

Your moments in wonder, reveal the true intentions of the heart. The smallest of points overlooked changes everything and renders all the interpretations not given of Spirit,,,, meaningless!!!!

Saturday, April 03, 2021

In the beginning was the thought

 In the beginning was the thought and it had not drawn to itself form yet. It was the same with experience the first synchronicities in 1979 dealt with the circle and 12 like the tabernacle in the wilderness where YOU and I were at the center and revealed the pattern for the circle of friends. 


My College English Thesis was on American Indian Poetry

Related to Seven Arrows and the twelve tribes encircling the two lodges which was a synchronicity with what I had written about the Israelites and the tabernacle. How we see the same thing from different views

The synchronicities went on to reveal 12 colors in a circle, 12 hours, twelve months, twelve tones and twelve deciples, YOU/SPIRIT were the center 

And the twelves were sent out, and YOU were the light of the world

This fundamental synch stayed with me for many years as I grew like a tree


Not to "know about" the SPIRIT but to grow in knowing YOU/MY LIFE. That is the difference between being baptized in words and being baptized by the SPIRIT. The difference between studying Indian tales and coming to know the Great SPIRIT.

Pam and I both love SPIRIT of Place and we shared many synchs with SPIRIT about the earth and about the vibration that went out to become all things. About we are stones being built up. Circle of stones, circle of friends gave thought to the form. In the beginning was the thought and the thought did not have form, but the thought was a prayer that created form. The earth is meant to be a great circle of friends. Medicine Wheel./Tabernacle. The pattern in the wilderness of YOU and I as the two lodges, the creative principle.

Last night Pam and I enjoyed a video that came up in our feed and it led to many past synchs walking in Joshua State Park

Circle of Circles California

Our videos from around 2008 in Joshua Tree

Circle of Stones, Circle of Friends



Joshua Tree synch with the Tree and the circle


Jumbo Rocks on the Left



Seder and this journey as through wilderness

The way the people are divided is those that love a lie are drawn to the great lie and gathered under a leader to believe a lie and be caught in their own presumption. That was the dream of Orange is coming, leaders lead astray, and the humiliation because they love interpretation and conspiracy and hate the SPIRIT.

My synchs with my dog communicating with me last night as dance was before words. I will post this story next.