Monday, June 26, 2023

What with the Wind of the SPIRIT


Looking at how the hero of Bakmut the only one to have done anything in that military joke with Putin and how deals are made and how if I was China could strike a deal with a liar and a murderer. I mean, look at the wind of the SPIRIT,  I would not pitch my tent there.

And as I wrote the word strike above I felt such a energy as a strike and it does not go well for the Putin.

The word of the SPIRIT and the boldness of your word through Synchronicity

It is the SPIRIT’s boldness as any nobody could say the words given them by the SPIRIT so I just found that I needed to loosen up andwalk in wilderness. I may not know how to properly communicate it myself but I know from KNOWING YOU, MY LIFE when I am in that place and the synchs are flowing,,, it’s remembering or treasuring those moments.

Where Pam wanted her cane at Cane Creek before chair yoga and did not want to walk back from the door to the truck so I said I would get it. After getting it she kept walking away and then told me she decided she did not need it. Oh and during all this I was dealing with the dog in the back of the truck.

When something frustrates me I usually find it is something I also am doing as to why I am not getting something. “Like if I am not waiting on what I asked for”


That was what I had to tell her “I had to let go of some folks because there was no fruit, I had to keep my attention on the things that were bearing fruit”


What with the wind of the SPIRIT right now, yet everyone still denies me, where have I heard that before, and right before desolation, how all the synchs have happened and are happening and when we get there how do you think it will be given to me to choose?

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Let me show you

 Let me show you, that it is by their own words that MAGA Christians and the Concervative Justices of the Supreme Court have actually condemned themselves. The bible actual proves that all that follow MAGA brand of Christianity are liars and thieves. They will not admit it until they actually see what it says but then if they do not repent then be it unto them according to how they intended for others. 

All who say Jesus, Jesus and have 


First it was the SPIRIT that spoke through him saying that HE, the SPIRIT ALONE was to lead you into all truth and not a presumption of an interpretation of scripture as the pharasees were condemned for

Modern Christians never consider what the SPIRIT speaking through Jesus was saying when he spoke

"I am the way, the truth and the life"

And their presumption about the infalibility of the Scripture is true when it is the SPIRIT and not an interpretation of men.

So it was also written about the SPIRIT that without understanding the SPIRIT speaking through Jesus and therefore by entering in by climbing over the wall instead of getting your interprtation from the SPIRIT you are lying and you are a thief. 

Does this verse not say that?

The smallest of points not gotten from the SPIRIT renders all interpretations MEANINGLESS.

So these that pass judgement on others,,like the scotus saying they got their interpretation from God are liars and are thieves trying to take what is not theirs just like whom they follow.

According to how you believe having bypassed the SPIRIT be it unto you! Now of course we do not want our concervative brothers and sisters going to a hell of their own creation and since their interpretation is not of the SPIRIT if they could get a promise actually from the SPIRIT that now they don't have to pay even as their own words said of others because of the ever loving kindness of the SPIRIT as if you seek the SPIRIT as you were instructed and treasure each word that you might not have to suffer then that was the intention I gave to the SPIRIT that this whole thing turns out to be for good.

You need to believe what the SPIRIT through Jesus said and wait for the SPIRIT to give you the promise that even though you failed to go to the SPIRIT well,,,, let's just leave that between You and the SPIRIT.

The cross is that humiliation of finding you followed a lie, an interpretation instead of the SPIRIT and were caught in the Trap set by the SPIRIT for your own good.  Do not condemn others as only the sick need a physician

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

The Passion to Reach You, the Burning Bush Dnatree

 I often return to that burning bush and the experiences that even now as such an experience comes to mind it can't help but grow. 

Once, I found myself in a vast valley of stones it was the last of three places the SPIRIT guided me to starting with the Grand Canyon "VAST" and then Sedona Arizona, path of those who went before us up Bell Rock and finally this vast valley in the midst of the Court of the Patriarchs in Zion National Park


My PASSION was spun up by our JOLTING out in JOY on a trip to create a life in California and we ended up at a very VAST area of stones at the base of the Court of the Patriarchs and like I had done at Bell Rock and at the Grand Canyon I carried my tape recorder to cherish the memories and synchronicities along the path. I went out into this vast area and began to feel what the moment had for me to WONDER about and it turned out to be that I stumbled over a sharp four sided stone and began to wonder about it's form as it looked like a capstone of a buried pyramid. As I wondered I realized that my whole path the last few days was about "Those who went before us" and where there were hidden in the DNA, those that had real experience with the SPIRIT as through the DNA I wanted them to rise to the top like creme. Amazingly many thoughts began to coalesce around this idea of those who went before us.


Moses and the burning Tree, the DNATREE and the passion that would not be extingquished

What experience could that have been that wrote such passion on his heart so that the passion would not be extinguished?

Christians... we have something in common

Jesus put it this way

A man found a treasure hidden in a field and for "JOYFUL PASSION" over it he sold everything he owned and bought that field. Or he gave up everything because of the value of that field.

From my own synchs/experience this field is the dna and the forms that together with dna and writings from those who went before us I was able to re-member the connection between form and what is hidden in our dna about such experience of those who went before us.

To jolt out in nature and let the synchs paint the picture using the form around you like how even the indians would have known Bolder Creek by such a name as it is given. And the synchs would usually follow the forms I would find in a given area of exploration.


Dream Box

A dream box as a record of moments in sanctuary that are treasured

We want to interact with those with True intention of Heart without regard to political party as this is how they are to be reached.

Sympathy, Sympathetic vibes

Because of their True intention of heart even those lost behind a veil of interpretation given them by the Republican Party during this time of the Trump Era can understand this message and go on to let go of a veil of lies because hidden in the stories they learned was the seeds or keys to the kingdom. But I have found that communication on the net related to politics polutes the waters so I found it better to share this with the SPIRIT with the intention that YOU, my life reach them. In this manner all political lies and contention is removed.


“I choose to love you in silence…

For in silence I find no rejection,

I choose to love you in loneliness…

For in loneliness no one owns you but me,

I choose to adore you from a distance…

For distance will shield me from pain,

I choose to kiss you in the wind…

For the wind is gentler than my lips,

I choose to hold you in my dreams…

For in my dreams, you have no end.”

― Rumi

I will write the stories of synchronicity with SPIRIT but I no longer want to contend with you, but rather to love you in this way, as I have left the struggle. So I don't want to approach them rather "I approach the SPIRIT" Like when I left the Struggle for six years alone in the beginning of seeking the SPIRIT and getting struck to the heart like Moses was when he was thrown out of Egypt as his intentions were true.

I choose a room or a nature sanctuary where I can dream of you and speak to you and You will experience it as you allow.

I placed a veil there to symbolize the veil to symbolize the distance, the thin veil separating us which is also our skin for we are really one.

There really has always only been YOU and I and this illusion that somehow we are separate  https://youtu.be/iO3MnvIq10s

#synchronicity and the Wild Heart's Romance with SPIRIT

I realize for many years speaking to the SPIRIT that I have been speaking to You also and even my grandchildren


Dreaming before the Altar (Table, holding what is on my heart) I realize I have dreamed of you Day and Night.

Wednesday, June 07, 2023

one way that synchronicity operates in my sanctuary

So "my life" wants to share one way that synchronicity operates in my sanctuary and let you join with me.
I got into music driving home
Passionately singing this to your life about synchronicity
I'm just like you
Your just like me
Do tools have to go,, like money is a tool? (if we cannot use it in synergy with the SPIRIT)
or will you allow the SPIRIT to make it right?
To get in the SPIRIT you may want to just listen to this song as it is related to the synch. As usual it is about YOU and I my life. Let me share this with you.
So then I look up my synchs about shiver me timbers
So we can start with this one in the synch

Many tweets of late about May 21st and August!!!!! Be aware of the Presumption Hurricane from 2011

Monday, July 29, 2013

Shiver Me Timbers,,, Merkabah

Spearhead, Here are my synchs with the Merkabah and the restless feeling because of the WILD RIDE!!! :shock: 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=p ... OpKKB1cUWY
I received an email this morning and believe this time going into August is related to reaching everyone to the heart. The vehicle in which humans will be reached. I often walked around Narcoossee florida in the Eighties dreaming and having synchs about the Merkabah Vehicle. I feel it as a Vehicle of Experience that reaches to the heart.

Merkabah Activation – July & August 2013

Shiver Me Timbers Captain, I would expect to feel uneasy with so much energy at hand.


When I dreamed of how I would reach You,,, many terrifying things began to appear,,, but each one my senses mistook and the SPIRIT revealed the true nature as being a powerful and wonderful thing. 

When I put out the intention to REACH YOU, (about getting all truth from SPIRIT instead of interpretations) the SPIRIT revealed the storms and fires and all manner of waves (She is coming in waves) and said, jump for joy, lover for redemption is even now at the door. 
Take all the fear out of the equation of the storm and leave ALL THE EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!
The Passion is Coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
http://dnatree.blogspot.com/2011/09/exp ... ssion.html

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Lives being ripped apart/ Trusting the process

She lifts me out of my complacency

We have been having synchronicities with the planet Mercury and about 222 as many are aware and about the prince the wizard the lion of Judah as 222 and the Merkabah vehicle. As we walked we talked about the moonlight and just had a blast dreaming about what the synchs in our life were saying and we walked up on a boat and we were immediately attracted to it. We did not know why but as we walked by it we began to find out why. First the name was PrinceCruiser,,, and it also had the name Cruisesomething 22 and the engine was a huge Mercury engine and we climbed up in it and fantasized that we had experiences on it and we had just talked last night about the Merkabah synchs and the song on the radio came on about riding in a mercury and then the memory of touching the pedal on a mercury car and how it zooooomed off and we got in that spirit as though the spirit itself were taking us away like that in the moment to a new spirit, just as she had so many times before.

Brock Wrote:
Posted: Tue Sep 09, 2008 9:55 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
dnatree wrote:

Get ready for the Wild Ride!!!

uh, aren't we on the ride?

Time for ONE MORE!!!

Right where your at "Bad Habits" and all
Get ready for that ride!

Tuesday, June 06, 2023

The idea of YOU and I, Remember, we created the..

The idea of YOU and I, Remember, we created the sunrise to always remind us to start new and keep our attention up in Joy where YOU and I created all things just through an intention. Let go of any veil of interpretation given you by those that never knew the SPIRIT and grow your story in synchronicity with experience in SPIRIT. Not that you will know anything but that you will be able to hear in the moment you need to. The idea of YOU and I , and Adam and Eve and those that hide behind a veil, more synchs. This is how the SPIRIT taught me which extended well to those that I meet. Your experience will be fresh and new and teach you how to interact only with those sent to you as you are a different creature interacting in a different world. Your World! There has always only been YOU and I, MY LIFE Though now YOU and I are called Democrat and Republican The Veil of Interpretation is what is separating YOU and I, We should never have been taught "racism" or shame and blame Remember the Covenant we share! Remember, the Sunrise was created to remind us to start new, ALWAYS My heart is breaking, tell me it will not end here Let us go on and double the synergy of our love It does not matter if we are talking about black and white Democrats or Republicans, Christians or Muslims, Male or Female You see, there has really always only been YOU and I, MY LIFE Dnatree The way of seeing the world that fulfills what the SPIRIT meant by YOU do it to the least of these my bretheren, you have done it unto me. If you were taken in the SPIRIT to recieve a baptism of experience that reveals the "point of view" or from what spirit you look at others, or like Adam and Eve were not two people but you might say us and them, aspects of male or female, democrats and republicans.. Two points of view. My experience that I expected to recieve in order to share in the experience of whom I had believed came in the form of time alone due to a broken heart. It took me to a place alone where I could hold a thought or a feeling long enough for it to begin to grow in scope and synchronicity. After many years I saw that it was a tree growing. I had many synchs before this time but none like the shear poetry related to common experiences in life. Like beginning to see horses and feeling the poetry of them. Wild horses, riders, equestrian. Of attraction, the fragrance of the heart and how the SPIRIT teaches through synchronicity and experiences which would become stories. STORY of petting horses and then the bronco truck shows up. YOU and I my life, and then YOU begin to come to me in many forms and poetry. A rose, a pearl, a cameo, a shell. Layers of experience began to take on a form. And then after a long time, YOU, my life began to come to me in experience with people I began to meet related to the synch or emptyness like a vacuum the heart drew them to me. When you learn to keep your attention on the SPIRIT and on the synchronicity that shows up you follow it with wonder, it grows. When you keep your attention on the SPIRIT and the forms that the SPIRIT has come in the past to you, you begin to see how you do not want to interact with those that are not drawn into your moment. The dream is made perfect and then YOU my life come to me like a lover in that form. Perfect love is not what the world teaches, it is the perfect synchronicity that follows the dream. The dream must grow to have as it were, gravity. As the SPIRIT spoke of a matter often YOU, my life, would come to me in the form of someone experiencing what I needed to see, and then after many years they would come expecting to meet such as myself. The SPIRIT spoke of how we reach each other to the heart. We might feel it is failure or perhaps a betrayal, but if we don't look at it as that person intentionally hurting us but rather YOU my life as in "Blessed is SHE who nailed me to this tree" as the experience of being tested causes us to have synchs and our bodies cannot give us other then exactly where we are at rises as creme to the top in the dna within. Eventually the dream of how YOU, my life would reach the world in just this way. There be no more sadness if you are in synch with the SPIRIT and have learned to stay up in joy where you and I created the sunrise to remind us how to always start new. Therefore the SPIRIT says I am bursting forth as many roses on this vine, and my fragrance with draw all ment unto me, hearts will unfold like flowers before me. So YOU began to come to me as an aspect of another person or a synch related to them. If your attention is right you will turn and walk away from anything that is not in synchronicity with the peace that you and I have found. You will leave the struggle and create through synchronicity instead of how humans to it now. And you will only draw to you that which is nourishing as the SPIRIT can give none other than what you give your attention to that has been also a part of the everlasting word in our dna. Right now it can be seen those that are under the story/law and those that have heard the word of the SPIRIT and stay in synchronicity with their lives making them able to recieve from the SPIRIT their inheritance which is within them. __________________________________ Mound 72 and what happened there with the maidens and the other burials, let me get an idea through synchronicity Forming a trail along an enbanckment Many (5 or 6) people in my circle going through near death experiences, Pam's sister's husband was on the edge and not expected to make it but he seems to be coming back. My friend Mark in Florida is still on hospice laughing and we will see how the SPIRIT handles it. He is unable to eat without a pain pill. Several others in similar as it starts with those close to me and then this is expected to grow in that many will be reached and many that are hiding behind a veil of presumption and cannot be reached will meet their end More will be said about this as it unfolds. _______________________________________