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Ongoing Whale Breaching synch, Final Step to Reach America

So the breaching whale synch led to an unexpected event but here goes. I posted the synch I had with whale breaching on Jan 16th and on Jan 31st my daughter posted that

Please pray for my mom right now she needs it she will be in the hospital for a few more days she has an infection that has reached her blood but we caught it soon
and this matched the synch I had with almost dying in June which was related to "My Own" in the form of Pam (My Partner) who had suffered and was near death when I asked the SPIRIT to let her live and let me take the problem as I knew that YOU/SPIRIT would make this perfect and though she suffered she lived, and though I suffered to the edge of death I also lived, and it was my intention that giving my hurt and anger over all the manipulation and blame related to "my own" and giving it to the SPIRIT that  YOU/SPIRIT/MY LIFE would reach them to the heart and I see that she has also gone through this exact experience as I intended in 1993 at this time of division, but I have been manipulated by such so many times but my daughter I have felt would have true intention of heart here for her mother whom she loves so as this happening should be true and not another manipulation. So I will put all the pieces of the synch here and we shall see what the SPIRIT has in mind for this. But it looks like the SPIRIT is saying that the GIFT of having a future is there for those with true intention of heart and those that do not manipulate. So the synchs reveal the "True Intent" and reveal the hearts of those involved as well.

In the synchs you will find how the person I am with and I am given to love is as "my own" many of which misunderstand but the SPIRIT is reaching past their minds to their hearts so that they are not judged by their own hands.

The separation between men and woman, political parties, the world and YOU and I by a veil over your eyes which is leading to desolation and not what those that love their interpretation of shame and blame believe it is heading to is at the forefront in this saga. Those that would manipulate like Trump and the GOP, believe they are winning,,,, but they have overlooked the SPIRIT which is the smallest of points which will change the whole equation and render all interpretations a lie.

Women and Men in America, the separation and the desolation that it draws

The Veil of interpretation is what is separating YOU and I  
We should never have experienced shame and blame
Remember the pain in the Garden, how we chose to live alone
and hide behind a veil of interpretation that did not come from SPIRIT
Remember the Covenant we share
Remember, WE created the Sunrise to remind us

The synch with Whale Breaching reveals the forgiveness for both sides but those that want shame and blame and manipulation and lies then the SPIRIT will reveal through their death or their living what the true intentions are of all parties.

This has been the reason for this "Wild Ride" for the SPIRIT to reveal what is hidden past the veil of interpretation those that would manipulate hide behind and blame the other for what they themselves are even more guilty of. Both sides are wrong, are sinners, but the one with True Intention of Heart is revealed to be what those "meant to judge wrongly" is considered to be the least of them among you. 

If we could reach One of You to the heart and the SPIRIT reveal the true intentions of those you use to cover your own shame you will see that the chaos and weakness of the law as shown in the Senate Trial because of what is really being hid is replaced by Perfect Love which is better than a bullet reaching to the inner reaches of the heart and doing what a bullet cannot do by WAITING ON THE SPIRIT.

Here is the answer, because the gains that they are making by using manipulation and lies for money and power as the GOP IS DOING is laughable when you find out what is really going on and the masquerade is to guide all those that love a lie into the net. And the Presumptuous that can be reached are being reached.

The SPIRIT says through the synchs that "I AM as the Dove Crying on a branch" For though it has been Thirty Years of pain if we can allow the SPIRIT to convey the "True intentions of the heart" then YOU and I can be redeemed and reconciled to the SPIRIT which is the beginning of all "True Reconciliation. But if not then you have rejected the SPIRIT and set yourself up to reveal to those that remain what the SPIRIT will do to those that reject the SPIRIT which is even the same that spoke through Jesus.

He learned as Christ does "by every word that comes from the SPIRIT" and not from an interpretation
But the SPIRIT that Spoke through such as Jesus IS MY LIFE!

So what is it that will not live, lies and manipulation intended to cause those that hate others to misunderstand. This is why the Christian Right is caught in a net because they worship an idol of interpretation and never actually gave their lives to the SPIRIT.

I would just be misunderstood by those with a veil of interpretation over their eyes, I don't want to be with such, but the SPIRIT will reach such as have true intent even to the mose hidden places in the heart.

As we continue with the "Wild Ride" all that demand their interpretation is god and use it against others have misunderstood and their hearts will be reached or they will not remain.

Study the synchs and what the SPIRIT is really saying and do not presume as it is the end of presumption through the SPIRIT.

LORD, Lead us NOT into TEMPTATION except for the purpose of delivering us from EVIL manipulating liars that are being used to lead those that are hiding behind a veil of interpretation that is leading so many to death.

So the Whale Synch has begun to occur again which is related to
The Sign of the Whale
The Whale BreachingLink2
The Bubblenet synch

Study the synchs to see what the SPIRIT is really doing and let go of the veil of interpretation given you by those that never knew the SPIRIT, because the letter of that interpretation is leading (To Death) to include all who use shame and blame and those that lie and manipulate for money and those without True intent of heart. All who punish and did not wait on the SPIRIT are drawing their own punishment.

If you cannot be reached by the posts over the years a final intention to reach America before the "Event" was prepared in 1993 and the synchs over the years developed the process over the years. First there was what I experienced alone and then my family went through similar with the manipulating liar that used the beliefs of a group of people to manipulate for money. Then was the synchs with Orange is Coming and the great collision and cultural fire that would reveal what is really separating and what is a lie. There are many more synchs on the subject but if you cannot be reached then you will be led to follow a lie which is Trump and ideology and by your own hand you will judge yourself. Everyone that thinks they are smart and can avoid what is coming is deluded.
Ongoing Whale Breaching synch, End of Presumption dnatree.blogspot.com/2020/02/ongoin

All under the hat of Trump given this powerful delusion so that they will believe a lie dnatree.blogspot.com/2020/01/all-unhttps://dnatree.blogspot.com/search?q=%22my+own%22

All Trump's manipulation were before known and how it will turn out, there is nothing he can do that will not lead to desolation now. Smart people are dumb because they lack knowing the smallest of points overlooked which is the SPIRIT.


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