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Denver/ Florida Trip

The most wonderful miracle is happening to me today in Denver.

It started at a Chinese dinner Pam and I shared before I left on this trip. It was our anniversary of meeting but it was also the day I had to go away back to Florida to spend time with my Mother. Anyway, the fortune cookie said "You will witness a miracle".
I had a cheap ticket that took me to Denver first and then on to Orlando. Where it turns out I would end up staying in a cheap hostel for 17 dollars a night for two nights till my mother came up to Orlando and we drove to California. But they overbooked in Denver and asked me if I had a flexible schedule as they would put me up. First on the flight from San Fran I had to sit between two people,,, but then the woman with the four kids moved to the empty place behind us and I could take the whole other side of the isle... 3seats to rest in. The children were screaming a little at first but the SPIRIT wanted me to appreciate the comfort. Wow! did that ever turn into an explosion of appreciation. As they gave me a voucher to stay there in Denver since I would have had to stay in Orlando for two days anyway I thought,,, ok. They gave me 600 dollars toward a flight. They gave me 5 vouchers for all my meals while I am there...( I did not know how I would afford eating and staying in Orlando but I was going to spend the money I had allotted. So it all worked out great.

So now I am in Denver staying at the Aloft and having great meals paid for and a desk to write at in my room. Here are some pics. So I leave tomorrow at 7am instead.

Last time, You will remember I got held over in Atlanta and Pam and I got two round trip tickets anywhere they went. So we went to Maine. Appreciation is such a powerful thing. The opposite gets negative synchronicity.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73Q4Hpj ... re=youtube
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXPqs_H ... re=youtube
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5t3CiQ ... re=youtube

Friday, April 25, 2014

Horse and Rider, Complacency

  From post about Revelations and the Horse and Rider on Propheciesonline
We are all speaking what the SPIRIT is saying as the nose has many functions for the body but only a few are recognized. The SPIRIT has many ways of using the poetry of horse and rider. I like your analogy Raider, and I see SPIRIT also in Eagle's HS posts very real. So we can go on and learn to trust SPIRIT like the the relationship of horse and rider. Here is a synch with what we are talking about here. It is safe to say that because of looking at the messenger instead of the SPIRIT we have had nothing but complacency related to what the SPIRIT is really saying. But that will change soon!

Post from Oct 18th 2009 entitles She Lifts me out of my Complacency (Jacob's Trouble)

The post started with:
This is related to many of the synchs of late of horses heads above water boat sinking and learning to stay in Sanctuary.

And went on to relate the experience of building trust with your partner SPIRIT.
This one night I got the sanctuary ready by lighting incense and saying it was good. Fragrance is the connection to memory. By lighting a candle and getting the lighting good for dreams with YOU. (candlelite is best for romance and dreaming) By turning on music that was pleasing on the radio. I would put a few 3*5 cards on the table to write any synchs that came up in the moment. I would let go of all preconceived thoughts and worries, this is not a time to go back to old but to be open to freshness.
Almost immediately the synchs began with a song to which I wrote the words down "baby hold on". Now the song was not about horse riding but I knew the Spirit was.
The next thing to come on the radio was a commercial about the rodeo coming up soon. To which I took the phrase and wrote it down "Get ready for the wild ride". Next the song "I want to ride wild horses, I want to have...." well never mind the rest as this was the part the Spirit wanted to me pick up on. I then turned tv on as I felt the Spirit move there and Lawrence Welk was singing "I am sitting on a rainbow and have my life by a string". This also was the equestrian.
The synch went on with a circus and the relationship between the horse and rider. How the man could jump through a fiery hoop and the horse was right there. Subtle intentions between horse and rider were communicated. This also was related to Spirit and beloved.

Now the next day I took off walking, loosing myself in wonder waiting for YOU to show up in some form. A Bronco truck pulled up next to me and dust was everywhere. The fellow said, "hey, what are You doing today?" To which I said "nothing, why" Then he said "would You like to help me tear down a barn?" It felt right, "sure", I said.

After helping to tear down the barn the man paid me and I began to walk the several miles home which I love to do. He called out to me "have You ever rode a horse?" I said Yes, even though the last time I had rode was 15yrs old. I knew it was right because of the synchs the night before. We coraled the horses from that site to my road I lived on. (Hay Meadow Rd.) He loved our conversation and invited me to ride for free each Wedn. when he gave paid rides.
Here is a pic of folks riding in Milton area near my house.

This is an example of how intentions found through synchs grow into experience. I had thousands of these experiences over the years that have led to the growing tree that is my life and the lives of loved ones.

I think we are all being led in the right direction except if we limit SPIRIT, then we get a limited understanding. This is related to "we see in part and prophecy in part. But when the SPIRIT is fully come, we will SEE AS WE ALSO ARE SEEN. " Knowing all these mysteries does not benefit us whatsoever except we trust SPIRIT through EXPERIENCE WITH SPIRIT to save us in the moment that we need saving.

Those with true intent to limit SPIRIT reveal their own hearts in doing so.

Monday, April 21, 2014

I'm gonna make this place your home (Finding Home)

Pam and I had no plan we just took off riding for Easter. Guess we were hunting for something fresh and new like an Easter egg. We found a beautiful place to walk alone with the Poppies and birds and even found a turtle. I found that I could finish the video I was doing by walking MiddleBar Rd out of Jackson.
More pics and videos later
We also came upon ruins of a mine and did videos.

Alex, Rainmusic, and Mistyrain. Names that came to mind this morning from the old Prophecies. Alex and Rainmusic seemed benevolent. Mistyrain was right before the site was hacked.
There is probably a law against people hiding behind an avatar defaming folks that put their selves out there as it is not fair. Cowards! I do believe that they know that they are trying to take down this site again.

It is far greater to live the love that comes from attention to SPIRIT
Than it is to have the APPEARANCE OF RIGHTNESS that comes from attention to SCRIPTURE and INTERPRETATION
LOVE indeed fulfills all scribbling by Scribes!


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Song playing on the radio as we drove down Middlebar Rd. Dreaming of the place we were headed.
I dedicated it to my family and children on facebook


Hold on, to ME/SPIRIT as we go
As we roll down this unfamiliar road
And although this wave (wave) is stringing us along
Just know you're not alone
Cause I'm gonna make this place your home

Settle down, it'll all be clear
Don't pay no mind to the demons
They fill you with fear
The trouble it might drag you down
You get lost, you can always be found

Just know you're not alone
Cause I'm gonna make this place your home

Ooo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo. Oo-oo-oo-oo [x2]
Aaa-aa-aa-aa-aa-aa-aa. Aa-aa-aa-aaaaaa [x4]

Settle down, it'll all be clear
Don't pay no mind to the demons
They fill you with fear
The trouble it might drag you down
If you get lost, you can always be found

Just know you're not alone
Cause I'm gonna make this place your home

Ooo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo. Ao-oo-oo-oo [x4]
Aaa-aa-aa-aa-aa-aa-aa. Aa-aa-aa-aaaaaa [x4]

Sunday, April 20, 2014

A spell to keep the synergy and curb the hoarding by money and power

 Happy Easter
A spell to keep the synergy and curb the hoarding by money and power

Were celebrating the synergy of humans to create and provide for each other in spite of the hoarding by big money. :D Every other tree on earth has ALL IT'S FRUIT taken that is not needed for keeping the system afloat. The shill's of the rich and powerful have done well for their masters. But any enemy of the true intent of free speech is an enemy of the people and a maker of slaves for profit. The need to change our lifestyles because of what has been overlooked but we cannot let those blinded by money make the decisions for this or we all will fall off the cliff. Teach people to be self sufficient by creating and developing their systems. And by encircling themselves with the people and beauty they love and share life with..

 Encircle yourself with the beauty You seek!

This FRAGILE synergy makes it so that even the poor can be considered rich from the droppings of the table. But rent and the cost to create the minimum home under the system is far more than the true intentions of the law are saying in order to keep men in slavery. That is why creating a simpler system such as the tiny homes will keep us from being lied to and slaves to excess. Married men have too many masters to be hated so. A stick, an ordinary stick. Something that would reach those in power but not destroy the bed nor the milk of those nursing. Loving America, the land and people while taking the privileged from those without true intent toward them, from those that deceive them. Let it be.

With humans this is impossible without THE EXPERIENCE OF SPIRIT AND WHAT HAS BEEN OVERLOOKED. It's perfect love of SPIRIT working through us, not even our own love as that is always tainted.



Friday, April 18, 2014

So it is that the words also must die in YOU and be born of the SPIRIT.

Yes the message of the SPIRIT to the churches in Corinth.
Like these words GOD created each flower that blooms in it's season but even the flower which GOD creates withers because of death yet there is a seed, but over here, in the morning, in this Springtime are YOU/SPIRIT creating a new flower THROUGH THAT SEED in THIS MOMENT that I am drawn to anew.
It takes the SPIRIT to make things fresh again.

For as the earth had become formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, It took the SPIRIT of GOD hovering over the waters, like the waters of that testament to say LET THERE BE LIGHT. The wisdom of man is interpretation, but the SPIRIT makes the story fresh and new in You! So it is that the words also must die in YOU and be born of the SPIRIT.

As my own experience was rejected over and over by those that wanted the power of interpretation to prevail, yet I saw that they would never bring about by interpretation that which was the SPIRIT's place to do. I wanted the same as those who sought to know the true intentions of those filled with SPIRIT who went before us. But I never saw it completed in anyone other than those in the stories who went before us long ago. Why begin, if what I build will not be good enough, no I saw that I must wait, if it took forever to find YOU SPIRIT. As the experiences with the miraculous kept occurring I found that those interpreting were the most offended by SPIRIT. I found that I could not even remember the wonderful day to day experiences for the noise of self right interpretation that is being blasted on every corner of society. I found that I could not DO IT lest I do the same. Therefore, I had to do as the SPIRIT spoke through Jesus, what none had done yet they say they do. I had to wait, I had to let YOU build the house. It had to be YOU through me living. If the whole world is going another way I knew I had to follow these REAL experiences. But the noise of control around me kept the static in the picture so intense that I needed to go to sanctuary alone but knew to wait until YOU did this through me. KABOOM! So the romance with SPIRIT alone, told the story fresh and new in such a way that I never could have interpreted it. I found out that faith in the word was not the book but what YOU SPEAK IN THIS MOMENT as to why the power of the SPIRIT became manifest. All those interpreting or imitating we see have no power outside their own persuasion. But I wanted it to be YOU/SPIRIT speaking. The JOLT took me to the perspective, from which to build through the synchs.

I know, it is impossible to bridge this chasm to those that are looking through the mind, (they must choose SPIRIT) interpretation is powerless without the SPIRIT. And the power of the devil shall we say, as the whole world has been deluded by interpretation to follow after a lie which to presume without SPIRIT's leading. For this is the growing experience that paints the picture that is the treasure,,, not of man, nor interpretation, but of SPIRIT.

For I was a wretched man as all are, but through the power of the SPIRIT I learned first alone through my wild broken heart to first be mutual with YOU SPIRIT, and then seeing YOU in them I learned to be mutual with those that love me so that our experience became real, fulfilling the intentions of those trying to make men understand what could not be done by the law. How to love another person. For they beat men with the law saying why don't you be what we believe you should be when if they would let him see the true intentions of his heart all would be fulfilled.

For the same that praised him as their husband, and as their king, later mocked him and crucified him not knowing how GOD was fulfilling their law/demands through him. So it is that all who interpet actually crucify him all over again in the least of them. Today is Good Friday by the way.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

As to a thread about how we should interpret scripture

One is given by edict, one is given by the SPIRIT but as the nose for the body has many intentions so is every word received by the SPIRIT and it is love for the source that joins the many intentions. Each person embodies some of the intentions of the source. Living that life, drinking that cup. Don't miss the experience that is "YOUR/Your" life. (Meaning the life the SPIRIT is to live through You.) At first we are baptized in words, but then the LIFE of the SPIRIT becomes our life no longer are we limited by by words such as children are limited to their mother's milk. But it is love in us making everything pure that was profain. Having our hearts opened/circumcised by what we had before overlooked by being fish in a pond we are now more humble to agree that the SPIRIT is greater and that the ocean is so much more than we can interpret. If we love the SPIRIT/SOURCE we love each other knowing the SPIRIT can make it all right except that we limit GOD. Limiting GOD limits what we allow from the SPIRIT. Until we love HIM/SOURCE enough to say "REACH ME" which is the requirement of the SPIRIT through Jesus, we really are not getting our truth from SPIRIT. A child receives the words of his parents but it is LIFE/SOURCE experience that makes the words his own. No longer does it mean any one thing, but what it means is what the SPIRIT is about in this moment. So the greater thing to ask is not what the book says, but what the SPIRIT in this MOMENT is saying. The book really was meant to lead us to the door. SPIRIT says, I AM THE DOOR! Until we find the door we are like those that wandered in the wilderness not empowered yet by SPIRIT to enter into the DOOR! The book is a bunch of words that until quickened by the SPIRIT who are we to say, and then the heart that has been reached is it not more loving, more humble than those whom would interpret for us? I see this love in each that remain in this group.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Passion week blood moon eclipse Benicia,,betrayal

Because of the developments in the blood moon Benicia Eclipse passion week I felt I needed to post this here also.

So it must be a meaningful event as my synch with going to Benicia lines up with my posts about the blood moon eclipse. And another synch is the color of the sunset in Benicia and walking with Pam lately as in my thread. This color is related to that moon and perhaps the scarlet robe.
http://www.propheciesonline.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=57&start=380 Very important in the walk up to May 21st is that Palm Sunday was the day we were at the site of those Palm Trees in Benicia below that were all lit up during the last eclipse. So the meaning of the passion week is upon us.

This week in the poetry of the passion...

So it occurred to me that the last time Pam and I had gone to Benicia there was a synch with the eclipse then and the blood moon eclipse I had written about. I found some of the eclipse synchs but have to find the post with the lit up palm trees that night we were there.

I am going to find the benicia post but in the mean time I have some blood moon eclipse posts
Edit to add: Ok I found the post though it had been destroyed at Oro I found a very old copy

Feb 21, 2008 7:56 pm Post subject: Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post
I wish I had time to do our story of the eclipse justice but I must do this fast as we have to head to Pittsburg California today. Then we will probably go back to the little town of Benicia that we were in last night.. What a wonderful experience it was as we walked by the water the big Palm trees by the waterfront were lit up with lights and the eclipse overhead happening. This was the bridge to Crocket behind us where the Navy synchs happened nov 29th.


We decided to go to the darling little cafe that was floated to the spot it is now at by a barge called Cliffs cafe and bar to watch the Eclipse and share a dinner plate. We stood outside by the bay watching the eclipse, the sky was not overcast like in the picture of the bridge but clear with what Pam called "comma like clouds". That was odd about Benicia as many homes were floated in, and many homes were being lifted up. It was a wonderland for old ships and buildings. As we walked in this magical place during the Eclipse I wrote about Moses and Jesus and the humiliation that portrays that the religious NEVER KNEW ME. More later.

Humiliation,,, the end of religion.. Eclipse blood moon



Synch with Israel leader saying peace on kvie and other folks on the next channel also.


Saturday, April 12, 2014

My love for you keeps me in this moment

Pam and I had a wonderful day taking off for a supposed airshow that Pam wanted to go to and finding that it was not this weekend. I said on the way, it will be ok even if we cannot find the airshow. We pulled up the the airbase and I asked the guy about the airshow. He said it was not this weekend. So as I turned around I reminded Pam of what was said on the way there. I said, do you feel like going to Benicia? We took off toward Benicia but again I was looking for what the SPIRIT had to give us. On the way there I came up to a road called Herman Lake Rd. and just could not control myself, I just turned right and took off into the green hills. What beautiful scenery on the way with the California Poppies, jagged rock outcrops and rolling hills. We rolled the windows down and took it all in. We passed many places on that back road that we plan to explore in the future. Then we finally got to Benicia and began to walk along the waterfront. We ended up sitting by the bay when a train went one direction while a supertanker went the opposite. We shared a sandwich for lunch and soaked up the sun. When we got home I turned on netflix and laughed about a program called Decoding Deepak made by Deepak Chopra's son about his father. We decided that would funny to watch. It was,, somewhat but then he said one of my synchs the last few days in this way.

We are all on death row.
The only uncertainty is the length of reprieve
and the method of execution.

I have videos and pics about today that I may post.

I would like to talk to Deepak about the experience of SPIRIT being far greater than the learning about SPIRIT because a person can know nothing except they know SPIRIT as to the FRAGRANCE and this person could get the answer needed in the moment that the person that has learned their whole life about SPIRIT cannot get out of that knowledge. Because SPIRIT is not knowledge it is like a baby that knows his mother will be there when he cries, but the knowledgeable person that is separate from SPIRIT has gained nothing in that moment they overlook the smallest of points that would have saved their life or that part of him that is SPIRIT that goes beyond death. I know that Deepak probably knows this though the world is is lifting up the deluding influence of knowledge above SPIRIT and the power to remove SPIRIT from the equation is one of the basic tenants of religion. (The Wide Gate)


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So the rest of the story that stems from the one above is we got home. We found we were so tired that Pam took a shower and I fell into my chair and began to feel. I noticed the tv had been turned on and there was a devious scene unraveling. Thinking that this was not nourishing I turned on music and laid on the coach. I thought about lighting the candles but I was so tired. I felt out of the EXPERIENCES of my past YOU spoke words I had forgotten from a very desperate time in my life.


Immediately I realized the ritual we had picked up lately of listening to soothing music and lighting candles. I realized this was from my past with the SPIRIT, but now also feel that it was also Pam,,, and along with it was my family that are going through so much experience of late. :D I realized it was for my sister Robin especially tonight.


It was the SPIRIT speaking to me a long time ago and making it new as YOU often DO.

So what I do is tell Pam these things as I experience them and she recognizes that IT IS RIGHT. When he and she meet they know it is right.. That is when it is from the father through the son. That was YOUR LOVE toward me.

My longing for you keeps me in this moment My passion gives me courage Rumi

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sonic Hedgehog, Cherry Trees, Layers ancestors, Temple Veil

I actually think that animals, plants and well dna can speak to us through synchs. Take my experience yesterday, Pam and I were really fasinated with the Sonic Hedgehog Gene that propels the development of digits (fingers, toes, fins etc) in animals and fish. And then today, they showed a Cherry Tree that the seed in it's infancy was taken into space. When the seed was planted it grew much faster and flowered much sooner than expected. This made the sonic hedgehog gene come to mind because when it radiates it's signal too strong it can produce extra digits. The radiation to grow the digits slows down as it comes to full flower (five digits) but if it still has excessive radiation an extra digit can be made. But what if in a cherry tree that gene or similar gene not effected by gravity was able to alter it's normal growth?

This brings me to how the layers of dna or pillars of experience by those who have gone before us may be layered in our unconscious. I think of this because of the number of synchs with the veil in the temple and the veil worn by a bride and how it is reality itself dressing us to speak to us from our layers. For during the many years of synchs, the veil in the temple long before the veil in relationship was prominent in my dreams and as a pillar left on my path from those who went before us. We are being formed as a stone temple with that veil prominent. The more we wonder about the synchs the stronger those layers from our ancestors are fruiting within us,,, of this I am sure.

Now, having the very truth written on a page leads to a very stunted outcome as I am seeing through my experience with synchs. Take our society and the words of Christianity. For having the truth, fills the cup and stunts the layers of true experience that was how those words came to be. Therefore, having the truth become flesh for us makes those believing themselves to posses that truth therefore feeling themselves first actually not possessing it and being last.

Oh the musings of the wind in my ear. What good does it do if we do not speak only to the bride. But a harlot does not have the love necessary to truly posses the inheritance. She can walk around with his pearls on her neck but to her it is only appearance.
I need a new client to repair their electronics or do consultation. Find my life again!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

They demanded a law, because of the hardness of their hearts

GOD speaks through his SPIRIT, humans demand a book and it has to say what they want which is a king and a law. That book always turns into confusion and fighting.

Over and over, I have written before that there is no way for a story to reach humans that is not flattering to those that would manipulate and control you. That is why what we get from SPIRIT is so much different than the image offered by interpretation. It had to be "seeing they can't see and hearing they can't here, otherwise they would destroy the message. That is why we get the words the way we do which mean one thing to those that would otherwise destroy the message. And another thing to those that allow the SPIRIT to reach them.

The humiliation was to speak what the SPIRIT says and then they destroy the message and the messenger. That is why it is said "Go to the SPIRIT for your truth" yet still he spoke many words, it is in these words that they are all caught in a net that would interpret without SPIRIT.

They believe they can change appearances and then when they really just humiliate themselves they want to destroy and cover the shame. This has happened over and over in these years since 2001. You cannot speak the truth from SPIRIT that is why we got the words we got. The SPIRIT reaches You and You settle into seeing things from a very wonderful perspective, but to speak that brings out those that would hate the SPIRIT, those that play like they love SPIRIT but really are boiling with hatred for both SPIRIT and men who do not follow their interpretation. If you were to get a message to humans in a book,,, like the bible. You would have to make it so that "seeing they do not see, hearing they do not hear,,,,,,otherwise they would destroy the message and the messenger."

I often wondered why speaking this message that everyone thought was so perfect would get you persecuted so, but it is not what it appears. It is speaking what the SPIRIT says to you that will get you killed. Not quoting the words that were intended to entice those that if they knew what the SPIRIT was really saying would hate the message. But it was designed so that he who would draw near to SPIRIT would be led by SPIRIT to see what those that love interpretation cannot see in the words. Now here is why so many forums have been destroyed and so many people were fed to lions because the words on the page cannot reveal what is the SPIRIT's alone to reveal!

The whole world has followed after the strong deluding influence of interpretation which as written would even take those that the SPIRIT reveals himself to if it were possible.


Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Lowest Point

What wonderful responses to find after returning from Death Valley on Easter. And what a wonderful experience I had there as I WAS AT MY LOWEST POINT IN MANY YEARS  ;D and my experience with the Spirit there of course was so hilarious and inviting though the whole world deny and reject the synchs what the Spirit has done for me this weekend really has lifted my Spirits and to come here and see what You all are experiencing is even more of what I have experienced this weekend.

For even though I was at my
seeing that desolation is assured the Spirit indicated that this was exactly what was expected and that now that it is assured that I am to also know that thedesolation caused by the abomination of interpretation that is the deluding influence without the Spirit is now to be encouraged so that desolation is complete and that beast shall never rise.

What an experience this weekend was, perfect in it's timing and message for me. I am so delighted in that though the whole world deny the Synchs that the Spirit has such favor towards all of us. What a glorious experience this life really is!!! From now on those that love the Spirit will be encouraged and those that love interpretation will also be encouraged as it is all perfect. For though they saw the synchs and the destruction the Spirit that only wants to find fault and overlook the Spirit in a person is at it's peek even on these forums.

We had such a fun time even barefoot at Badwater (the Lowest point) and did video's of the fun we had playing with folks about being at the lowest point of their lives.  ;D And then immediately before this we met a couple who were into mischief playing in a dessert garden where Pam and I enjoyed the coos of doves and played ourselves among the beauty. Then this beautiful Coyote came right up to our car and the Mischief Spirit of tricking the world through interpretation without Spirit as they are easy. NO RATHER AT THIS POINT WE MUST ENCOURAGE THE DESOLATION THROUGH THE ABOMINATION OF INTERPRETATION WITHOUT THE SPIRIT THAT IS RAMPANT NOW. That in that hour those that are to remain can experience first hand.

So much has happened but I am still back in Lone Pine and cannot recount all of it until I have more time to absorb it.

Why I was SO LOW from all those that wanted me LOW that I had to go UP TO THE LOBBY.
Hilarious experiences with old man about being at the LOWEST POINT IN OUR LIVES.
The synchs with Trickster and the whole world has been tricked by interpretation

Barefoot at Badwater

The Devil and, You misconstrued my IN TENT

When a person begins to descend into the hell that they created, and they see that they are to blame for what they created as the heat on the bottom of their feet increases a remarkable thing can happen to the person with true intention and eyes open. What words could not accomplish, as you will be changed in a moment in a twinkling of an eye. Intentions become mutual with the SPIRIT and with others who seek the same and miracles begin to happen. 

I learned a long time ago to put the attention on the joy and wonderful synchs that I want more of. And then as I learned to see what was mutual with SPIRIT I began to see SPIRIT and what was mutual with others. (Or SPIRIT through others) But the devil appears as an angel of light and deceives many, but the idea is to not put the attention on the that or PAY THE DEVIL NO MIND. The only problem was that when you really did want to love a person and a commitment such as friendship or others in the group that you have synergy with or even marriage keeps you there with those children that it takes much more practice keeping the attention on the SPIRIT because of the wiles of the devil through a the mind of someone that does not love you. How do you separate the friends from the "white washed tombs" How do you love the children. 

The rule of love the SPIRIT and what is mutual gets tested in such circumstances. I see that GOD cannot even reach his children past the veil of interpretation given them by those that never knew him and are not mutual in love. (To be mutual in intention through love creates synergy and harmony, the opposite creates strife.) So if GOD must break the hearts of his Children in order to reach them, how does a person love another person except to let that person experience what must be experienced.

The real story was GOD the LOVER suffered/allowed his only SON to go through even the death of the cross in order to reach the world to the heart,,, right. Where do you think Jesus got those words,,,, this is my body that is given to you,, and now you should offer up your body as a living sacrifice to SPIRIT without reservations. Why it is the very essence of what those that demand is so terrible, it is passionate love played out and learned from. Not that we remain as children under that teacher but in our youth to experience SPIRIT unveiled and uninhibited is how we wash away all that is misunderstood. Then in our love when we become a man we have learned to be mutual with SPIRIT and with LOVE. We can then graduate from the teacher (put away childish play and use our passion to create) So those that love the law and not SPIRIT would stay in the childish reality of shame and blame while those that learned truly to the heart what the teacher taught can put away those things seeing where they lead and put his passion toward miracles and mutual creations. While those never believing the SPIRIT cover themselves in a veil of self rightness, shame and blame.

How many times has a lover lured you with the APPEARANCE only to use you for profit or self gratifacation, well this is the process of learning what is love and we cannot see it if we are not pointed there. We cannot see love if we are pointed at deception. If we say, they are evil so I can take advantage and then blame them. Who do we draw but someone that also is learning what is love and what is not. 

The SPIRIT said, "Will You be ashamed at my return?" Those that remain in shame want to keep those they hate back in the childhood of their learning and want others to believe they are that child that misunderstood as all begin in separation and misunderstanding. Those that want to remain in shame and blame and not die to that old life and start new in SPIRIT want to keep those who they blame in front of their own shame because it worked with him or her or whoever,,, but the tables turn and all who blame will be shamed. 

A lot of synchs have been fine tuning the attention to SPIRIT through love. But even the SON OF GOD WAS BLAMED by those that were in the way of reaching GOD's children.

For many years there was ONLY YOU AND I/MY LIFE and it was easy to never have any contact with those that seek others to blame. I could dream exactly what I wanted and it would come and I could let go of what was growing toward their own shame. It was perfect, but I still needed to fine tune my attention/worship toward SPIRIT which this fire of family and mix of loved ones and pharisees that appear as white washed tombs was part of that process. I am experiencing SPIRIT in the midst of this fire and learning to sing only to YOU. Even the SPIRIT through Jesus was tempered by this fire, even he was blamed by those who wanted him to carry their shame. And Moses went out alone in the wilderness to learn to see SPIRIT only and then returned to allow SPIRIT through him. Many have said just disregard the devil through that person, and that is the synch.
Next musing last night

I notice how those that love me and know their own mutual intentions with me do not intentionally misunderstand a word so as to start the next fight.

In my musings on my altar from 1993 there is this quote about this time right now


Listen to the tide slowly turning ,, listen to the ashes burning A door A passionate burning cross Shake the tree (dna) Shiver me timbers captain The virgins and their lamps waiting , drawing the fragrance of the heart,, the veil
You misconstrued my IN TENT Let it roll!!! do ya feel the power Fullness (passionate,burning,cross, mobile, fullness) Wait upon the dream, then, when he and she meet,, it’s right.

You misconstrued my IN TENT
You misconsrewed my inten
You miss con screwed my intent

So I noticed how those without true intent looking to shame would take words and intentionally "mis con screw with my intent" in order to alter appearances. But then I notice that where the SPIRIT is in those with love there is synergy, synchronicity, harmony and forgiveness. And the forgiveness is not letting go of something to appear good or loving it is letting go of anything so that we can put their attention on what we want more of from SPIRIT, like love, synergy, spontaneity, synchronicity, harmony, miracles. The fruit of the SPIRIT are all these things.
Next Musing of late

I have been led by SPIRIT to see what really has been going on with the trials and mishaps. The SPIRIT indicates it IS revealing the original intent and that is that in any situation when we go to the SPIRIT and give that hurt or anger to SPIRIT that we then see the SPIRIT action and trust that it is perfect. But if we jump the gun and punish them ourselves when often it is our own creation we are punishing them for. So attention to SPIRIT and then to mutual joy is paramount.

So in all this I have the summary is that I have seen that the Devil or flesh through those separate always "misconstue" and misinterpret and it always leads to strife. While attention to SPIRIT leads to the understanding the "true intentions of the heart" and leads to harmony, synergy,synchronicity, love apart from the law. Those that would "misconstrue" reveal their disbelief in SPIRIT by their attention to law and force and power over the subtle things of SPIRIT. I have noticed those that are full of the interpretations of society are the first to reject anyone and anything that falls outside of their interpretation thus revealing their true intent.

You misconstrued my IN TENT
But it was before known that they would. :o

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Synch with the End of the Trail

I just went to facebook and some of my family had posted this story about two men side by side in a hospice

But the amazing synch is we had just watched "Reach For ME" last night on Netflix

We who have traveled so far on this path to reach You, "we are happy, tired, and sad all at the same time as this journey is almost over." Words on the TV just now "Wagon Train"

Wagon Train
The Last Circle Up
Celebration and sadness, love and hate, birth and death—all intermingle as the wagon train nears the end.

Real SPIRIT, and changing the water to wine


When You seek to know the true intentions of the heart of Jesus and Moses and all those who were in touch with SPIRIT in a way that they were also seeking to know the true intentions of the heart of those who went before them and therefore, they waited and in their loneliness, in their single minded THIRST each who would carry that burden grew in SPIRIT and what their life was about was what was the burden they carried by allowing SPIRIT to form them. So, like growing as a child, one answer spurs more questions that each waits for experience with SPIRIT to answer and the child grew and became strong; he was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was on him. The true and HOLY SPIRIT is the original intention of the heart, it is YOU, for I gave my life to YOU/SPIRIT as Jesus was this SPIRIT that became flesh, so I gave my moments to YOU who IS MY LIFE. So the HOLY SPIRIT is the original intention of the heart with all the interpretations and human building of supposed truth laid aside and now it is ONLY YOU AND I, the story will not be built on anything that was not directly from SPIRIT. Having found the SPIRIT that was the original intent that was spoken of by the fathers, I came to see that YOU ARE ABLE, therefore, I DROPPED ALL DREAMS (limited and partial interpretations) and watched them shatter along with my broken heart to find THIS LOVE. But I must say, I did not do this but it was the LIFE living through Me that did this living. I did not choose the moment to break that I was reached but rather I attended to the SPIRIT until YOU did it through me.

No one says, OK, GIVE ME THAT CUP SO THAT I CAN DRINK IT, because none are able, only the SPIRIT that authored that cup can drink it through You.

The right things are being said in that it was the SPIRIT that revealed these things to us through our experience and these things are shining a light on Scripture so that it is revealed by SPIRIT and not our abilities to interpret. This is the original intentions of the heart of those who went before us. All interpretations are to become a lie except what we truly experience with SPIRIT. Therefore all things are to become new through SPIRIT.

I see understanding due to experience with SPIRIT in each that remain. We should celebrate the SPIRIT because of this!

As to GOD's anger it is said to be angry, but not to act. (sin) But when we give such passion to SPIRIT and wait for what YOU will do then it is perfect. Why it is better than a bullet because a bullet is not perfect love. But if we really believe all who love GOD are reached to the heart!

So be washed in the water of understanding the stories about those who went before us, but leave the new story that will be the SPIRIT through You up to GOD to write by diligent attention to seeking YOU/MY LIFE in each moment. Let the SPIRIT do the work of changing the water to wine. If it takes forever to find true love is that not what each wants?

Friday, April 04, 2014

Do it for the Vine

The demand on my life that I return to happiness was evident, and I needed to spend even more time in a sanctuary where joy and peace were paramount so that I could hear YOU/SPIRIT.

Peace and Joy, do it for the Vine

Do it for the family

We walked the paved bike path behind Walmart because the Bird Sanctuary was so wet from all the RAIN.
Do it for the Vine, those were the words spray painted on the pavement (Graffiti) as we walked toward the bridge to watch the sunset. I began to think of how having joy leads to synchs and answers and how Pam helps to keep that joy in our home. Especially when outside the sanctuary there is turmoil.
I began to think about what YOU/SPIRIT said through Jesus.

The SPIRIT through Jesus said

"I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing

The theme of late was Happiness and Peace and FLOW and finding sanctuary so that we can stay near SPIRIT through attention and joy and peace. A home must be a sanctuary,,,, for as it is written. You can do nothing of yourselves except the SPIRIT does it through You as the verse implies. 

So many homes are kept in turmoil which is equivalent of cutting his hair. He who should let the SPIRIT lead him, cannot even get to the SPIRIT because of the turmoil on his head. Thanks be to the (HOLY) SPIRIT and Jesus for showing how even through that experience of death on a cross. It's something to wonder about. 

Like vigilant peace keepers the children learn to keep the home a sanctuary.. original intent.

For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, that spreadeth out its roots by the river, and shall not fear when heat cometh, but its leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit.

All day long I ponder YOUR poetry, YOU who made the mountains and the trees, My life and my dreams.........Dnatree

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