Friday, April 17, 2020

Media and Bounty synch, You misunderstood

Being Led by Presumption leads to Desolation

So it turns out that not only have "both sidesrejected and belittled the message of SPIRIT but the biggest misunderstanding is that one side is more correct because of science or ideology but both have sourly misunderstood and are headed to get their clocks cleaned. It will no longer be one side against the other but both sides trying to figure out how to stay alive because they reject the council of the SPIRIT. I know that with ideology and religion that I needed to reveal how overlooking the SPIRIT and believing an interpretation is anything without "the holy SPIRIT" these are HORRIBLY mistaken and therefore being the "hard man" as revealed before Trump said "Mutiny on the BOUNTY" that both Trump and his Base since they worship/give such attention to him over the SPIRIT that these shoving their "abomination of interpretation" on their opponents are to have their clock cleaned by the SPIRIT. Trump and his base will of course turn a blind eye to anything that does not lift up their "self rightness" and therefore lead themselves to utter desolation. It is being revealed that they WILL NOT RECEIVE the message and therefore must be total desolation so that the world can see the outcome of presumption. The left too will struggle with their presumption of truth because of science as all thinking overlooks the smallest of points.

Now as to the BOUNTY SYNCH which has revealed before Trump said "mutiny on the BOUNTY" that Trump and base believing GOD is a hard man via their interpretation shall will not ALLOW anything else but that they be destroyed and it is important to see all our presumptions from what will be learned from their experience/cross they will carry and be broken from as it is a message to all who presume rightness because they presume a fact.

The media is being given one more chance to understand this presumption before they are shown to be standing along with Trump in the place blocking the SPIRIT, so they can redeem themselves by noting the BOUNTY synch before Trump's words as timestamped on twitter and the value of letting those they SERVE hear of this before the "EVENT" is finished it's work.

If you were to study/"think tank" the tree of synchs you would find out just how mistaken both sides are and how the presumption has kindled this fire to destroy the veil that separates you from this message.

This is what those that presume do such as Trump, but if it was not given by the SPIRIT you are presumptuous. So since you won't be reached those that see what happens to you and then find the tree of synchs will understand. Trump's base does not know what I know about Trump as I intended this in 1993 and gave it to my life alone in Milton Florida. There is only YOU and I, even if we are talking about Democrats and Republicans which are meant to be a hand and a glove, separated since you "will" not be reached you are in for stormy weather. So much for "desolation of heart" now you won't be reached so you get what your presumptions allow which is much worse.

The latest "All Was Predicted" including Epidemic, Tennessee, Trump, The Orange Event

Greed Rock they cling to is death
Name Names MY LIFE

Everything could turn around in a moment but you deny the SPIRIT you won't be one to see it.

My Own are on both sides and have true intention of heart toward the SPIRIT

synchs last night:

Media Alert
The whole country has diabetes and needs to change diet. Also got rice
pertaining to virus, shadrach meshach and abednego and did not have the SMELL OF THE FIRE on them as a message about the synch with fragrance epic . This also has to do with the manipulation for profit by big business such as insulin sales. Gene therapy through SPIRIT and Twin Trees. "Key"

Many more deaths will happen and crisis because you reject the SPIRIT and I have to turn to Poets and such to communicate this message.


"bounty synch" right on and nobody cares as Trump and Base will get brunt of God as Hard Man because of their "interpretations of God"

Health is Wealth then Trump is "NOW" poor

The "experience" as horrible as it may seem is trans formative for many people who are benefiting now from it.

Won't go home without you

United Arab Emirates Dirham if you have a real message then call me as I do not click on things in an email


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