Monday, September 28, 2020

It is already in motion, Aliens are Coming, Conspiracy against the Tree

 They are going to fail

It is already in motion

It is just a matter of time (now)

The Predicted Conspiracy against the Tree (Twitter 2019)

The Aliens are coming,  I would not want to be one of "them" that they are after, greed has a smell to it and they will be hiding in the CAVES for fear of what they have misunderstood. The SPIRIT and the earth are going to collide with the birds that conspired against the tree and great will be their fall.

Monster synchs

The first tree came down like clockwork. But the second tree did not come down as expected, that tree's fall was edgy, but did come down away from the house and great was it's fall

So we learn an unexpected way

Passion and sex are a practice in where two or more agree on anything in the moment of synchronicity it is done for them. Synchronicity can be seen as recognising the SPIRIT in a moment and being in agreement. Love is synchronicity with SPIRIT and others. Put out intentions in accordance to what your synchs are telling you and this agreement with SPIRIT is conception. A synchronicity agreed upon in the moment is as good as two or three agreeing upon anything and YOU/MY LIFE are there in that moment. Start over and lose your presumption, learn it new everyday. Don't let the cup get filled without first filling it intentionally. And empty cup like a swept house invites mayhem especially when fears are often offered. Sex is misunderstood in that dreaming of the lover and being open to the SPIRIT can keep a man from fear as nothing matters except you be happy. The SPIRIT then gives what you need in the moment without shame. If I need to know a storm about a storm I will learn it in the moment I need it. A woman's judgement based on fear what is it saying but "fill my cup with what I am putting out."

Before your moment to get stuck, I must say that so much about anyone is what the SPIRIT can make perfect, you can make the plans but be ready for Synchronicity to learn a new way of seeing it. But plans without the SPIRIT always go awry. Seek 100 percent agreement with SPIRIT before it is put into action. Play in the sandbox flirting with reality before commiting to what you are to be. This play leads to the tree growing as well as the tention and the water of understanding that comes in the moment you need it.

Like Mickeys Mops (Fantasia) the tricks of a smart con (harlot, scarlet, religion, Trump) eventually go awry, let the SPIRIT birth and complete your systems.

While I was checking and rechecking my rigging, I was watching Disney and the mono rail that was successful, but it was a learning process. I am sure they are happy they did not burn down the whole place before getting something that worked.

Mickey's Magic Mops and Trump's system/grift. Forget everything you know and like two lovers in sanctuary spend your moments with the SPIRIT. Let your way grow inside me so I don't even need to prepare as YOU are there!

The house/earth/Mansion comes alive and a tree is judged by it's fruit

During my edgy experiences I learned to stay in this moment with YOU and saw that what I feared would happen did not, but how YOU treat me did, therefore I sought only to know YOU. Grow in synchronicity with SPIRIT. Not just synchs but seek with all your heart and soul to know YOU/SPIRIT as spoke through those who went before us.

Because the animals/and other aliens are so Epic and fantastic I would not want to be those who intentionally hide behind a veil of interpretation deceiving even themselves, why they who interpret always overlook the smallest of points that is taught only by the SPIRIT, Those that love a lie/conspiracy have been gathered into a net. Let their desolation be of the heart for those that can be saved.


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