Saturday, May 20, 2023

Join with me in believing what the synch says about my oldest friend

 Post from Sept 2022


Mark is in hospice care now and on his last leg the doctors say it looks like but....the synch says different when he told me the details I realized the dog had the same

Dog walks down to my car
Dog car 1
Dog last walk
Join with me in believing what the synch says for my oldest friend

Mark told me the latest details while laughing and I realized it was related to the dog

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Faraway the treasure and the Field

 We had a great day yesterday together and particularly as we had many synchs about my time in Turkey and Germany. We had met earlier with a German friend named Isabel at the democratic booth at the poke salad festival and I went back to help man the booth but later last evening we came upon a movie called Faraway and really enjoyed many aspects of the movie which Pam felt was so relevent to my life. When I was in Germany at 17yrs old I felt alone but very independent and getting a stereo for the little apartment in Rechberg Germany. A certain song came on the radio that I really liked called 99 balloons and this song was in the movie Faraway. And also about Turkey as the woman in the movie was from Turkey but left her life there to go to Croatia where her mother was from. (That where I am you may be also comes to mind as synchs of late are about those who went before me and so I can we with YOU)  Now there were so many synchs with this movie including this one

Seeing without judgements

Living without regrets

Loving without Limits

I felt that those threatening the world with annihilation (99 balloons) or those that "conspired against the tree" want to use it to gain power and money but did not think they would lose because of their plan to use a base of people that believe their propaganda. But they want to cause a problem but plan to blame those they are manipulating for it.

As it turned out, "99 Red Balloons," as it was now called, was, of all things, protest song. In the lyrics, a boy and girl innocently release a batch of balloons into the air; confused by these flying objects, international governments panic, triggering a nuclear holocaust.

I had dreamed the other night about how those that demanded the law were told they could have it but it was them who were to keep it since they reject or hide from the SPIRIT (shame) but they really wanted to use it to manipulate others and this of course is/was known therefore it was given them but also was a trap set for those hiding behind a veil of interpretation called religion and rejecting the SPIRIT. But not only was it given them and said that the letter would lead to their desolation as they cannot keep it but also was used in another manner. 

Matthew 13:44 New King James Version (NKJV)

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and hid; and for joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.

 Look at what the SPIRIT reveals to you through synchronicity as a growing treaure as I speak of it as the gold rush often in my synchs and how when he found it a man would even give up all that he has to aquire such treasure and wanting to share it but knowing the masses would reject it you might see that field as many things,, the scripture, the body dna, and around every corner of life itself is this treasure hidden. So if they demand a law to use against others but according to their own words/ presumptions be it unto them so the scripture without the SPIRIT is a trap, but with the SPIRIT you are led to the treasure alluded to in the scripture but the book is a story therefore it is not necessary to learn in a completely fresh and new way what the SPIRIT alone is to give.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase ‘each other’
doesn’t make any sense.  

Synch about "Look down at the Floor"

It started with birds in California as we wandered and wondered and attracted birds into our lives

we intended to communicate with animals and we found this was possible through synchronicity. As the synch grew we now have my dog and cat paying close attention to my movements in order to learn my intentions. In the truck the dog knows he cannot play or bother me while I am driving and I intended he understand that the truck going down the road was controlled by me and that began to have interesting results where when I use the gas or the brake the dog looks at the floor and acknowledges the car motion as related to my movements now. I brought that up to Pam as we were talking about it and when I said "look at the floor" I looked down and a bug hopped onto my foot at the moment I said "floor".and this sparked the synch related to "learning from bugs" and microbes and the idea of how to communicate with them. So we look forward to more synchs about this as things such as covid do not come into our reality without a message that when responded to properly the microbes are not a problem anymore. The pandemic was the unexpected thing that those orchestrating to use right wing facists to gain power and money did not account for and was used by the SPIRIT to thwart the conman but if you are dead to the message of the SPIRIT and are not reached yet then such as this was intended to continue. So this is part of humans needing to learn communication with their dna and subsequently all reality.


Sunday, May 07, 2023

keep your attention on the SPIRIT you won't need bravery

 Girl smiling Buddhist smile at the moment of her death, keep your attention on the SPIRIT you won't need bravery

When you haven't reached to the spirit what business is it of yours to interpret for others,,,silence

The synchronicity and subject of Wonder for the day synergistically is often an aspect of the romance with my partner

By believing it instead of learning from the spirit you judge yourself just like you judge yourself by judging others

Don't try to steer the synchronicity you'll never get there that way rather let the synchronicities change your direction

Most will abandon you reaching to the heart but what is the price of finding what you came here for?

Bugs rule the world

We had a visit from the white Possum last night, I left it a banana

Because you demand your presumption w/o SPIRIT, Let It Be unto you as you believe about them

Wouldn't you rather have ask anything of the SPIRIT rather than the horror of your presumption of scripture without the SPIRIT because horror is what you create when you demand your interpretation is right

If you knew what was coming you would pray that you were wrong sure keep Jesus (SPIRIT that spoke through him) as the way just pray that you were wrong by interpretation

The foolish leader says he is smart but overlooked the SPIRIT such a being ALWAYS fails in the end that he might be reached to the heart
I will reach you!

Reassurance assurance the cat needed reassurance

Death does not destroy what we love and what we give our attention to these we carry forward beyond the impassable way

Dance tonight
What lovers do
Whale Tail "power"
Something those divided will respect

Rapture, Alok and Daniel Blume
Where YOU are!
earts still open
Though we're far apart

I get this feeling
I wanna be where you are
I wanna be where you are
I wanna be where you are
I get this feeling
I wanna be where you are
I wanna be where you are
I wanna be where you are

Are you wide awake?
Counting the stars
Or just lying, lying
In the dark? Ooh-whoa

Mixed emotions
Hearts still open
Though we're far apart

I get this feeling
I wanna be where you are
I wanna be where you are
I wanna be where you are
I get this feeling
I wanna be where you are
I wanna be where you are
I wanna be where you are

I wanna be where you are

I get this feeling
I wanna be where you are
I wanna be where you are
I wanna be where you are
I get this feeling
I wanna be where you are
I wanna be where you are
I wanna be where you are

It's hard for you to believe but it's the only way to stay up in love joy fantasy unveiled uninhibited as it was in the beginning
Alone Together
If you stay up and love, joy, fantasy with true intention of heart believing the SPIRIT, the fragrance of your heart will lead you from there, you are forgiven
ATTENTION is forgiveness
The separated cannot Fathom it!

The letter interpreted was intended to lead to greater separation and division w/o the SPIRIT leading

Lightning, this is what you came for these nights in sanctuary
"She tell me, "Settle down, " what does it all mean?
Anything you want, baby, give it all to me" These Nights Lyrics

Tuesday, May 02, 2023

What is worse than believing it is a PERFECT CALL, it takes a lie.... E. Jean Carrol

 E.Jean Carrol and the one that really gets him is a simple liar like him. Now that would break his heart.

Let's say a woman tells Trump to rape her in that moment of passion more or less does it and he thinks it's all fun and games at the moment only to find out that the one that actually pops his balloon is the only case where he is innocent but since you cheated every other time let's just say it's life nailing you the way you would wand and you are reached to the heart because you think it's not fair what you did to every other person the other times and life said you think you are INNOCENT, lol.

Every person feels this way when they get ate/despitefully used and overlooks all the times they DID NOT get exposed and every person is a liar w/o the SPIRIT. How will you cover your nakedness w/o reaching to know the SPIRIT and letting go of that presumption you are hiding behind. This can be said of every person but especially Fox News all politicians especially the GOP. This passion play is desigened to reach the world to the heart about shame and blame, and the truth about who is Lol (Innocent) LOL

When you believe it was a perfect call it usually turns out that way with passion and intention, but like E. JEAN Carrol even if she told him "come on rape me" she can still stand up in court and focus on the fact that he indeed "did it" and show her power, but he could not say the truth because......... and the dots keep going!

The best way to break a man's heart is for the one thing that gets him that he actually was not guilty of as she believes as she USES HIM to show her power and that it be something he cannot defend against or he will reveal what is/was really going on.

The SPIRIT can defend against it but is there enough oil in his lamp and true intention (Trump, lol True Intent, rich man eye of the camel LOL) to reach the SPIRIT and to have a future?

Give up all that you have in order to receive a glimpse from YOU/MY LIFE

Blessed is SHE/MY LIFE that used her to nail me to this tree!

So if Trump fails in his real crime of stealing from Americans and lying to even his base about his true intentions (Putin, Conspiracy against the Tree) will there come a time when every Beast ends up in another creature's belly!

Lightning and thunder at the moment realizing your nakedness w/o the SPIRIT clothing you

The emperor has no clothes

Its got to be done by the SPIRIT anything else is not PERFECT LOVE. You must be led by the SPIRIT

Monday, May 01, 2023

If it is not perfect love it is not love it may have the form of love but lacks the SPIRIT

If it is not perfect love it is not love it may have the form of love but lacks the SPIRIT

First grow the tree between you and SPIRIT, you and I then you will have the real essence of love and not just the appearance


At the base of the cross they gambled for his clothes believing he would not return

For where a carcass is there the vultures gather it was never meant to be an interpretation it was a story meant to lead you to the SPIRIT the one speaking through him

In like manner they did not believe the SPIRIT would return so like the flag, the bible, guns and the republican party they used it not believing it was real anyway, but.....

Religion then has lost its savor the original intent having a form or interpretation of religion but denying the SPIRIT. I am a story meant to lead to the SPIRIT the SPIRITwill clothe you

Because of taking on the presumptuous Veil it is you that needs to be saved from what the interpretation will cause for you the SPIRIT that spoke through him is still the savior so don't take on any man's interpretation until you get it from the SPIRIT and the SPIRIT leads you to real perfect love


 Theirs was a mutual adoration laced with innocent flirtation; there was a certain playfulness that freed them from being neither friends nor lovers. What was between them was open to interpretation. It was beyond definition. Everyone should have a huckleberry friend at one point or another.





Dead in their Separations

Walking Dead

Trump hates #republicans

Only using for power like he uses everything like the flag, bible, and guns for that purpose 

(Place quote from 1990s about using Republicans stupidity)


When Trump says nuclear it is because he is part of that plan related to blackmailing America in order to gain power over her

RUN like a girl synch with NPR AND 

I wonder what the cat wonders about as we sit on the deck looking at the rain