Thursday, October 25, 2018

Swiss Army Knife and Nov 8th synch tonight

Swiss Army Knife and Nov 8th synch tonight

Pam was adamant about watching Ghost Busters "Answer the Call" with Melissa McCarthy tonight so we did but I stayed up because I was feeling something about Nov 8th so I went back to my 2017 synchs and then to 2016 and that turned out to be the day we watched that movie once before and had the Swiss Army Knife synch. Two things stood out and that was how all the power in the world could not take down the Giant Stay Puff Man but a simple Swiss Army Knife did, sort of makes me think of a simple stick synch. Anyway, it feels relevant and it will be interesting to see how it plays out. But also the other synch with that post called "Swiss Army Knife Synch" was that it was


Yes it is fixin to be a wild ride friends. 

and this quote
mentioned the Swiss Army Knife as the right tool to take down the giant Stay Puff Marsh-mellow man rather than a powerful weapon.

 Which leads to the latest Carolyn Casey program on KPFA Last night which was about the level of possession going through the roof with trump and those who "see through eyes of hate". That is the problem when people follow an interpretation to extremes such as ISIS and the Hillary haters. But I think that Trump is a necessary self absorbed leader at this time to really show HOW THE SMALLEST OF POINTS OVERLOOKED BY THE MIND CAN BE revealed best to humans.

So what this is saying is it will not be anything big that brings such power to it's knees but the SPIRIT using the SMALLEST OF POINTS OVERLOOKED.

And the post on the next day Nov 9th about

Trains, political parties wrecks in the synchs and why

Which is about the ongoing synch with YOU and I collide I feel like this date next month will be very much related to that synch.. Oh, and the Orange Event we can't forget that one!


It is very wonderful how the SPIRIT is bringing my Pam back from the edge


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