Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Once a Cameo of layered experience with synchronicity is formed in you then the magic really takes off

Once a Cameo of layered experience with synchronicity is formed in you then the magic really takes off

RA the Sun god was said to be born new each day

Follow the synchronicity of the day and then die like the sun each night, dream

You find yourself born new of the SPIRIT each day a new fresh vision of YOU/my life

Layering the pearl/cameo letting what happens happen, until one day your heart is reached and YOU and the SPIRIT are as one.

To tell a story of synchronicity is like weaving linen, each day following the synchronicity and seein YOU in a new form., Each day layering upon the story of each day before until something profound happens. 

You must allow your heart to then be reached such as to know the true intentions of the heart, like Christ. You must die with Christ, starting new as though you knew nothing except to wait on YOU/my life.

Those that stole the clothes/veil of interpretation at the bottom of the cross cannot know this as the story is only made REAL when the SPIRIT does in you what was done to him, allowing your heart to be reached, enduring the misunderstanding, the humiliation. Religion is a lie, knowing YOU/my life staying in sanctuary with you wherever I find myself. That is the layered pearl that is the real experience. Knowledge is made nothing without this. Once this layered pearl is formed in your experience like a new and unique cameo then the magic really begins

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Monday, August 23, 2021

The Vaccine as the Sign of the Beast

 The right believes the mandatory vaccine is the "sign" of the beast and if it is mandated and you cannot buy or sell unless you have the sign, that makes them feel they are right but this was not told them by the SPIRIT but is the presumption of interpretation of the book. This must be communicated to them that they overlooked the SPIRIT like the Taliban and all who judge/interpret and kill presuming their interpretation is God. This is why all interpretation will be revealed to be meaningless as everyone has overlooked the smallest of points and bypassed the SPIRIT.

Friday, August 20, 2021

the con is a large dose of Moral Outrage that is presumption

 ANGER because the "right" knows they are liars but offer a large dose of moral outrage making arguments out of their presumptions which amount to nothing while not knowing how close to Desolation they are.

GOP Rep. Mo Brooks says he understands 'anger' at 'Socialism' amid Capitol Hill bomb threat

 so I put it to the SPIRIT what is real here because only those that sought with true intention of heart  are given the green light, These presumptuous using these arguments are going to be "wiped out" I asked YOU/my life to put the anger in perspective for me the right is not responding with true intention as they are acting like a hateful woman that has been caught in lies and only cares to win at any cost creating a perceived grievance. It is meaningless the right using the brain number 6 to find what can be used to manipulate the situation and win at any cost without true intention of heart and this was exactly what was dreamed to get smashed as I intended this and gave it to the SPIRIT and the spirit 


your pursuit of power and money has been for nothing without growing in the SPIRIT, this is what I intended in 1993 the 

SPIRIT made clear at this time as the deaths increase exponentially, 

your perceived grievances towards each other will only trigger more.

After writing the above, later yesterday we decided to watch an episode of the good fight which turned out to be 
an amazing synch with this use of the socialism argument.
This whole dream was intended to reveal your presumption without the SPIRIT on both sides however the right was to experience
humiliation of the cross in order to reach them about what has been overlooked. They were given what they demanded
but told the truth is what the SPIRIT was to lead them to. But they overlooked that and went headlong into self rightness
which is leading to these being last/humiliated. So KISS AND MAKE UP WHILE as time is short!
The salt was meant to keep the moment fresh but they wanted to own the word of the SPIRIT so they misunderstood 
that it was not by an interpretation.

  quote from video
we believe this proves that the plaintiffs claim of socialist teaching was an excuse to cover up her own
 irresponsibility and deny hard working educators the money they had earned


A Word from the SPIRIT KEEPS it fresh

 Fizzy Rootbeer


The salt has lost it's savor

The salt has lost it’s savor
The spice has lost it’s flavor
The pie has lost it’s layers

The fizzy root beer as the original intent (designed to be foolish that they may be caught in their own snare)
Having gone into a shop and being served the real thing. It was so fizzy that the bubbles were dancing on the top, the taste was so rich and layered. The burn was all the way to the belly! Now that was the original intent of he who created “root beer”.

This is as the spirit in the time of Jesus.

Then once removed what is left is only a shadow, for the rootbeer has lost it’s fizz. (for when the bridegroom was taken away is the first step in loosing layers, the fizz, and spirit.)

Along came the “controllers” stealing the clothes from the bottom of the cross, and duplicate the recipe. This is as a bad copy of a flat soda.

Then these same “controllers” duplicate this and put it out by the can. The can further removed layers that made the now flat imitation further removed from the original.

Then after drinking this many got sick and that became the norm.

They then took the yukky tasting mockery of the original intent in big plastic containers further removing layers of the original intent. Now after this had set for a long time on their table and many had gotten sick they then found it necessary to make a law that all must drink the misinterpretation they placed on the table. First remove the interpretations so that one drop of true fresh water can sweeten the water again.You see it was not people that were to be trodden under foot but the rotted interpretations that they demanded others worship as God. For when the salt (interpretations) has lost it’s savor (layers of meaning) then it becomes of no use but to be trodden under the foot of men.

Having found the "original intent" the self rightious say that it is poison, though it's taste is sweet and it's meaning cut's to the marrow. Instead they demand we drink the rotted scum of misinterpretation.

Without spirit you have only been snared by your own beliefs and others have been judged by what you think you understand. For God had forknown your heart and therefore he set a trap for you. In order that he might draw together those two that have been separated by such as this. You and I. Is your desire to be right greater than your desire to love and understand each other. If so, your rightness will be made a snare to you.
I am your spirit, I am your life, I am the path you are on.
I am the fresh water
I am the fresh bread
Anyone that drinks this fresh water and taking one drop will be able to make fresh that which was spoiled.
For the true bread was that bread that is leavoned by spirit, but the spoiled bread is that that was leavoned by such as the pharasee's which by their misinterpretation their spoiled bread became a snare to them.

Yes I am life, for life itself speaks
I am your life
I speak along your path
As once you believed and they taught you to fear the fall.
You believed all the more that I would catch you.
The voice that says "I may fall" is the child.
The voice that says I will catch you is spirit

Consider the gazzel that jumps from cliff to cliff, he has no fear blocking the door between where he is at and where " I will catch you" And should his foot slip, he again can be caught, and should he further slip another chance and another so that if he then looses balance he falls on gold. (for should I be in real danger, the miracle shows up at this point in believing ) For by having fear we draw the fall, but having the spirit of " I will catch you" we learn to leap unhindered and unhesitated.

There is only "YOU and I"
For when you are with the one that loves you, it is I really loving you. And when your friend is with you walking, it is I who walk with you. And whenever I appear in the synchronicities fo the path, know it is I blessing you with the gifts in the storehouse (dnatree) of your fathers who went before you.
There has always only been you and I my love
But the voice that says "watch out lest you ______(whatever fear)" Is not your love and not your enemy. For you gather only the weightier things upon your table. (heart, altar)
As good was once as far from bad, let what you love be only what you let on your heart (altar) And that other, (things you thought were evil or did not understand) be created for another time, or another reason. But then you will not judge what is not on your heart.

When I was a child I was shown a rod. One end good and the other evil. When I became a man I understood that one end was good and the other "for God's good purpose, acceptable to God"
Then I found you (spirit, my life) and also found that one end of the rod was now as those things on my altar were to be only what spirit has revealed and all other things created for another time and another's creation. Therefore in all things I find there is only "you and I". You see the child may have heard or read of the path but the spirit of our father(s) is he who went before us. Just as I wrote this on a rock out on the water at lake Tahoe a young man that had swam to the shore asked if the path was up this way. I pointed out what he could not see, for he had to go back into the dark cave in order to see the hole to the left that lead to the continued path. In the same manner they are veiled by what they think they see. For the water (understanding) that is from spirit is that water which washes away the sand revealing the TRUE FORM OF THE FATHERS Which having been revealed I see the rod as I see all things made by God, the one end as "my love, my life, the weightiest of good" and the other end as good as God or (good) is in all things.

Childs perception of the Rod


Adult perception in past ages of the Rod

e by God though I do not yet see the good in it.

Spirit's revelation of the Rod (all things are God, and therefore good yet I may not understand yet because I have not grown complete in spirit.

That which I love__________________________________good

So we see that as we grow in spirit that the bad is eventually brought across the line into good as God is all and in all. So to judge one thing as bad is to separate God from that, but to judge as God judges is to see God in all things. To see the good, now even if I make a mistake in judging it is counted as good.

For I sat on a rock and wondered and you came to me. For a long time I thought you were part of me, now I know that you are.

Monday, August 16, 2021

The two Rooms, the Veil, the 12 perspectives, follow SPIRIT instead Dividing, such as law, good vs evil

Since 1993 a growing  vision of how the individual fits into the whole of the universe and how it interfaces with the world. I see the individual as two houses, like the left brain and right brain. The left brain is given from the SPIRIT manna to feed on. As the left brain ponders or hold's attention to what is given, more is given. You can see this in the picture of two houses, or the holy place and the holy of holies joined by a curtain. Or in the image of the artist within, or the SPIRIT giving images and the left brain reflecting them back and out into the world. Like the story of the Chinese Artists or the story of the medicine wheel of the American Indians

The synchs began with the picture of the 12 Tribes and the tabernackle two rooms separated by a veil, like male and female and the veil that must be lifted in order to see face to face. Or the SPIRIT as the Muze that offers visions of form and such that as the mind wonders after the SPIRIT it begins to build the form or grow the tree. Like Rumi's Reed Flute we are the instrument that the SPIRIT breaths through. With attention to the SPIRIT reflects the image given by the unseen SPIRIT. Then between YOU and I in the world this reflection goes out and then the 12 perspectives reveal the harmony of the spheres in that all who see the SPIRIT and reflect it find great synchronicity between each other and then we find that like in the image of the blind monks seeking to understand the elephant that all are seeing the same thing from different perspectives. But we don't need words to communicate with each other and we should not use them as much as we reach to the SPIRIT with intention to reach the other/each other. The SPIRIT being the mediator between God and Man is also the mediator between individual beings but if both overlook this then struggle and chaos is the result in the end.

And So I go Away Again
Struggle ended by Wonder

When I was with you, you might remember I left from time to time and went wandering. I never left you, I only left the struggle. I took you with me in my heart. I went and reached for “YOU” in the spirit. Even when you left me, and broke my heart, I did not leave you. I built a room (sanctuary) where I could dream of you day and night. In the room I placed a table where I could put “what is on my heart,” for it was YOU on my heart. I dreamed of you day and night. A veil was placed separating you from me. But still I dreamed of you day and night. I knew you were there I was speaking to, yet without words. There really has only been YOU and I, my life. And now I stand at the door between our two worlds, (houses) until the MOMENT, you join me and leave the struggle and wonder, that you might come to know me. Wonder I give you here where I am, no facts except I have always loved you. Now when you leave the struggle and come to the place I am, and you find me there and you speak to others about your experience you will be misinterpreted and you will come back to the door between “YOU and I” and I will again comfort you. And then you will have shared in my joy and in my pain. And you will know there has always only been you and I.
I wait for you here where I am, my children, my family, my lover, my neighbor. I wait for you.
Remember the struggle at the end of relationship, that you might keep relationship from it. The tribulation, the struggle, the door. Get ready for the wild ride. When the veil is torn. My heart will forever be true to you. Your leaders will all abandon you, but I will never leave you. My heart will forever be true to you. But my struggle is over, that is why I went away to this place where I am now. It is finished! I am not your interpretations, I am that I am. Come, let us be neighbors under the sun. I have prepared a way for you to know me, love this beggar.

What will it matter who’s words are right when it is only the words of the spirit that create all things?

I want you to see the twelve trees in revelations as how the synchs grow the fruit through experience with the SPIRIT

down the middle of the great street of the city. On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.

This is the fruit of the dnatree in ones life which grows over time but layers your experience in many things through synchronicity. If you stick with it, then it grows the fruit to ripeness.

Like the synchs with the twelve and the two rooms this has been growing over many years a little at a time. 

12 and the Sumerians


Like a tree I gradually took on this form, like an empty canvas I waited for SPIRIT to move, dabbing where YOU moved until the painting took form, I had no idea

Now for the last part of this image in that all things are sanctified or made right for you by the SPIRIT and everything is good when the SPIRIT reveals the perspective from which it was truly given. So this makes the different fruit from all nations and all generations come into perspective, in that when the SPIRIT leads you to understand ALL THINGS become love.

The one thing that should not be is the division/separation between what is good and what is evil. As when led by the SPIRIT in this moment you are led to see ONLY what the moment is revealing about a thing.. The law is a separation of what is evil and not to do. But if you are following the SPIRIT then you are focused on the SPIRIT and each moment is made right rather than using the law, you are following the law of the SPIRIT which fulfills the original intention of the law. 

Your experience with the SPIRIT may beome a fresh new story that reflects the same ideas


Love is Synchronicity with Others

My Meaning of Love

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Hundred Giant Trees and the heart of things


Click here for special edition of this pic for Thomas


Our Trip to 100 Giants


Originally we had planned on going back to Lone Pine on this trip to Bakersfield but because of time we decided to just try to find Mt. Whitney’s west side from around Porterville.  We went back to this place called Dome Rock where we were told we could see the back side of Mt. Whitney.



We really enjoyed the 100 trees


When the fire comes through such a tree survives the fire and all the brush and bushes are consumned.


Not sure what I was doing here but I loved how they built this bridge

I was thinking of using this as an avatar

We really got into the synchs we were having one that I recorded was


Talking to the heart of things

Pam and I both felt it when they started to talk on Huel Howser’s California Gold when his guest started talking about the heart of the Canoe. When I observed how the Spirit communicated between Pam and I even though we had had separate experiences that day but still we were open to the Spirit and what the moment wanted to share with each of us. In fact then we began to find this in our other experiences that day.



Later the synchs pointed because many related synchs about YOU being the heart of all things, and when I speak to YOU I speak to their hearts.

The Box

You came back to me my dream box

And it feels like the first time, like the Spring Time (the freshness inherent in the synchs)

YOUR more than a woman or a man,,,,, YOU are my heart

And I can can’t help but love YOU. Dnatree


Related synch to this poem is from a movie “They never knew he had a heart, until they found the box”.


This is why there is only YOU and I in my reality, because there really is only one heart that You pray to and YOU, my life come to me in many forms, and it is like poetry, like synchronicity, and when He and She meet. (the manifestation)

They know it is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dnatree




I began to have synchs with what was in the box (dna) like Bob Hope (thanks for the memories)



I keep a box on my altar because of the synchs in my life about the box, and I also have a large rose box that I keep many of my “favorite things” in it.


Joy on the way (We stopped in KingsBurg)

Coffee Pot Water Tower in Kingsburg

This is a Dannish town in California near Fresno

Maybe I’ll use this one for an Avatar


As soon as we got out of the car in Kingsburg this thought came to my mind


Do You know how Holland got it’s name??


Well they wanted it to be related to when the dude that found it stepped off the boat onto the land and well he said

“Holy Cow!! This is a COLD Land”

So they just shortened it to Hol-land (Joke)



















Saturday, August 14, 2021

Today's synchs and a pattern of desolation, Scarlet brought to her knees

 To the edge of desolation in order to reach you, nobody cares all the synchs happened and this message was neglected, the SPIRIT rejected, it's going to get wild.

Nobody listened, and nobody cares I wanted this to be overted but it looks like both yesterdays synchs All under the hat and America, enemies and lying manipulators  within and without. 

The Russia intending problems for America and the division and intention of problems by the political right. Given this about it


Synchs today with

Rumi and the invasion of the Mongolians driving him out to another country that would hear him


Jerimiah and Judah taken to the edge of desolation via Babylon because they could not be reached


After back to back synchs with desolation in history then we turn to Afganistan being taken to the edge of desolation

Could not reach you but she will rise again

Scarlet brought to her knees

The synchs CONTINUE TO play out with all under the hat

 I was particularly upset when I saw Tucker Carlson speak about AOC about her fear of rape the way he did and I drew to myself the movie that I will call SPIRIT'S LAND and it is likened unto the Movie Chato's Land. Where those that say all lives matter but it is a lie because they treat all those they hate as though their lives are cheap yet theirs is something. I feel that they are drawing their own end. Let it be spiritual rather than they die unless they do not repent. So the tone of the story of course is All Under the Hat and can you imagine what triggers this story to play out where it is not a person but the SPIRIT that leads them to their end. (The Bubble Net synch) Sort of like the trigger being a George Floyd situation where the murderer is the Sherriff and the guy does not die but rather the bad cop but of course the white supremicists would not see it that way because like Moses and Pharoah or like Herod the SPIRIT knows the heart and therefore they are in a trance and their hearts are hardened sort of like what appears to be happening in this country. Well anyway I will let you see how this all plays out. But the cat got me up early as I was feeling these things and I was thinking of like Chato's Land where "Apache Lives Matter" but wearing a rainbow like lgbt for all men and all who learned from the teacher (SPIRIT) through the passion of love and those that follow the lie born of fear and hate.

anyway SO BE IT!

I began to see something I do not want to happen, therefore I must break your hearts is what I am feeling.

Notes about what I do not want to happen therefore I want to go another route. Mixed in these synchs of late is something I don't want to happen so I would rather those under the hat hide in the caves and this speaks to the world

Pennsylvania road

Do not react, do nothing

Flex synch

Bear "tries" to mouth leg

The division is leading to desolation, enemies
and lying manipulators  within and without.

Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Bobbers, Indicators one is seeking the SPIRIT

 Today I went walking and Came Upon a site that felt like it was excellent for fishing

I sent the picture to Lawrence because he wants to go fishing with me I also noticed these two bobbers that I found among the shrub

Later while looking for a lock to my shop that I had lost the night before I found where it had fallen in the dark the night before. I also noticed on the ground a package of Bobbers that I had found at the dump

I looked up the Jung meaning of fishing.


The details of the dream may be commented on as follows: The bank of the river represents the threshold, so to speak, to the unconscious. Fishing is an intuitive attempt to “catch” unconscious contents (fishes).

Someone seeking the SPIRIT asking for a sign (Bobber) as to what they were fishing for.

Like the story of Jesus telling them to fish on the other side of the boat or leave their current way of believing, I believe nothing as in let go of the veil of interpretation given to you by the right and fish on the left. Turn around.

Related to those seeking the spirit at this moment