Wednesday, January 19, 2022

The Fishermen's Net

 The fishermen's Net

The whole world is caught in a net, yet so few realize it, YET!

America finds itself caught in a pickle given the gift I was placed in a place where I knew in my own power I would lose I was given the ability to pay attention to the synchs with all of my heart (In my loneliness, in my bewilderness, through this broken heart,,YOU came.)

I felt powerless
I felt "lied about"
I was put in a place, in my skull,,,that part of us that needs to die
It had to become completely in synch with my moments

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Whether it be Trump making Americans feel powerless headed to the edge of desolation or even those on the right who really believed Trump, feel now they are powerless. Also in each of the three scenarios  there was a base of people that would believe the lie,  the towns people in the story of my family, and finally the Trumpbase, and then those on the left feel and those on the right feel victimized as well now. The thing about this is to reach to the SPIRIT now as we all break each others hearts

Sunday, January 02, 2022

Play, fantasy, remembering childhood, finding home

 On December 26th during a wonderful evening my synchs were about being LOST in a dream while playing as a small boy of about five in Izmir Turkey. I used to play in the foxholes that older kids made in the backyard. I would cut onclaves in the inside of the foxholes to put my things that I was playing with and get LOST in the dream of being in my own world. As a boy I believe I dreamed of building my own home. My homelife was a bit of a struggle because I did not relate to other children and I was often punished when my mother was upset about something else. I realized later in life that I had a stutter because of the fear of answering my mother as she had a tendency to slap me in the face and I could trace the feeling related to stuttering to such experience. In the Army, I had to give classes during leadership school and that was when I worked out the problem and realized how it began. I made honor graduate of the class and became an instructor and that ended the stuttering. But the JOY I found being alone and LOST in my fantasy of self reliance was something that gave me strength as a child. I felt like I had a friend inside as a boy and now believe it is related to the SPIRIT that came to work through my dreams as I grew. There is a nondistraction where as a child I would go into my own world of play. The world took me away from playing in that exact manner but I retained a bit of it as I walked alone over the years I would get lost in my own world and only come out of the dream when I had to interact with traffic such as in the small town of Reckberg Germany in the service. The streets were usually deserted and I would walk about a mile up to the castle and back around to my apartment. I lived and dreamed so many places, but the playfulness of dreaming and even skipping as I dreamed the best parts was a world of my own since I was a child. I realized the other day while thinking about play that the idea of becoming as little children as Jesus spoke of was not looking at little children to wonder about being such, but by remembering how it really was as a little child.

As an adult I was led away from play and there was a shame to being childish and it was thought that "putting away childish things" was stopping play, but that could not be further from the truth. The passion of fantasy and finding and meeting the "right person" to be with seemed to replace the play I had as a child but was actually the same thing with an added passion/fuel that increased the fantasy to the point that it became real. What I fantasized about did not seem to matter at but the intensity did. Once the fantasy materialized of having the bike, car, girlfriend or whatever it morphed into what we could do together. YOU and I.

It was when I lost my life and was setup that the synchs related to fantasy really became almost life or death. It led to having what I really needed in the moment I needed it. But I needed to really connect with what those that imitate spirituality in church seemed to never actually find. I had sought the SPIRIT and began having synchs in 1979. But what I had been taught about religion which came from the accepted interpretation had become a veil over my eyes and it took much real experience with SPIRIT through synchronicity to come to a new way of seeing all that. I was taught by the SPIRIT to let go of all shame and blame I had been taught and go with the dream, the fantasy, the play in sanctuary with YOU/MY LIFE. 

Having my heart broken took me to a level of making this all real because I needed so many miracles to overcome the situation I had been put in. If I had not allowed my heart to be reached as I agreed with the SPIRIT to allow it, I would have never shed the old veil and taken on a new one from YOU. 

The realization that it was the same SPIRIT of play and LOSING myself that led to the greatest moments with my life.

The fantasy of creating home, a house, inventing my own way of life has become everything.

Oh, and sharing what has become reality for me which I see that the interpretation wants to immitate what they experienced that was real 2000 yrs ago but it is not to be done through immitation of an interpretation except it lead you to the SPIRIT and lead you to your own experience with the SPIRIT and even saving your life from certain death many times by following that synchronicity. 

It was not learning facts, but rather the experiences alone with the SPIRIT layered the cameo of who YOU were in me. Now, whatever comes up the synch directs my attention to such experience such as in play that the answer appears from something old and somethng new. I have penned that the teacher is the SPIRIT through anything done passionately. If you do not have passion, you will never charge the battery enough to see with unveiled eyes what is real and what was a veil over your eyes.

Dreaming of home (Playing House) is perhaps one of my most wonderful dreams being lost in the dream.


The Universal Dream of Finding home