Monday, July 11, 2005

Voices of the soul

We saw the doves flying in harmony and we said let us go and join in harmony with them and as we approached the birds stopped flying just in formation and appeared in front of us stationary in the air forming a design twice.
We caught on tape the lady passing saying just a curtain and a table and then the Mockingbird began to sing and we got it all on tape.

Synchronicity with the book Alchemy of Possibility yesterday. On page 249 are the words:
The winds, fires and floods that fuel the universe are also the voices of our souls: there is no separation except in form.

Synch today about stars and stripes and surprise.

The turning point, the return, the homecoming.

Birdy Bird (dove) walking on keyboard pecking the periods.

Songs about the family and I on the radio during dreamtime:
If you don't know me by now: I can't stop loving you: September Morn. Your just the part of me I can't let go, stay here, we will dance all night until we have a new day: Song I just want to come home. Many syncs about homecoming.

Your like the sun chasing all the clouds away, when you come around you bring brighter days.

The Fantastic Four (from the book, were the four from long ago, earth, wind, fire, water)

After the Rain (tears) I will return.

The smallest of points covered up by the interpretations can be the weightiest

The smallest of points covered up by the interpretations can be the weightiest. For Jesus said that I do not speak except the spirit speaks. Therefore it is the spirit speaking of itself through Jesus when it is spoken I am the way, the truth and the life. And I tell you truly here that the spirit says "I am YOUR life". For Jesus gave religion what it wanted, a leader. But he snuck the truth that it is the spirit speaking and not myself and he spoke so that the religion that never knew him would not destroy his words until they got to this time. So that hearing they would not hear and seeing they will not see. And you will be hated above all for speaking the truth to religion which hides behind the veil of interpretation and speaks of the spirit but I tell you truly "they never knew me". The end of religion is the cross when all that have followed a lie and then the veil is lifted and they say "my God, my God" why have you forsaken me" and go on to a new life in the spirit not according to the law or interpretation but in the spirit. Get ready for the wild ride! For the word you seek is not the interpretation but that which you find in your mouth and in your heart and this truth is hidden from the veiled. Now when you speak in the spirit to one that is veiled it is like those that said. We cannot understand, how can you go back in the womb and be born again as many reacted to the spirit through Jesus. They believe you are crazy though you are as the wind, they just don't know where you are coming from or where you are going with it. For the spirit has always been contrary to the law and the new law called "interpretation". For God cannot be mocked *immitated", and there have come mockers "immitators" but the spirit is not in the business of making more Jesus's, YOU are a New Creature. Religion reads the scripture like an instruction manual as the Pharasees did. But the spirit says that as in all stories and written literature that is a deluding influence for that would make the scripture itself an idol to be worshipped when the scripture is none other than 66 book written by man who's number is 6. The true lover is he who sees the spirit in all things and knows the "Original intent of the heart" of Jesus. And therefore it is written of religion, those that are first will be last and the last, and the most hated will be first. Religion will fight to the death over "who is right" but that is the wrong rightness. The rightness of God is he who does not struggle but goes always to the spirit in wonder. Religion is the interpretation that seeks to cover up the spirit such as the "Great Spirit" of the indians that not having the scripture they knew the spirit better than those veiled by interpretation. You are free from their interpretation go your way without shame or blame being unveiled and uninhibited in the spirit and you will learn from the poetry of all your moments not just from things that seem spirititual as there is nothing that is separate from spirit. No, the mind is not perfect but you can dream it perfect and when she comes like a dream you find why you need the spirit for the spirit is the original intent of your heart. Agree with me in the spirit and get ready for the wild ride!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Unseen force fells trees and kills birds in Russian woods


The trees growing on the top of the hill, which is situated in the anomalous zone, were uprooted, whereas other trees growing closer to the foot of the hill were split or broken.

When he had gained his sight he saw men walking around as trees. (blind man healed by Jesus)

Uproot Capital hill and the woman (religion) at the bottom of the hill will be utterly broken. And the teachers that blinded them with interpretation will be found dead (crows) It is even now so, for they never knew me. They love their interpretation more than they love each other. The question is,,, is our desire to be right (self rightious) greater than our desire to love and understand each other. Get ready for the wild ride.

A tree is known by it's fruit, but interpretation is the fruit of the pharasees.


I’ve been searching through the past
Down the DNATREE

I’ve been re-membering

What life has to offer us for free

I came upon the advent of poetry

It taught me, it rocked me down to my knees
Called upon this councelor inside of me

To ask about the things that

Grew upon the tree

She said the blood of billions Had purchased this for me

It’s the DNA DNA DNA Tree

Well, blessed is SHE who nailed me to this tree


Like a tree, I gradually took on this form. Like an
empty canvas the painter waited for spirit to move.
Dabbing only where spirit moved until the painting takes form.

The End of the Struggle


Fear leads us to prepare for this and that and not knowing how the fragrance of the heart draws the things that are on the heart they end up having to deal with all they prepare for and find themselves unprepared.
The veil society and industry gives us says to prepare for this and that. But the spirit says love deeply only few things. (family) And the lover does not prepare for this and that but all day long he ponders the poetry of what he loves. Knowing that the heart is a rose out of the abundance of the heart he draws only what he loves and the other things mysteriously pass by him as he is looking always at only what he loves.

I too collected all the things that the right people said I must have in order to do well. But one day the boat began to sink and I could not plug all the holes. I went only to what I loved in a sanctuary alone and stayed there and let the boat sink. In time my love became a new boat that could never sink.

I was taken from them and the struggle to reach them but as their boats sank I was able to lift them into the boat that love built.

Don't try to think it out, rather feel deeply. Thinking is like points in an equation yet always i have found that I overlooked the smallest of points which carried the greatest of weights. You cannot think of it all, but you can feel the height and depth and width of it all. Society wants to sell you and gives you a veil of interpretation to cover your eyes. You, my love lifted that veil and now you are all the desires of my heart including the wild hearted love we share behind this veil.

As the honeybee is drawn by the fragrance so it is the things we love by the fragrance of our hearts. Let go of the struggle, let it sink and come find what is truly on your heart.

I used a table alone for years to find what could not be bought. I put on the table "that which was truly on my heart as my boat sank"

Friday, July 08, 2005

Razzle Dazzle, Rise and Shine
Meet me in the Whirlwind
I am a mist
Before I was Rain
I was a mist in your garden

Trimtab,,, Small change to say the least, just like in beauty and the beast

Speedy syncs,, met black girl by coincidence already knew her name Speedy
Dog Got bit this week, her name was speedy, healing for victims and anger.
Synchronicities with "I come quickly" Coming to get you baby, one of these nights, like a theif in the night. Not according to your interpretations but according to the spirit. The smallest of points which changes everything.

You and I been talkin, like a secret love, you thought you were all alone when you let your tears fall.

It's all brand new, I'm crazy for you.
Secrets, stolen from deep inside.

I cannot speak your name because each day you become so much more.

Head down, head down in wonder (you always said it looked like I was falling when I walked with my head down) Leaning on you, my life
Prayer is not our interpretations, it is awe, it is wonder.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Give all your love to the spirit, and the spirit will give the fathers love to your children. For it is written, Verily I say unto you, There is no man that hath left house, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my sake, and the gospel's But he shall receive an hundredfold now in this time, houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, with persecutions; and in the world to come eternal life.

That which is already ours cannot help but come to us. But worry driven will only blocks this benevolence and invites lack. Though you have not known me, yet do I love you. Not according to our judgements/ interpretations father, but according to your loving kindness. It's love across time get ready for the ride! Reading scripture with worry in our heart is like an eating disorder only making us fat for the slaughter. I have laid down my life so that the love of the true father may be yours.

The reason we misinterpret is we are not looking at spirit we are listening to the writer of scripture when we really have never known YOU. Don't look at me, look to what the spirit is saying to you through me. I give you my heart, coming to get you baby one of these nights. I come as a theif in the night.

Yes Jesus may have been called the son, but I have seen him and he is the father.

If you are looking at my spelling then you do not see the spirit, they see the gnat, they are not looking at the spirit.

M-Class Flare Launched; Sunspot Count at 143
by Mitch Battros – ECTV

The Passion to Melt the Veil
Separating “YOU and I” on this planet
Let this come only as a fire in your heart

fire from the sky syncs july 4th 2005


You know me, and I know you

Would that you would come down and tickle

The THORNY BUSH Judges 9:8-15

And set the captives free


Monday, July 04, 2005

One of the twelve pillars just collapsed:

One of the twelve pillars just collapsed:

SYDNEY (AFP) - One of Australia's most famous sights, a set of 12 peaks which sit in the sea off the Victorian coast and are known as the Twelve Apostles, has been irrevocably damaged with the collapse of one of its limestone pillars.

After withstanding the pounding of the sea for an estimated 6,000 years, the 45-metre (150 yard) rock pile tumbled into a collection of rocks and debris on Sunday morning before a bewildered Sydney family.

The collapse was accompanied by a noise compared to a loud wave.

Syncs about financial collapse, about Judas one of the twelve that sold his birthright.

Cherry tree syncs

Many Cherry Tree Syncs

Lone Cherry, cherry on my table, Joy and fruitfulness

Washington must never tell a lie.
News flash! Washington cut down the Cherry Tree today, Joy is now forbidden. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Pink and white blossoms

Song on the radio

It's cherry pink and apple blossom white
When your true lover comes your way
It's cherry pink and apple blossom white
The poets say

The story goes that once a cherry tree
Beside an apple tree did grow
And there a boy once met his bride-to-be
Long long ago

The boy looked into her eyes, it was a sight to enthrall
The breezes joined in their sighs, the blossoms started to fall
And as they gently caressed, the lovers looked up to find
The branches of the two trees were intertwined,

And that is why the poets always write
If there's a new moon bright above
It's cherry pink and apple blossom white
When you're in love

Uphold my house

Oh, my life, deal with us not according to our misconceptions of you but according to your loving kindness towards me. When religion has it's rude awakening and so many fall, uphold my own not according to how they see you but according to how you see me. Let them see what their interpretations were to cause if only that they might see how great your loving kindness is towards me. Do not see our separations from truth but only where you have painted on the canvas. That we might learn to treasure only that which comes from you in wonder and awe. Our conceptions of love all fail, they become filthy rags compared to you. So I gave it to you because you showed me you can do all things. I gave my love for them to you that you might keep them from that hour. Those that think I am their enemy do not destroy utterly, rather destroy only the veil blinding her. Come quickly my life, let your wave pass over us that we might be changed in a moment. Shiver me timbers captain! It is done!

Florida lottery, win. Come home my own, slain hearts. I'm just a living legacy to the leader of the band. Curtain, table, bird singing, my own recognise my voice.

Explosion, bursting, sparks fly, july 4th, boy attach stratagies game, lighter blew up in car, boy put bomb in street. Synchronicities about explosions july 3rd.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

And So I go Away Again

And So I go Away Again
Struggle ended by Wonder

When I was with you, you might remember I left from time to time and went wandering. I never left you, I only left the struggle. I took you with me in my heart. I went and reached for “YOU” in the spirit. Even when you left me, and broke my heart, I did not leave you. I built a room (sanctuary) where I could dream of you day and night. In the room I placed a table where I could put “what is on my heart,” for it was YOU on my heart. I dreamed of you day and night. A veil was placed separating you from me. But still I dreamed of you day and night. I knew you were there I was speaking to, yet without words. There really has only been YOU and I, my life. And now I stand at the door between our two worlds, (houses) until the MOMENT, you join me and leave the struggle and wonder, that you might come to know me. Wonder I give you here where I am, no facts except I have always loved you. Now when you leave the struggle and come to the place I am, and you find me there and you speak to others about your experience you will be misinterpreted and you will come back to the door between “YOU and I” and I will again comfort you. And then you will have shared in my joy and in my pain. And you will know there has always only been you and I.
I wait for you here where I am, my children, my family, my lover, my neighbor. I wait for you.
Remember the struggle at the end of relationship, that you might keep relationship from it. The tribulation, the struggle, the door. Get ready for the wild ride. When the veil is torn. My heart will forever be true to you. Your leaders will all abandon you, but I will never leave you. My heart will forever be true to you. But my struggle is over, that is why I went away to this place where I am now. It is finished! I am not your interpretations, I am that I am. Come, let us be neighbors under the sun. I have prepared a way for you to know me, love this beggar.

What will it matter who’s words are right when it is only the words of the spirit that create all things?

I let your wave encompass me, like sand on the shore I welcome your thunder. Answer me, my life!

Landslide ….I and my house are upheld by the word of spirit.
It always starts this way at the beginning of true relationship…she is never sure if she recognizes him.

Making all her dreams come true, Oh! You thought they were your dreams, but they are mine!

You may be reading the words that I have written, or the words of the two witnesses the fathers and the son, new and old testaments. But I tell you truly, you are not to interpret my writings, neither the old or the new testaments, FOR IT IS NOT WHAT IS WRITTEN THAT IS IMPORTANT AS WHAT THE SPIRIT DOES WITH IT. For I do not baptize with facts but with the water of wonder. But when the spirit comes and baptizes you, it will be eternally written on your heart and it will be a seal of an eternal life.
I am your fathers
I am one spirit
I am life eternal
I am an everlasting love

For many do not know me, yet they use written words against their neighbor. For as in the times of Noah all have misinterpreted and what is written has become a veil over their eyes.

Freedom comes in the moment, a kiss (synchronicity) from the father. Moments spent in wonder as a tree growing.

The dream that spawned this,

I had to die, I had to leave the pain and struggle, and find YOU, my life, in a wilderness.

In a moment, something right, invites you to begin a New Day.

Since finding YOU, my life I now start each day with
Something fresh, something new, something like YOU.
I’m in love, I’m all shook up, shiver me timbers captain.

Storybook Ending