Monday, September 24, 2012

More on the Woman in the Pic

Picture of woman with Cherub and notice the plack to the right.

I contacted the hotel because my pic of the story of reaching her grandchildren by "coincidence" is in this picture but mine is blurry so I am getting the info sent to me.

Edited to add. Found this paper about the painting and the hotel history

The story is about a pic that was purchased back east but no one knew who the woman was until the Granddaughter came to California and noticed her Grandmother in the pic. The story gives the pic of the Grandmother and the Grandchildren. My synch before finding the story was that the woman was connecting to her children through the Cherub/SPIRIT. I noticed in Your story Luna the Grandchildren and felt perhaps this was Your intent also, or that this is the intent of the SPIRIT for You. The focus problem may be related to Your beliefs about what we have experienced about this. I have posted how our grandchildren can KNOW ME through the SPIRIT many times.

Here is Pam with the pic in the room that I was having the synch with.
Here is the closeup

Related Snap Shot synchronicity

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Synchs with Hauntings and Missouri

This post was started by Lunababy and her story on Oroborus
Here is that post  http://oroborusforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=19005&highlight=

Wonderful, Love that big picture. If you could have stayed and got relaxed then the "coincidences" would probably have occured.LOL That is the kind of place I would love to stay and draw out the layers.. LOL

I just got to this thread from TripAdvisor where they have posted my review. "Perfect Experience" and then came here and clicked on your link to trip advisor. So that is cool.

Here is our posts from some haunted places we stayed, two at Gold Hill NVSecond is the coolist. And the other in Bridgeport Ca. on the date of the Stockmarket prediction.

Other haunted experiences

This is me getting in the mood of the place.

Out our window that night

For me such places fill the layers which is necessary to have a "real experience"

Ok, we are off to Placerville to meet friends we met up in Grizzly Flats last week and left our overnight cleaning bag at their house. Placerville is noted for being very haunted. Link link2 Must be another one of those quinky dinks as to why this is coinciding.
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We met folks on the way to Missouri yesterday and then had to meet these friends we met last week at the Walmart on Missouri flats road in Placerville to get our overnight bag we left at their house last week. We had intended to get a cheap room and visit Placerville but when we got to the Cary House they were having October Fest in the Streets and we realized what the SPIRIT had planned for us and ended up staying there on the second floor with the balcony overlooking all the action. Hangman TREE was just across the street and there will be many synchs in the videos. Also a lot of anger outside the hotel but a synch with the cherub in our room and in a painting down stairs. Will had the rest of the story later with videos. But for now the 22nd was very eventful as I had stated to Pam and may have posted also earlier this month. Also there is a synch with Missouri going.

I also had a synch with atheists being worse in the way of hating than religious and they they believe in disbelieving such as the guy who wants to run for president in 2016. I was talking to a guy in the pub and this other guy wanted to fight if I mentioned for or even against religion.

For some reason the internet in the MILTON Room (another synch) would not let me post last night.



The big synch of the day was our gps taking us through the wine crush on the way to Placerville and then on a 7 mile dirt road that was real bumpy. As we passed through the grape harvest with all the trucks and workers the gallo saying "We will serve no wine until it's time" came to me and the idea of how the fruit burst out on the tree/vine at the perfect MOMENT.



Synch with this pic in Room

Here is a pic I just took from our room (214) Valentines!

Videos and Ghost Stories coming!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Islands at War Synch

The Blue Heron 

We began to walk in the bird sanctuary after getting back from Maine and the synchs of late are speaking through our experience. First as we walked the trail a Blue Heron purposely got my attention by flying into our path and onto a branch where it appealed to me to see what it was experiencing. Sorry we forgot the hd camera but the bird can be seen in the branches. I also felt that this was saying that someone knew of something and wanted to warn me but could not speak because of a "fish" caught in it's throat. We alerted the Park Officials to the birds plight. It seems this is not a rare thing for Blue Herons. 

Islands at War 
What with Mom watching the british show Islands at War and our synchs in Maine with the military I am feeling something is afoot. 
View of Islands from Cadillac Mountain 

As we walked a number of coincidences which are spelled out in these following videos came together 

The German attack off the Maine coast 

The odd lack of Military in Maine which is important to allow Maine to ReMaine Maine 

Pam and I playing army at one of the garrisons 

The news of a German sub in Maine 

Maine and Islands at War 


Let Maine ReMaine Maine 

Something Moving in the Bushes 

Found this in a bathroom at a Creamery 
Synergy is the combining of two separate things to create something greater,,, Dream

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lighthouse, Sailing, Ships, SPIRIT as Guide

Yall probably know about my ongoing Lighthouse synch with my Grandsons As You can imagine the synchs with lighthouses in Maine were a big part of my experience.
I was drawn back to this thread by the SPIRIT of the Sea Captain
As I walked the rocks around Spruce Head in the fog the first morning being there I heard a ship navagating in the fog and this picture came to me as I felt a story also forming in my being. Later while driving in Camden Pam and I saw the image that I saw in the SPIRIT on the island shore in the fog. All this ties together with Sea Captain, Lighthouse, Sailing, healing, letting the SPIRIT guide your path.

This thread will now tie into the Lighthouse/Ship thread/synch forming

Our first experience with a lighthouse was in Owl's Head

Quote Pam Just now 
You cannot have two captains

I did a video dedicated to my grandson who's birthday was on the weekend I went to Owl's Head

This One is dedicated to Anthony on his birthday

Sunday 9 Sept at Owl's head Post Office trying to find stamps to mail something to my grandson
We saw so many lighthouses that we cannot post them all but we had touching synchs with some of them at Two Lights in Baltimore

The poem by Longfellow was posted in the place he wrote it about the ships and the lighthouses and being guided through life.
Change the Sam_number for hundreds of photos

Pam and I had a synch about play while we were there

First we did a video of us playing army in one of the Gun Batteries and then we went to the ruins of a mansion and did another vid about play, this is where I knew we had a synch going about being like a child... but then we walked by this car that had the bumper sticker about play.

The Leaf
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Synch at Portland Lighthouse with cannot have two Captains and about the problem with relationship and following interpretation vs SPIRIT 

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More on the Knee injury synch

Well Thomas the last day in Maine and I had the strangest breakfast with a fellow going in for his knee to be operated on again. And ALL this is on video. The thing is that I was sitting on a "stool" and the owner came in with new floor matts and pulled the matts out from under us while we were eating and what happened next was so strange. So many things happened so fast but all were recorded as well as an "EMOTION TRAVELS" situation related to "getting the job done".. WOW what an experience. SO MANY THINGS TO SHARE WITH EVERYONE! 

I picked up an 80 yr old couple "hitchhiking" in St. George and gave them a ride home and they gave me a tour of their 55 acre estate and they turned out to be Steven and Elisabeth Scott and a granddaughter "Victoria Scott" like my great grandmother's name.. lol "May be related to me" Went and got Pam and she visted with them and Yall will enjoy the "coincidences" that we got on video. 


OH! We traveled Sept. 11th and arrived Sept 12 at seven minutes after midnight. The lightning below the plane in the tops of the clouds in the Las Vegas area was amazing.

These three videos spell out an experience I had in Portland Maine on Sept 11th. 2012 




I have less many less quality vids on my phone as I am speaking with Mark the guy with the knee injury and even before I knew about the knee injury. I also have vids about Pam and I talking about what happened.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Animal synchs and Bar Harbor

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The geese here are the main event by Craignair Inn. To me they are encouraging one another and speaking out..lol Yesterday we were in Bar Harbor and overheard folks talking about a porcupine and then saw one that had been hit on the road on the way back. (wondered it they might have got a flat?)Pam and I got in a disagreement that got squashed by SPIRIT through patience. She likes to stop everywhere and we were going to run out of sunlight before we got to Acacia Park andBar Harbor. Also Owl's Head is right next to Spruce Head I would make sense the tree and the Owl are interrelated. Everyone talking about their one moose in each town.LOL But we have not seen one yet.


We ended up having synchs about the sailing clubs and sailing. We want to try to get out on one of the Schooners as Pam wants to see what it was like on a ship that size growing up. I hope to post more about the sailing synchs related to past synchs and healing.

Pam sitting by post office in Owl's Head.. We were trying to mail my grandson a post card about the lighthouse.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Care and the Geese synch

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LunaBaby wrote:
Thomas James Haller wrote:
Now this is a really unusual story. My brother Ed decided to go on vacation and camp out in the middle of Maine, and he made friends with these couples camping out in the same remote campground as my brother. My brother tells these people about what happened to me, and he must have mentioned what happened to our father when he fell off a ladder and broke his femur really bad. Well one of the women he was talking to is the daughter of a doctor in the orthopedic group that's working on me, and she said she remembered her father talking about my fathers' injury, which was really unusual.

One of the women (not the doctor's daughter) called my mother to wish me well.

It's a strange world we live in!

I thought it was going to be Mr. & Mrs. leaf since they were headed to Maine last time I heard. Very Happy

We are at Craignair Inn and their server was down so I could not check in yet, BUT my whole morning has been about the word "CARE" as that is the second chapter in the book this morning from my Christian friend Peter and my thoughts have been about You Thomas. You have to see this video about the geese landing on the water and the geese are even now honking outside the window of our room. I have some vids of my thoughts of You also this morning. Yes, the SPIRIT is very clear here in my moments and I have to tell You about my moments related to You Thomas this morning, for as I was walking in the garden alone there were two rainbows at 6am and as I just finished a video and shut it off the geese landed in the water honking so loud. We told the owners Joanne and Mike that we would stay another night because of the level of CARE we are experiencing. After my experience alone with YOU/SPIRIT this morning I was moved by the SPIRIT to also WALK with Pam and Talk with Pam as the SPIRIT had also shared with Me and the thoughts of my Grandchildren and the lighthouses.


Videos of Pam and I at Craignair Inn in Spruce Head Maine

Geese honking 6am

My First Video at 6AM
While the dew is still on the roses
And HE/SPIRIT walks with Me and HE talks with Me. And HE tells me I AM HIS OWN.


You can change the sam_number and get many pics about this trip and even some from before.

Geese honking in flight encourages those ahead to keep up the speed